Last Minute Cruises Deals

A Last Minute Cruise Deal is when a cruise line drastically reduces its rates close to the sail date. Last Minute Cruise Deals usually occur when a sailing has experienced cancellations and many more cabins are available. Last Minute Cruises are perfect for those guests that can pick up and go at a shorter notice.

How can I receive the best Cruise Special?

Most cruise agencies are directing business to the internet and offering special Cruise Deals if you make your reservation online. When you book online you do not receive the "traditional" travel agent services such as a personal agent and a direct phone number to speak with your agent; however, booking online allows agencies to offer better Cruise Specials. For guests that know exactly what they would like in a cruise vacation booking online has proven to be extremely fast and convenient.

Helpful hints to remember when booking a Discount Cruise:
You cannot book a Last Minute Cruise less than 48 hours before the sail time due to new security issues.
A popular myth is that Last Minute Cruises are cheaper than cruises booked in advance. This is not always the case, most of the time those guests that planned in advance will receive a better Cruise Deal than those that waited for a Last Minute Cruise. Most cruise lines offer Discount Cruise Specials to those guests that book early.
You need to make sure that you have proper documentation available before you book your Last Minute Cruise. If special documentation is required you might not have enough time to secure proper identification.
Previously with some cruise lines, you could show up at the pier on the day of embarkation and be allowed to board the ship at a discounted rate. This is NOT allowed any longer do to security measures.
If you would like to upgrade your cabin you can ask to be upgraded at a discounted rate when you arrive at the pier.
If you book a last minute Cruise Special then your tickets will be waiting for you at the pier.

What if I already made a reservation and found a better Cruise Deal on your website?

If you already made a reservation directly with the cruise line we can transfer your booking at no charge and often times we can offer you more of a discount. Cruise Network is one of the largest cruise providers in the world and receives special pricing from major cruise lines allowing us to discount below the cruise line's price.

Cheap Cruises from Select Cruise lines:
Carnival Cruise Deals
Costa Cruise Deals
Royal Caribbean
Holland America Deals
Norwegian Cruise Deals
Most Luxury Cruise lines do not offer Cheap Cruises.

Cruise Network is committed to offering our clients Discount Cruises year round.

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