Norwegian South America Cruises

A continent teeming in diverse wildlife, lush emerald rainforests, towering volcanic mountains, and beautiful waterways, South America has become a popular vacation destination for nature and adventure enthusiasts alike. Dazzling beaches and cosmopolitan cities contrast the spectacular history evidenced in the Mayan ruins and the Lost City of the Incas. Norwegian South America cruises transport you to this colorful continent where ancient architecture, tropical fauna, cascading waterfalls, and vibrant cultures await your discovery.

Norwegian South America Cruises - Ports

Port cities visited on Norwegian South America cruises include Montevideo, Uruguay; Port Stanley, Falkland Islands; Puerto Chacabuco, Chile; Puerto Madryn, Argentina; Puerto Montt, Chile; and Punta Arenas, Chile. South American Norwegian cruise itineraries vary depending on season and availability.

Norwegian South America Cruises - Sample Itineraries

There are several South America Norwegian cruise itineraries to select from. A 14-day Chilean Fjords Norwegian cruise to South America sails from Valparaiso, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina with stops in Puerto Montt, Puerto Chacabuco, Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, Port Stanley, Puerto Madryn, and Montevideo, with scenic cruising through the Darwin Canal, the Patagonic Channels, the Chilean Fjords, the Strait of Magellan, the Beagle Channel, and Cape Horn. An identical South America Norwegian cruise itinerary sails the exact same route in reverse, traveling for 14 days from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso. For South America Norwegian cruise itineraries available during your specific dates of travel, contact Cruise Network.

Norwegian South America Cruises - Shore Excursions

Exciting shore excursions await you on a Norwegian cruise to South America. Travel to Poconchile by train on a 100-year old track connecting Chile and Bolivia. The train passes through Atacama, the driest desert in the world, to the Lluta Valley where you will be greeted by a group of indigenous Aymara musicians. On a Norwegian cruise to South America, spend a day in the countryside in Montevideo and tour a locally owned dairy farm, go horseback riding, enjoy a folkloric show, and feast on a traditional "asado" or barbecue. Head to Lake Los Palos when visiting Puerto Chacabuco and explore the waterway by kayak or visit the Punta Tombo penguin rookery in Puerto Madryn. Shore excursions in South America are designed to maximize your experience of some of the most exotic ports in the world.

Norwegian South America Cruises - Pre and Post Packages

Pre and post packages are offered to provide you with the option of extending your Norwegian cruise to South America. Spend additional time in Buenos Aires, Santiago, or Miami with these exciting packages that often include hotel accommodations, in addition to some transfers and gratuities. For more information on pre and post packages for Norwegian South America cruises, contact Cruise Network.

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