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Make the most of every destination on your Holland America cruise vacation by adding one or several Holland America excursions to your itinerary!

Regardless of where your cruise takes you, there is a virtually endless array of thrilling Holland America shore excursion to choose from! Whether you choose something enriching, like a walking tour through historic ruins in Europe, or something exhilarating, like parasailing high above the Caribbean Sea or scaling an icy glacier in Alaska, adding a Holland America shore excursion to your itinerary will help to make your Holland America cruise vacation even more extraordinary and unforgettable!

Holland America Excursions - Alaska

Holland America shore excursions in Alaska offer a broad range of thrilling options that could truly be some of the most extraordinary experiences you will ever have! With breathtaking natural scenery as your backdrop, Holland America excursions in Alaska truly offer something for everyone! From train tours through the rugged wilderness to glacier climbing, dogsled racing, helicopter tours, hiking and beyond, your opportunities for fun, excitement and adventure in Alaska are virtually endless!

The antique White Pass & Yukon narrow-gauge railway train is a sightseeing adventure to say the least! Flightseeing Holland America shore excursions offer that birds-eye view of glaciers and snow-capped peaks as well as easy access to bear viewing. Bike riding and Motorcycle tours, dog sledding and kayaking are all great Holland America Cruise Tours for exploring this region. And don't forget the salmon fishing Holland America Cruise Tour in Alaska is said to be the best in the world!

Holland America Excursions - Alaska Cruise Tours

In addition to Holland America shore excursions during your cruise, Alaska and Yukon Holland America Cruise Tours give you the option of extending your trip. Either before or after your cruise you can take a Holland America cruise tour that is designed to show you what lies beyond the coastal Alaska you see from your ship-head further inland on a Holland America tour or all the way up into Canada on a land-based, pre- or post- Holland America cruise tour for a more in-depth Alaska experience!

Holland America Excursions in the Caribbean

Experience all that the Caribbean has to offer with a Holland America Caribbean shore excursion! A broad range of thrilling Holland America shore excursions are available in each and every port of call you visit! On a Holland America Caribbean cruise, you can expect a wide assortment of exciting water sports and other spectacular land-based adventure to choose from!

Choose from many different underwater explorations like riding in a submarine, scuba diving or snorkeling. People also enjoy Holland America cruise excursions of deep sea fishing or sailing onboard a catamaran. On land, Holland America excursions come in a different variety. Explore Mayan ruins, go horseback riding, or even take a 4-wheel-drive tour through the jungle!

Holland America Excursions - Half Moon Cay

Half Moon Cay is Holland America's own 55-acre private Caribbean Island paradise, and offers a magnificent range of thrilling Holland America excursions itself!

From underwater exploration, deep sea fishing and beach toys at your fingertips to renting private cabanas on shore, you can turn your day of excitement and relaxation in the sun into whatever you want it to be! Special Holland America excursion adventures are available in educational settings as well, like swimming with stingrays in Stingray Cove and learning about these animals as they take your breath away.

Another Holland America excursion, exclusive to Half Moon Cay, is horseback riding by land and sea. Ride along winding trails up to the highest point of the island for a panoramic view. Then head down to the ocean for horseback swimming!

Holland America Excursions - Beyond the Shore

One of the greatest things about cruising with Holland America is that after your thrilling Holland America shore excursion each day, you get to return to the cruise ship, and a world of absolute luxury and pampering. With spacious, opulent accommodations, exciting evening entertainment, and amazing options for dining along with outstanding service; the perfect Holland America cruise tour rolls right in to a magnificent evening and a wonderful night's sleep after a perfect Holland America cruise day!

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Book today and get ready for the cruise vacation experience of a lifetime aboard the refined, spectacular ships of Holland America!

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