Pacific Explorer

One of Cruise West's most maneuverable and versatile ships, the Pacific Explorer, provides the perfect eco-tourism adventure for the traveler who wishes to see and do it all and still have a comfortable place to lay his head. Offering a more personal, intimate Central American adventure, Pacific Explorer comes equipped with Zodiacs for beach landing on remote shores as well as kayaks for those guests who wish to go out and explore independently. This ship enables passengers to travel almost anywhere.

The narrow link of land that connects North and South America, is best explored in all its glory via small ship. Pacific Explorer offers unparalleled access to the animals and plants who call this region home. Her itineraries take you to ports of call and remote landings that big ships are forced to pass by, offering Pacific Explorer passengers an up-close, casual and very personal experience.

Whether you're meeting the Kuna Indians that call Panama's San Blas Islands home, quietly viewing wildlife in a Costa Rican jungle or just taking a nap on the beach, you're sure to remember your Pacific Explorer voyage as the best vacation you've ever had.

Pacific Explorer – Dining & Accommodations

Dining on board is a treat, featuring delicious international cuisine with Central American specialties. Prepared daily, chefs use only the freshest fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. Breakfasts and lunches are open seating during set hours. Dinner is served with open seating and at one designated time. Guests enjoy this because it allows for a friendly, casual dining atmosphere.

Pacific Explorer is an intimate vessel carrying no more than 100 guests. It is staffed by friendly, knowledgeable, English-speaking Costa Ricans, and an American Exploration Leader. All cabins are air-conditioned with private baths and showers, offer TV monitor/VCR in each cabin and feature picture windows and teak beds. Certain AAA and AA staterooms feature large view windows that open up to the fresh air and Deluxe staterooms are extra-spacious with two view windows that open.

Pacific Explorer – Activities & Entertainment

The focus onboard Pacific Explorer is, as with all Cruise West ships, on the destination and exploration. You won't find this ship loaded down with onboard distractions. Guests prefer discovering nature and culture to an evening in an onboard casino, so the ship mainly consists of a few spacious lounges, a Sun Deck with unobstructed views on all sides, cabins and dining rooms.

Part of the joy of traveling on a small ship is the ability to explore your location without overrunning the community with your fellow ship mates. Personal kayaks are available for independent exploration and Zodiac inflatable excursion crafts take guests right in to remote bays and deserted shorelines. Consider the excitement of being so close to the water you can actually trail your fingers in it as you watch for blue-footed boobies, red-billed oystercatchers, and magnificent frigate birds.

Visit Panama's Darien Jungle and shake hands with the headman of the Ember village as he welcomes you ashore with a smile. Cruise West offers a true insider's view of some of the most magical places in the world. From the tropical rainforests to isolated beaches, from remote Native villages to the Panama Canal, this is the cruise for marine animal and wildlife enthusiasts and Pacific Explorer is the ship to take you on that voyage.

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