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The Holland America Cruise Line features an array of plush, premium and five star amenities which offer a dream experience in the cruising world. Holland Cruises are all about ocean travel in the lap of luxury and days of fun, entertainment, adventure, and excitement. The hospitality extended onboard Holland America is all thanks to the warm and friendly crew staff that fulfill your wishes. Its premium service has earned Holland America the "Best Overall Cruise Value Award" from the World Ocean and Cruise Liner Society (WOCLS). Note that the Holland America Cruise Line provides cash back policy for cancellation of reservation for any reason prior to 24 hours before departure.

Holland Cruises - Cruise Destinations

The Holland America fleet offers numerous shore excursions all over the world. The tours are guided well by Holland America tour specialists who also carry a plethora of travel information and experience. The Holland America Cruise Line includes a fleet of ships that include the ms Veendam, ms Ryndam, ms Rotterdam, ms Oosterdam, ms Prinsendam, ms Statendam, and many more. These vessels visit ideal destinations for relaxation and excitement. The Holland America fleet presents the traveler with exotic and amazing destinations like the following.

Fleet – Holland America

The Holland America fleet is a salad bowl of several nations, with a crew representing various nationalities, predominantly Dutch and Indonesian. It houses a rich display of authentic treasures worth more than a million from the 17th and the 18th century. The fleet includes a variety of restaurants onboard the ships which serve cuisine from all over the world.

Its fleet includes the following ships.
• MS Maasdam
• MS Oosterdam
• MS Prinsendam
• MS Ryndam
• MS Statendam
• MS Veendam
• MS Volendam
• MS Westerdam
• MS Zaandam
• MS Zuiderdam

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