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"Freestyle cruising" is the phrase that pays when you order from the Norwegian Cruise Line Menu. You are "free" to steer the course of your cruise dining experience. You are not regulated to one time to have your meals or one venue to dine in. You can walk right into any of the 10 exclusive restaurants and have your choice Norwegian Cruise Food. The main dining rooms are open from 5:30 p.m. to midnight, so you can enjoy an extravagant sit-down dinner whenever you are ready to dine (You must, however, be seated by 10 p.m.).

A Norwegian Cruise Line menu includes the wide assortment of food on the lavish midnight buffets. And you'll get a great treat with NCL's Chocoholic Buffet. After Midnight, if you're still craving Norwegian Cruise Food, you can always order something from 24-hour room service.

Norwegian Cruise Food-Dining Options

Each ship offers multiple dining options. If you want sushi, they got it. What about Gourmet French, Traditional Italian and Continental Cuisine? Yep, they've got that too. If you're in the mood for a light meal or something from the tapas bar, the Norwegian Cruise Line menu has you covered. You can choose from Hawaiian Cuisine, Asian Fusion, and just a variety of exceptional cuisine from all over the world. You choose the restaurant, the night, the time and your dining companions.

Here's a quick glimpse of some of what a Norwegian Cruise Line Menu has to offer:

Asian Norwegian Cruise Food

Begin your Asian dining experience by feasting on Japanese, Thai, or Chinese cuisine at Bamboo: A Taste of Asia. Serving delectable gourmet meals, get ready for more choices as you ponder having sushi, teppanyaki, or curry masuman.

Contemporary Norwegian Cruise Food

Start with a contemporary Norwegian Cruise Food by dining at the Impressions restaurant. Impressions restaurant mimics the style and grandeur of a European hotel. Reproductions of Impressionist paintings coat the walls. And of course the dishes on the menu are as grand and as delicious as the décor.

French Norwegian Cruise Food

Evoking the spirit of an old and glitzy French ch'eau, Le Bistro is fully staffed with highly-trained chefs who ready to create savory Norwegian Cruise Food. There are traditional yet refined dishes serving Broiled Caribbean Lobster Tail, Duck 'l'Orange, and Filet of Beef Wellington. Complement your meal by selecting a wine from the extensive list.

Hawaiian Norwegian Cruise Food

A Hawaiian-themed restaurant onboard is called the Endless Summer. This restaurant features a Norwegian Cruise Line Menu that offers delicious Norwegian Cruise Food and exotic drinks. The restaurant is arranged around the central atrium incorporating a performance stage and a large movie screen.

Japanese Norwegian Cruise Food

Ginza Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant complex featuring a teppanyaki room, Sake Bar, Sushi Bar and an a la carte menu.

Steak House Norwegian Cruise Food

Go to Cagney's steak house restaurant for some aged, succulent, prime beef steaks. Don't forget the unique prime-rib meals that are supreme to anywhere else. The Norwegian Cruise Food at this restaurant gives you the choice of steaks, filet mignon, prime rib, lamb, fresh seafood, grilled chicken dishes and more.

Norwegian Cruise Food - Cruise Booking Information

Norwegian Cruises is dedicated to making your vacation holiday a wonderful and memorable experience. If you can't wait to start dining on all the delicious Norwegian Cruise Foods listed on the Norwegian Cruise Line Menus, call today and speak with a Cruise Network Cruise Specialist.

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