MSC Africa Cruise

From the guided safari tours in a natural reserve that keep you on the edge of your seat to the sumptuously relaxing days spent lounging on tranquil shores, a MSC South Africa Cruise navigates you through a hodgepodge of culture that is unique to each port it visits. Explore Mombasa's slender alleyways. Bathe in the warm waters off the coast of Zanzibar. Lie in luxury on the golden beaches in the Seychelles and while you're at it, visit the beachfront city of Durban. If any of this sounds like your style of cruising, call Cruise Network at 888.267.1232 and learn more about a MSC Africa Cruise.

MSC Africa Cruise–Cruise Itineraries

All MSC South Africa Cruise itineraries go through the Mediterranean and call at vastly different ports. Your MSC Africa Cruise can take you into Namibia's Walvis Bay and Cape Town, a burgeoning fashion hotbed for designers. Your MSC Africa Cruise can take you to visit the enormous banana plantations and pineapple groves of Dakar in the temperate Canary Islands. And whether your MSC South Africa Cruise sails you for Egypt's ancient pyramids in Alexandria, Corsica's Ajaccio or Napolean's native soil, your MSC South Africa Cruise vacation voyage will be as adventurous as the destination you're headed for.

MSC Africa Cruise–Cruise Experience

MSC Africa Cruise sails for a Premium Class cruise line. But unlike the standard and sometimes commonplace cruise experiences of other cruise lines in this class, the experience on a MSC Africa Cruise encourages its guests to have flexible itineraries, try new experiences, and learn from as well as enjoy all the cultural differences a MSC South Africa Cruise provides. This means you can look forward to feasting on remarkable Italian meals day by day and sip extraordinary Italian wines night by night. And you'll probably find that the lively MSC South Africa cruise ship staff gives you tons of encouragement to do so!

MSC Africa Cruise-MSC Cruises Tipping Policy

Tipping is not a requirement on a MSC Africa Cruise. Unlike most cruises, tipping on a MSC South Africa Cruise is completely optional. If you would like to tip for onboard services, however, MSC Cruises suggest the following procedure: Waiter and Stateroom Attendant receive $3.50 to $5.00 per person per day; Maitre D' $1.00 - $2.00 per person per day. Tips are forwarded directly to personnel; onboard accounts do not receive tip charges.

MSC Africa Cruise–Booking Info

For the best deals or discounts on a MSC Africa Cruise, call 888.267.1232 to speak to a Cruise Network Cruise Specialist. Cruise Network provides all of its clients with great customer service, incredible cruise itineraries from all around the world, and terrific MSC South Africa Cruise specials. Call your Cruise Network Cruise Specialist today!

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