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Note: The Norwegian Sea is no longer in service with NCL; she has been relocated to NCL's parent company, Star Cruises. Renamed the Superstar Libra, she now operates out of Mumbai, India. The move was part of NCL's initiative to reorganize their fleet with younger, more innovative ships.

Norwegian Sea Cruise Review

Offering exciting 7-day Texaribbean cruises round-trip from Houston, Texas, there's never been a better time to hop aboard the Norwegian Sea cruise ship. This recently and magnificently renovated cruise ship with a weight of 42,000 tons is able to carry 1,518 passengers and 630 crew members (that's almost one crew member for every stateroom onboard). Since her maiden voyage on June 12, 1988, the Norwegian Sea ship has been a leader when it comes to giving her passengers spectacular trips and unique itineraries. Add to that the unbelievable freedom you'll experience with Freestyle Cruising, and you have a trip for the record books! We hope you find this Cruise Review of Norwegian Sea helpful. The following Norwegian Sea Cruise Review will give you info on dining, accommodations, entertainment, and more.

Norwegian Sea Cruise Review - Norwegian Sea Ship Destinations

Norwegian Sea Cruise Review - Caribbean

Only the Norwegian Sea cruise ship can take you to the Texaribbean! No, you won't find the Texaribbean on any map; it's a state of mind more than an actual place. But you actually do see some amazing places along the way as you travel from Texas through the Caribbean on the great Norwegian Sea ship. Sailing from Houston to great ports of call such as Cozumel, Mexico; Roatan, Honduras; Belize City, Belize; and Cancun, Mexico, your senses will come alive as you travel south of the border to Mexico and beyond. In fact, the amazing ports of call are one reason why a Cruise Review of Norwegian Sea is so glowing.

Norwegian Sea Cruise Review - Texaribbean Activities

Go diving in Cozumel's Palancar Reef and see the deep coral canyons, ravines, caves, and fish of all different colors. Climb to the top of a Mayan pyramid such as Chiché Itzá or explore the majesty of Tulum in Cancun. Of course, you can always just get a margarita and see how long it is before you explore another glass. Roatan, Honduras is actually not connected to the mainland of Central America; it is one of eight islands about 40 miles off the coast of the country. Many different cultures and attractions await you in Roatan. Finally, you can visit the historic harbor district and the Baron Bliss Park and Lighthouse in Belize City; it's just one of the many things that await you when you sail on the Norwegian Sea ship.

Norwegian Sea Cruise Review - Norwegian Sea Ship Activities

What can't you do on the Norwegian Sea ship' That's the question! How 'bout practicing your swing at the golf driving net on Norwegian Sea cruise ship' (If you hear a tiny "plunk!" I think you missed.) For something a little more energetic, keep your physique in shape at the Norwegian Sea cruise ship Fitness Center. The full-service spa is the perfect place to unwind. There are also multiple pools and whirlpools, as well as a jogging track on Norwegian Sea cruise ship.

Norwegian Sea Cruise Review - Norwegian Sea Ship Dining

A Cruise Review of Norwegian Sea wouldn't be worth its weight in salt if it didn't touch upon the dining experience. For a great place to get together with friends over breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Norwegian Sea cruise ship hast the Big Apple Café It's a casual and charming indoor/outdoor venue. Featuring award-winning chefs, the two main dining rooms-the Four Seasons and Seven Seas-are wonderful spots for that romantic dinner for two or a fun dinner with the entire family. And, for only $10, you can reserve a table at Le Bistro, an exquisite French and Mediterranean fusion restaurant. It's one place where a glowing Cruise Review of Norwegian Sea cruise ship will be written with every bite.

Norwegian Sea Cruise Review - Norwegian Sea Ship Entertainment

A Cruise Review of Norwegian Sea should be entertaining. But even if you read all the Cruise Review Norwegian Sea has, it won't even come close to the entertainment onboard. Make your own entertainment or let the Norwegian Sea cruise ship do if for you! Gatsby's Wine Bar will put a smile on any wine connoisseur's face, but also on those who simply want great conversation and a warm ambiance. Get the night rolling at Monte Carlo Casino, where you can see how the dice tumble, or play a hand of blackjack, poker, or craps. Boomers Disco, Oscar's Piano Bar, and Stardust Lounge are perfect for dancing, singing along, or listening to music. For a quieter evening on the Norwegian Sea ship, stop in at the Card Room and Library where you can open a novel or have a quiet conversation with friends, kings, queens, and jokers all of them.

Norwegian Sea Cruise Review - Norwegian Sea Ship Accommodations

On Norwegian Sea cruise ship, you'll be comfortable no matter if you're in an interior stateroom, oceanview stateroom, a suite, or an owner's suite. For comfort and spaciousness, nothing can match these excellent cabins. All staterooms on Norwegian Sea cruise ship have a bathroom with shower and/or tub, a radio, a television, and telephone. Most lower-beds in the staterooms may be arranged as a double bed. Some friendly advice, however: While the interior staterooms and oceanview staterooms are very comfortable, there's something very special about being surrounded by the privacy of your own balcony. Just something to think about.

Norwegian Sea Cruise Review - Cruise Network

We hope you found this Cruise Review of Norwegian Sea helpful. While this cruise review of Norwegian Sea didn't give specific sailing dates or itinerary information, you can easily find all of that through Cruise Network. And of course, besides a cruise review of Norwegian Sea, you'll find great service and great prices, as well.

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