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As Great Britain's leading cruise line, P&O Cruises has been revolutionizing modern passenger cruising as we know it today for more than a century. Today, the P&O Cruise fleet is still growing at an unbelievably rapid pace, and each one of its magnificent vessels boasts some of the most impressive onboard amenity and activity options being offered anywhere in the cruise industry today.

Cruising to some of the most beautiful and spectacular destinations in the world including the Mediterranean, the Baltics, the Norwegian Fjords, the Caribbean, Asia, and Australia, P&O cruise ships offer a bountiful array of exquisite dining options, the very best in live entertainment, large and luxurious staterooms, plus a host of other exciting onboard activity options for passengers of all ages to enjoy while at sea!

P&O Cruises History

In the 1880s, the Orient Line and the North of Scotland cruise company, both later to be taken over by P&O Cruise Line, pioneered modern-style cruises, and in 1904 P&O Cruises offered its first cruise holiday program, a first-class only cruise with shore excursions arranged by none other than Thomas Cook. The tour used a 23-year-old cruise liner called Rome, which not long after was given her new name of Vectis, as well as the new title of a "cruising yacht."

P&O Cruises continued to grow and succeed throughout the first half of the the 20th Century. P&O Cruises last ship built for passenger cruises, Canberra, was delivered in 1961. Unfortunately, in little more than a decade, jet airlines had taken over the P&O's traditional passenger trades. Forced to concentrate on the leisure side of sea travel, P&O Cruises abolished passenger classes, then shortly later acquired Los Angeles-based Princess Cruise Lines in 1974, and Sitmar Cruises in 1988.

P&O Princess Cruises de-merged from the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company on October 23, 2000 when it started trading as an independent company on the London and New York Stock Exchanges. P&O Cruise Lines is now a part of the Carnival Corporation, which is the third largest and one of the most popular and well-known cruise companies in the world.

P&O Cruises Fleet

P&O Cruise Lines has one of the newest and most innovative fleet of cruise ships at sea today. Though not the largest in number, P&O Cruise Line's five extraordinary cruising vessels, including Arcadia, Artemis, Aurora, Oceana, and Oriana, are each truly in a class all their own when it comes to what they each have to offer to their passengers.

Though each ship has its own unique and distinctive atmosphere and personality, P&O cruise ships offer some of the finest onboard amenities available at sea today, including 16 restaurants on all five ships, comfortable, spacious, and well-appointed accommodations, and an abundant array of other thrilling onboard activity and entertainment options, including a massive, lavish show lounges, and a seemingly endless variety of themed bars, lounges, and specialty restaurants to suit virtually any taste.

In addition, you will always be guaranteed and unparalleled level of outstanding service from P&O Cruise's highly trained and dedicated ship staff that is always there to ensure that you have the time of you life!

P&O Cruises Onboard Activities

P&O Cruises is proud to offer a wide array of thrilling onboard activities and entertainment options for passengers of all ages to take advantage of and enjoy while at sea. There is so much to do, each ship publishes a daily onboard newspaper, just so guests can keep track of everything! Best of all, you can do as much or as little as you wish! With P&O Cruise Lines, you have the freedom to customize your cruise vacation to be whatever you want it to be! Each ship features several spacious pools (one reserved especially for kids and families), an opulent and full-service day spa and fitness center, a well-equipped casino, the best in fine and casual dining options, lavish entertainment, enrichment activities, unlimited duty-free shopping, and so much more!

Arcadia, Artemis, Aurora, Oceana, and Oriana are also now all equipped with P&O Cruses' latest technological innovation, cyb@studies, where passengers can send and receive e-mails, surf the internet, as well read informative destination guides that contain a plethora of fun facts, pictures, and information about all the incredible destinations you will be visiting on your cruise vacation!

For the kids on board, P&O Cruise Lines offers state-of-the-art children's facilities and fully-equipped play rooms for kids between the ages of 2 to 9 year olds. P&O's Aurora, Oriana, and Oceana all feature a special teens-only area for the older kids called Decibels for Teens. With supervised activities including art classes, finger painting, special themed parties, and a highly trained and responsible youth staff, kids are sure to have just as much fun aboard as the grown-ups!

P&O Cruises Dining Options

P&O Cruises offers some of the very best dining options available at sea today! With each ship offering its guest a total of 16 different dining establishments to choose from, at least one of which is open 24 hours a day, your options are virtually endless! There is also a limited 24-hour room service menu that is available throughout the duration of your entire cruise vacation!

For breakfast, you can enjoy freshly baked croissants and coffee in bed, sample the bountiful breakfast buffet right out on deck, or indulge in a traditional breakfast served in the main and specialty restaurants. For lunch, there is the option of a five-course feast in the main restaurant, or a number of lighter alternatives such as freshly baked pizzas in the pizzeria, outdoor barbecues, or the delectable buffet selections offered at the on-deck buffet.

Dinnertime is truly the event of the day aboard all P&O Cruises. The main dining rooms offer five and six superlative course meals in an atmosphere of true style and sophistication. The choice is extensive stretching from exotic starters, succulent fish dishes, and vegetarian options, to fine seafood, steak, pasta, and divine desert options.

P&O Cruises Accommodations

All staterooms on P&O Cruise ships were designed to appeal to the widest possible spectrum of people, varying in size and specification according to individual passenger requirements and budgets, as well as provide you with a warm and comfortable place to call home during your time at sea.

Choose from a wide selection of cabins, from 3 or 4 berth family cabins and single rooms with king-size beds, to staterooms and deluxe suites with their own private balconies! All cabins come well-equipped with a refrigerator, color TV, direct-dial telephone, shower, hairdryer, and an individually controlled air-conditioning unit.

Best of all, you will always be guaranteed an exceptional level of uncompromised service from P&O Cruises dedicated, and experienced staff, who is always there to cater to your each and every need 24 hours a day, from providing you with a friendly wake-up call in the morning, to bringing you fresh towels, tea, or warm cookies before bed, this is truly a cruise vacation experience that you will never forget!

P&O Cruises Destinations and Shore Excursions

P&O Cruises offers an immense variety of exciting cruise itineraries to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world! With scheduled sailings to an incredible 180 ports of call in the Caribbean, South America, Europe and the Mediterranean, the Baltic and Norwegian Fjords, the far east, Asia, and Australia, your options are truly limitless!

Add one of P&O Cruise's many exciting shore excursion packages to your own individual cruise itinerary and give yourself the opportunity to experience each one of your many spectacular destinations in the most thrilling and amazing ways imaginable! Whether you are touring an ancient castle in Europe, embarking on a snorkeling adventure in the Caribbean, or exploring the Australian outback, any shore excursion will choose will help to make this a truly unforgettable vacation experience!

P&O Cruises Reservations

The cruise vacation of a lifetime is just a phone call away! Give your friendly certified Cruise Network Cruise specialist a call today at 888-267-1232 to plan and book your magnificent P&O Cruise adventure!!

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