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With awesome landscapes, lush forests, amazing wildlife and a pleasant climate to boot, cruise Australia New Zealand ranks at the top for outdoor enthusiasts, and a great place for those seeking relaxation and gorgeous scenery. Heavily influenced by European, Maori, Pacific and Asian cultures, cruises to New Zealand is a diverse, sophisticated, and multicultural community. And because of the accessible size of the country Australia, New Zealand cruises, all of these diverse landscapes, physically and culturally, can be experienced in one cruise New Zealand!

Cruise Australia New Zealand Highlights

Cruises to New Zealand consists of two main islands, South Island and North Island, and among these two are small inlets. In addition to its exotic black sand beaches and lush sloping hills, The North Island is home to the bustling metropolis Auckland. The South Island is full of mountainous terrain and glaciers—spectacular natural surrounds. Australia, New Zealand cruises take pride in their natural landscape and have thankfully preserved it by enshrining a huge variety of landscapes, vegetation and wildlife into fourteen national parks. Also called the City of Sails, Auckland is the world yacht racing capital. Indulge in Auckland's shopping, nightlife and fabulous cuisine or experience the great getaways just outside the city. Adventure activities are everywhere you turn. Dig your own spa at low tide on Water Beach. Enjoy this unique experience where hot springs bubble up through the sand and fill your own personal cruises to New Zealand beach bath.

Cruises to New Zealand also boasts several internationally acclaimed golf greens with inspiring settings. Set against epic backdrops of alpine mountains, cliff coastlines or sandy beaches, you're bound to have the best game of your life. Explore the various cultures that encompass cruises to New Zealand, of which is the very unique, fascinating indigenous people of cruises to New Zealand, the Maori. Or choose to explore a culture of a different sort, Middle-Earth. The fictional place of Peter Jackson's epic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings was staged and filmed in cruises to New Zealand. Rolling green hills of Waikato perfectly portrayed the peaceful Shire, home of the beloved characters Bilbo and Frodo. Parts of the set still remain and can be visited by guided tour. Travel to Christchurch, cruise New Zealand. Located on the South Island of cruise New Zealand, Christchurch is a vision of natural beauty, boasts a lively entertainment scene and strong cultural heritage in addition to its gorgeous parks and gardens. With a wealth of things to see and do, here is just a starters list: The weekend Australia, New Zealand cruises Arts Centre market, cruise New Zealand Christchurch Cathedral, Australia, New Zealand cruises Botanic Gardens and cruise New Zealand International Antarctic Centre, as well as a multitude of Australia, New Zealand cruises art galleries and cruise New Zealand museums.

Cruise Australia New Zealand Lines

Radisson Seven Seas Australia, New Zealand cruises, Silversea Australia, New Zealand cruises and Holland America Australia, New Zealand cruises--all featuring outstanding cruise Australia New Zealand ship accommodations--offer New Zealand cruises that focus exclusively on New Zealand cruises or in combination with Australia. Holland America Australia, New Zealand cruises also offers a cruise to New Zealand out of San Diego, California. This epic cruise Australia New Zealand travels south before heading out towards cruises to New Zealand and stops at a variety of ports including some in Mexico, South America and many islands in the South Pacific.

What to Pack for Cruise Australia New Zealand

Onboard cruise Australia New Zealand, guests prefer to dress casual, shoes should be low-heeled. Having a few swimsuits so you'll always have a dry one is nice. No need to bring towels on cruise New Zealand, as they are provided. For cruise New Zealand evening wear, you'll find three basic types of cruise New Zealand attire:

Casual: Dresses or slacks and blouses for women, sport shirts and trousers for men.
Smart Casual: Dresses or pantsuits for women, jackets for men.
Formal: Cocktail dresses for women, suits and ties or tuxedos for men. Keep in mind, you can arrange to rent a tuxedo onboard.

Ashore, you'll need comfortable walking shoes as well as a hat and sunscreen. Due to cruise Australia New Zealand location in the Southern Hemisphere, summer arrives in December, but their mild climates offer a wonderful vacation any time of the year. Depending on what time of year you cruise Australia New Zealand you may want to pack a couple sweaters or extra t-shirts, but generally the temperature is mild.

How to Book for Australia, New Zealand Cruises

For more cruise Australia New Zealand information and personalized service, call one of our certified cruises to New Zealand specialists. We offer several cruises to New Zealand at discount prices. To book Australia, New Zealand cruises online or just check out our great deals, visit us at

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