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To simply say that P&O Cruises to the Far East are extravagant affairs would definitely be an understatement. A P&O Far East Cruise may involve travel itineraries lasting anywhere from 36 nights to over 100 nights! Can you imagine spending some four and half months visiting popular destinations and top ports of call in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand? Well, it isn't a dream but rather is a reality with a P&O Far East Cruise.

P&O Cruises to the Far East are commonly combined with extravagant trips to Australia, Egypt, the Mediterranean, India, the South Pacific and Russia. Typically sailing different oceans and seas after guests board the Aurora or Oriana ships, P&O Cruises to the Far East not only mark an overwhelming travel experience marked by distant adventures, cultures and excursions but also support an incredible onboard environment featuring exquisite dining, excellent entertainment, incomparable services and top accommodations. Great for the most ultimate family vacation or personal expedition to mystical lands, a P&O Far East Cruise offers the general cruising public a most unforgettable time.

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P&O Cruises to the Far East – 38-Night P&O Far East Cruise

The 38-night P&O Far East Cruise provides a nice example and laundry list of what to expect when visiting this region full of great history, culture and majesty. Setting sail on the Aurora ship from a departure port in San Francisco, California, this P&O Far East Cruise travels underneath the magical Golden Gate Bridge and heads its way to Honolulu and Oahu before visiting Pago Pago, American Samoa and Lautoka, Fiji. After visiting Auckland, New Zealand and Australian cities like Sydney, Darwin and Brisbane, this P&O Far East Cruise begins to make some marks in the Far East after nearly spending a month in the combined destinations above.

A two-night visit to Manila in the Philippines bustles with great activities for people on P&O Cruises to the Far East. For the historians aboard a P&O Far East Cruise, visit the ruins of Fort Santiago and San Augustin Church. If you're looking to be overwhelmed by some natural beauty and intimate privacy, take yourself to Rizal Park, where you'll find an Orchidarium and many other gardens. Or saunter on over to Taal Volcano, which is the smallest active volcano in the world.

After wrapping up in Manila, this P&O Far East Cruise will involve a weekly visit to Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong is a prime example of a modern city which maintains a policy that remembers the past. Lined with luxurious skyscrapers, detailed shopping malls and exorbitant markets, Hong Kong is a booming cosmopolitan. However, the past is not very far away, with visits to ancient temples, gardens and the Aberdeen Fishing Village serving as examples of a simpler time. To best view Hong Kong's dynamic balance, journey to Victoria Peak for breathtaking views of this city.

This P&O Far East Cruise then peers into Thai culture by visiting Bangkok in Thailand for two days before wrapping up in Singapore to conclude this most amazing journey. While in Bangkok, take walking tours of this city and pass ancient temples and monuments while also being exposed to modern designer shopping markets, shopping malls and boutiques. Visit the National Museum, Southeast Asia's largest, in the early morning and then spend the afternoon touring and taking pictures of the ornate Grand Palace and its perfectly landscaped gardens and lawns.

The 36-day P&O Far East Cruise is scheduled to set sail in late January of 2006 and will extend into March. P&O Cruises to the Far East often visit other important destinations like Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, Nha Trang in Vietnam and Penang in Malaysia. The capital of Japan, Tokyo bustles with temples, shrines and business districts while Osaka is famous for its bunraku and kabuki theatres. Besides having the best coastal climate in Vietnam, Nha Trang is noted for its white sandy beaches and the monumental Cham Towers while Penang is called the "Pearl of the Orient" due to its uniquely diverse cuisine.

P&O Cruises to the Far East – Onboard Experience

P&O Cruises to the Far East usually involve life onboard the Aurora or Oriana ships. The Oriana ship can accommodate over 2200 guests while the Aurora vessel is much smaller, with capacities for less than 2,000 guests. Whether it's sailing on the Aurora or Oriana, the experience will be very comparable during P&O Cruises to the Far East.

These P&O ships contain cyber stations for guests to access the internet while also housing a variety of entertainment facilities like bars, cabarets, dance clubs, casinos and other show lounges. Children on P&O Cruises to the Far East can hang out in equipped play rooms while engaging in a variety of interactive activities. These P&O ships also offer club, select and freedom dining options for those guests with different tastes and needs.

And when it comes to onboard activities among bigger cruise lines, P&O stands out by offering wine tasting, dancing and many other classes. P&O guests and passengers may also hang out at the pools and spas onboard these wonderful vessels.

P&O Cruises to the Far East – Discounts

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