MSC Transatlantic Cruise

Whether you're eastbound or westbound, your MSC Transatlantic Cruise will sail in luxury across turquoise waves with warm sunshine bathing your skin and trade wind breezes cooling you back down. If your idea of a glorious vacation is to spend leisurely days and nights cruising across the seas on a Transatlantic MSC Cruise, call Cruise Network at 888.267.1232.

MSC Transatlantic Cruise- Destinations

Your Transatlantic MSC Cruise sails westbound in December from Genoa to Fort Lauderdale. The Transatlantic MSC Cruise voyage begins with uncovering the buried secrets of The Mediterranean, discovering its rich culture and nature, and ends by sailing you straight for the beaches baking under the Eastern Caribbean sun.

Your east-bound MSC Transatlantic Cruise begins in April 2006. It sails the MSC Opera in April, the MSC Lirica in May, from The Caribbean to the Mediterranean. In between these destinations, your Transatlantic MSC Cruise will shower you in authentic Italian ambiance and beautiful vistas of the sapphire-blue Atlantic.

MSC Transatlantic Cruise- Beyond Premium

A bonus reason to board a MSC Transatlantic Cruise is that it is a member of the Premium Class of cruises. And don't expect your Transatlantic MSC Cruise to offer you the same boring cruise experiences that other Premium cruise lines in this class offer. No, your MSC Transatlantic Cruise experience is steered towards flexibility, trying out new experiences, and enjoying cultural differences that a MSC Transatlantic Cruise provides. Your days and nights on a Transatlantic MSC Cruise will be spent feasting on delicious Italian meals and sipping fine Italian wines, dancing to lively music and strolling along the decks for pure relaxation.

MSC Transatlantic Cruise- Tipping Policy

MSC's "Tipping Not Required" literally means it is NOT required for you to leave a tip. The waiters are paid a salary, so it is not obligatory for you to leave the standard amount for a tip. Unlike most cruise lines that tell you that tipping is optional, with MSC Cruises tipping is not required. That means you aren't obligated to spend money that could be spent on an excursion or buying photos on the ship.

However, if you would like to tip your MSC Transatlantic Cruise staff for onboard services, MSC Cruises suggest the following procedure: Waiter and Stateroom Attendant receive $3.50 to $5.00 per person per day; Maitre D' $1.00 - $2.00 per person per day. Tips are forwarded directly to personnel; onboard accounts do not receive tip charges.

MSC Transatlantic Cruise–Booking Info

For the best deals or discounts on a MSC Transatlantic Cruise, call 888.267.1232 to speak to a Cruise Network Cruise Specialist. Cruise Network provides all of its clients with great customer service, incredible cruise itineraries from all around the world, and terrific Transatlantic MSC Cruise specials. Call your Cruise Network Cruise Specialist today!

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