Pacific Princess Cruises

A Pacific Princess Cruise is the ultimate vacation choice for far-flung adventures on the high seas, with stops in the exotic and mysterious Far East, like our Asia cruise, and the tropical Pacific. Make your reservation for a Pacific Princess cruise line extended cruise. Embark on the majestic Princess cruise to Alaska, which it is well-known for. This Explorer Class ship is designed to blend the features and fun of the larger ships in the cruise line fleet with the intimacy and spaciousness of the smaller ones. The ship's wonderful entertainment options include the casino, a show lounge and an observatory lounge/nightclub.

Expanded staterooms of the Pacific Princess cruise line are designed for comfort during longer cruises at sea; more than two thirds of which have private balconies—a feature Princess refers to as "big ship choice with small ship feel." For an Alaska Cruise, Pacific Princess staterooms with private balconies are highly recommended. Imagine when you wake up in the morning, you will be able to step out onto your own balcony for a breath of fresh Alaskan air, greeted by majestic glaciers floating by. That is the dream Alaska Cruise, and Pacific Princess will make it a reality for you!

Pacific Princess Cruise Destinations

When it comes to Alaska cruises, the Pacific Princess cruise line will rival some of the best there are at sea. The two types of Alaska cruises offered are Voyage of the Glaciers and Inside Passage. These Alaska cruises will touch ports of call such as Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka, and many more. An Alaskan cruise is not complete without a Cruise Tour package, which will combine voyages for an in-depth exploration of Alaska's national parks. For an amazing Alaska cruise, Pacific Princess is one ship you should keep in mind.

Some cruises depart from Honolulu, while others begin in the ports of the Eastern Hemisphere, such as Beijing and Cape Town. Either way, a Pacific Princess cruise guarantees you several exciting days sailing the seas of the old explorers and pulling into romantic ports with many diverse cultures and cuisines. The 25-day Pacific Princess cruises of the Islands of the Pacific Theater begin in Honolulu and set out for Midway Island, a territory of the United States that is just a dot in the broad Pacific. After three days at seas on the Pacific Princess cruise, you stop in the Marshall Islands, a lucky spot for old explorers trying to cross the Pacific, and then head to the Solomon Islands before you arrive in Papua/New Guinea.

Enjoy the orchids and forests of Guam and Saipan before a scenic cruising of Iwo Jima, and on to Okinawa, an island of striking beauty and a mixed Japanese culture. Next stop in on Nagasaki, the city rebuilt and thriving, before your final Pacific Princess cruise line destination of historic Beijing.

The Beijing, the Great Wall, and the Terra Cotta Warriors cruises afford time to travel within China, seeing the remarkable sights of this old civilization. This Pacific Princess cruise line tour follows a similar trek as the Pacific Theater tour until you get to Beijing, where you embark on a trip overland that takes you to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. The other tour has a longer overland excursion that takes you through the lush beauties of China to see the wonder that is the Great Wall.

For an even deeper excursion into the orient, start your Pacific Princess cruise line journey in Beijing and spend more than a week seeing the sights of China before sailing to South Korea. From there, cross the sea to Nagasaki, Japan, and then skip back across to see the ancient city of Shangai. After a day at sea, stop in one of the world's most fantastic cities, Hong Kong. Discover the delights of Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and finally the unique cultural mix that is modern Bangkok.

For a cruise full of extraordinary history, diverse religions and countless varieties of urban and rural terrains, join on the 30-day Asia/India/East Africa tour aboard a Pacific Princess Cruise ship. This begins in Bangkok, and then heads to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. See Singapore before heading to Kuala Lumpur, a Malaysian méange of cultural traditions. See Sri Lanka, a lily pad hop from Cochin, on the southern coast of India, before heading to Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay.

The Seychelles Islands are next with the Pacific Princess cruise line, offering the tropical delights of the Indian Ocean, before you stop in Mombasa, Kenya. Learn about ancient religions, kingdoms of old, and safaris of today in Kenya. Your next stop in the old province of Zanzibar, Tanzania, will surprise and delight you. You will spend three days at sea onboard the Pacific Princess Cruise ship. Sail down the African coast and you're in Durban, South Africa, then Port Elizabeth, Zanzibar. This cruise ends down at the tip of Africa, in the bustling city of Cape Town, the central site of many of South Africa's struggles and triumphs.

Another Pacific Princess voyage that stops in at the spice trade ports of the Indian Ocean is the cruise from Cape Town to Sydney. East London and Durban, South Africa are the first cruise stops, before you discover the most unique island on earth, Madagascar, off the coast of southeastern Africa. Smaller, tropical stops between here and Australia include Pointe des Galets and Port Luis, old islands used as replenishing stops by Dutch and French trade ships. Then, after eight days at sea on the Pacific Princess, you arrive in Freemantle, Australia. Pacific Princess Cruises afford you a perfect view of the extraordinary Australian coast that passes by on your way to Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania and, finally, the cosmopolitan city of Sydney.


The rooms onboard the Pacific Princess Cruise ship are designed to accommodate passengers on longer tours, and there are several options to suit your needs. On Cruise Ship Pacific Princess, all staterooms are complete with private bath and televisions. The Interior Double has two twin beds that make up a queen, and the ocean-view double has a view of the sea. There also is a Mini-Suite, Ocean View Double, and the Owner's Suite—all three classes come with private balconies. Remember that for an Alaska Cruise, Pacific Princess private balcony staterooms are the perfect choice.

Pacific Princess Cruises Dining

While there is fixed traditional seating available at the Club Restaurant aboard a Pacific Princess cruise, the Personal Choice Anytime Dining option also is available here. For a good old-fashioned American meal, stop in on the Sizzler Steakhouse, or, for Italian fare, try the Sabatini's Trattoria. The Pacific Princess Cruise ship offers room Service that is available 24 hours a day.


While lying in a deckchair and watching the Pacific roll by is a fine occupation, those looking for a workout won't be disappointed on the Pacific Princess Cruise ship. There is an onboard Gym with all the features of your fitness club back home, and a Lotus Spa with treatments and whirlpools. As on all sailing ships, doing your daily laps or lying by the pool are perennial favorites.


The Pacific Princess Cruise ship has plenty of onboard shopping at the boutiques near the public atrium. For a night out, you can check in at the Cabaret Lounge, where Vegas and Broadway-style shows are a nightly ticket. When you're looking to relax there are several lounges and bars, and for a more active evening there is a late-night dance club.


Try your luck at the Pacific Princess Casino! The Pacific Princess Casino offers popular table games with Las Vegas rules including Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, and Three Card Poker. Play the exciting slots or join a slot tournament at the Pacific Princess Casino. The Pacific Princess Casino also has video poker!

Maybe you're new to casinos. If you're a Pacific Princess Casino visitor who walks up to a table, watches the excitement for a while and then walks away because you don't know how to play, or don't want to slow down the action, now is your time to join the fun and games! With the Pacific Princess Casino's "Win Cards" promotion, you won't feel intimidated or confused about how to play the games because the basic decisions can be made with a spin of a wheel!

How to Book Pacific Princess Cruises

For more information or to make a reservation on a cruise aboard the Pacific Princess Cruise ship, call today! Our friendly Cruise Specialists are highly trained and waiting to take your call.

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