Norwegian Repositioning Cruise

A Norwegian Cruise Line repositioning cruise provides a great opportunity to take advantage of numerous unique cruise vacation itineraries that are typically only offered once a year, taking cruisers on incredible sailings to some of the most spectacular destinations on earth!

Offering a prime opportunity to book lavish cruise vacations at significantly discounted rates, NCL repositioning cruises are most often available during the changing of seasons as this popular line seeks to reposition its ships from one departure port to another. Migrating south in the winter and north in the summer, Norwegian repositioning cruises are popular with cruise travelers seeking a less expensive vacation alternative!

Why a Norwegian Repositioning Cruise?

NCL repositioning cruises are widely popular with a large group of cruisers for a number of reasons. Arguably the most compelling reason to consider a Norwegian repositioning cruise is the dramatic difference in price. Since repositioning cruises stray from a ship's typical round-trip itinerary, departing from one port and retuning to another, these itineraries are most often offered at incredible values!

Norwegian Repositioning Cruise - Destinations

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers various repositioning cruise options to and from a tremendous assortment of incredible destinations all around the world including the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, the Pacific Coast, Hawaii, and Europe!

Some of the most popular NCL repositioning cruises including in the fall, where Norwegian repositions its European ships by scheduling transatlantic cruises from Europe to the United States. In the spring, Norwegian repositions ships with Caribbean itineraries and schedules northbound cruises. Norwegian repositions its ships throughout the year, providing for constantly evolving itineraries and numerous magnificent cruise specials!

Norwegian Repositioning Cruise - Sample Itineraries

There are numerous Norwegian repositioning cruises to select from when considering this discounted form of travel. A 3-day Pacific Coastal tour sails from San Francisco, California to Vancouver, British Columbia with a stop in Victoria.

A 19-day transatlantic journey sails from Houston, Texas to Dover, England with stops in Miami, Florida; Kings Wharf, Bermuda; Ponta Delgada, Azores; Dublin, Ireland; Waterford, Ireland; and Paris, France. Sailings vary by season and by ship; for more details regarding NCL repositioning cruises, contact Cruise Network now!

Norwegian Repositioning Cruise - Choosing your Cruise

NCL repositioning cruises are typically offered seasonally. In order to select the Norwegian repositioning cruise most ideal for you and your family, consider the annual schedule of the ship. For example, if it spends the summer in Alaska, it will likely feature a repositioning cruise with service to Hawaii, the western coast of America, or the Panama Canal. Another example is the NCL ships that sail in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe during the winter that must cross the Atlantic in the spring or fall.

Norwegian Repositioning Cruise - Book Today!

Book your NCL repositioning cruise as early as possible as space aboard these highly desirable sailings does fill up fast! You can book online right now!

For more information on planning and booking your Norwegian repositioning cruise, contact a friendly and knowledgeable Cruise Network cruise specialist today!

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