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Besides traveling to Mexico, the Caribbean and Mediterranean Europe, MSC Cruises also visits various South American destinations in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Frequent Brazilian ports of call during a MSC Cruise to South America include Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Buzios, Ilhabela, Arraial and Salvador while other popular destinations include Buenos Aires in Argentina and Punta del Este in Uruguay. With a common departure port in Rio, a MSC South America Cruise usually involves three to nine night travel itineraries which are renowned for offering top shore excursions and much adventure.

Setting sail on the MSC Armonia and Melody ships, a MSC Cruise to South America is further enhanced by a wonderful onboard experience characterized by exquisite dining options, excellent entertainment facilities and gracious service accommodations. When it comes to an ultimate vision of a perfect family vacation or group outing, a MSC Cruise to South America is what most often resonates!

MSC South America Cruise – 7-Night MSC Cruise to South America

MSC Cruises offers a variety of trips which extensively visit Brazil for lengths of time that often range from three to seven nights. With this in mind, a seven night MSC South America Cruise provides a nice example of what passengers can expect in terms of destinations and excursions.

A seven night MSC Cruise to South America involves a trip from Rio de Janeiro with visits to destinations like Santos, Arraial, Ilheus, Salvador, and Buzios. Did you know that Rio de Janeiro is the name of both a state and city in Brazil? You would if you embarked on a MSC South America Cruise. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rio is famous for its Christ the Redeemer statue on Corcovado Mountain and its yearly Carnival celebration. Don't forget to visit the famous tourist beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema during a MSC Cruise to South America.

Located in the southern region of Brazil, Ilheus used to be a major producer of cocoa. Nowadays, Ilheus's economy is stabilized by its booming tourism. Lounge on some of the most beautiful and renowned beaches in the world while in Ilheus during your MSC Cruise to South America. Located on a peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean coast, Salvador is the capital of the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia. Known for going all out during the Carnival celebration, Salvador is also a popular attraction due to its beaches and Old Town. Visit the upper and lower cities of Salvador and be amazed by the magnificent Cathedral during your MSC South America Cruise.

Typically, a seven night MSC Cruise to South America is offered in the months of January and February.

MSC South America Cruise – 8 and 9-Night MSC Cruise to South America

MSC Cruises also offers eight and nine night, South American journeys which not only visit the previously mentioned destinations in Brazil but also Punta del Este, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina. After departing on the MSC Melody ship from Rio, spending a day at sea and then visiting Santos, this MSC Cruise to South America travels to Punta del Este.

Located on the southern tip of Uruguay, Punta del Este is renowned for its beaches that are lined with high-rise buildings and large hotels. Punta del Este is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, with some 600-700,000 people visiting this city each year. Punta del Este has also become a playground for the rich and famous in South America. Lounge on one of the comfy beaches and interact with exotic marine life via excellent scuba diving and snorkeling while in Punta del Este during this MSC Cruise to South America.

After a day in Punta del Este, this MSC South America Cruise spends two incredible days in Buenos Aires. Located on the southern shore of the River Plate and opposite from Montevideo, Uruguay, Buenos Aires is not only the capital of Argentina but also its largest city and port. Visit the Colon Theater, one of the most famous opera houses in the world, in the early part of the day and then explore the La Boca barrio in the afternoon. Noted for its multicolored homes, La Boca is also the site of many taverns and tango clubs, which guests on a MSC Cruise to South America must experience.

After two adventurous days in Buenos Aires, this MSC South America Cruise spends a day at sea before visiting Ilhabela and Santos and then returning to where the glory originally started, Rio. This MSC Cruise to South America typically sets sail in February and March.

MSC South America Cruise – Christmas and New Year Cruises

MSC Cruises also offers Christmas and New Year cruises which extensively visit the previously mentioned destinations in Brazil. Departing a couple of nights before Christmas, this MSC Cruise to South America will definitely leave lasting and unique memories of this most important holiday as experienced with this cruise line. Also sailing for seven days, the New Year MSC Cruise to South America departs two nights before New Year's Eve. Bring your New Year's resolutions aboard as this cruise culminates at the ultimate moment, the strike of twelve. Enjoy fine wine and great company while dancing into the New Year during this MSC Cruise to South America.

MSC South America Cruise – Discounts

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