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Panama Canal Cruises - Cruises to the Panama Canal

Many Panama Canal cruise lines offer a variety of Panama Canal Cruises throughout the year. You can select a Panama Canal Cruise itinerary lasting anywhere from eight nights to twenty-two nights, depending on the cruise line. Ports of call are dotted all around the canal zone. Some cruise lines, such as Carnival Cruise Lines, only offer Panama Canal Cruises when a ship is repositioning, while other cruise lines such as Holland America feature cruises to the Panama Canal year round. Still some only service Panama Canal holiday cruises. Cruise Lines offering Panama Canal Cruises include:

Panama Canal Cruises - Panama Canal Cruise History

Panama Canal History dates back to the 16th century when, after realizing the extreme wealth of Peru, Ecuador, and Asia, Charles V of Spain suggested cutting out a piece of land in Panama. He realized that the construction of a Panama Canal would reduce the length and risk of world travel, and the first plans where drafted in 1529. However, due to constant battles in the Mediterranean Sea and indecisiveness regarding where the canal was to be built, the Spanish government lost interest in the project.

Panama Canal Cruise - How Cruises to the Panama Canal Became Possible

In 1848 the discovery of gold in California stimulated the interest of America in the canal. However, with the turbulent political and social situation in the United States during that time, and, of course, the subsequent Civil War in America, the time was not right for the Panama Canal cruise project. In 1879, however, De Lesseps of France proposed the first serious plan to construct the "water circle around the world." And when in 1899 the United States Congress commissioned an Isthmian Canal Commission to research possible routes of a Central American canal, De Lesseps offered his services to the US for $40 million dollars.

Panama Canal Cruise - The Agreement - Cruises to the Panama Canal

The United States, along with the new state of Panama, created the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty, which granted the independence of Panama and guaranteed a perpetual lease of the 10-mile canal. In 1913 Panama was to receive an initial payment of $10 million and $250,000 annually.

Panama Canal Cruise - Greatest Feat in Engineering

Construction now long completed, the Panama Canal extends a total of 51 miles from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean, but its influence on commerce and travel stretches across the entire world. Arguably, one of the greatest feats of engineering ever was the construction of the canal. Entering from the Atlantic entrance will take you 7 miles through Limon Bay and then for 11.5 miles to the Panama Canal Locks. A series of three massive Panama Canal Locks work to raise ships 26 meters to Gatun Lake. After being lifted by the Panama Canal Locks, ships travel for 32 miles to the Culebra Cut. The Culebra Cut is a 8-mile channel, and at the end are the Panama Canal Locks at Pedro Miguel that lower ships to sea level in the bay of Panama.

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Panama Canal Cruises - Activities

Panama Canal Cruises are usually longer in length allowing time for plenty of exciting activities. Many Panama Canal cruises visit Cristobal Pier, Fuerte Amador, Colon, Acapulco, Coasta Rica, Ocho Rios, and Aruba. Popular shore excursions on a Panama Canal Cruise include:

Panama Canal Holiday Cruises - Panama Canal Holiday Cruises

Ring in the New Year in a new place! What better way to spend the holidays than aboard a luxurious cruise ship, exploring new destinations and celebrating with your friends and family. Venture across one of the greatest wonders of the world;the Panama Canal! Royal Caribbean, Radisson and Holland America and others all offer Panama Canal Holiday Cruises. Panama Canal Holiday cruises are certainly an adventure for several reasons;first, you are able to break away from frigid winter temperatures. Second, traversing the Panama Canal is considered a rite of passage to most travelers making Panama Canal holiday cruises the ultimate holiday gift. And third;Panama Canal Holiday cruises visit much more than just the canal!! It's guaranteed to transpire into the greatest vacation ever.

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