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A P&O Mediterranean Cruise travels to some of the most romanticized and special destinations in the world. Whether it's sailing to France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Egypt or Turkey, a P&O Mediterranean Cruise will definitely blanket all of Europe. Frequent and popular ports of call during a P&O Mediterranean Cruise include but are not limited to Athens, Barcelona, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Naples, Rome, Sicily, Venice and Corfu. A P&O Mediterranean Cruise often involves travel itineraries lasting anywhere from 13 to 17 nights. Sailing via the Arcadia, Artemis, Aurora and Oceana ships at various times of the year, a P&O Mediterranean Cruise is enhanced by a full onboard experience which features gracious service accommodations, top dining restaurants and great entertainment activities.

Once home of the Roman Empire and such notable figures as Julius Caesar and Michelangelo, the Mediterranean remains a perfect blend of ancient times and the present. Perfect for history buffs to tourists with an appreciation of grandeur and luxury, P&O Mediterranean Cruises provide an uncanny time in an idyllic world bursting with culture, architecture, beauty and romanticism. When it comes to an ultimate family vacation or group outing to the mythical Mediterranean, it is hard to find a cruise line any more dedicated to the needs of the cruising public as P&O Cruises truly is!

P&O Mediterranean Cruise – 14-Night Best of the Mediterranean Cruise

The 14-night "Best of the Mediterranean" cruise extensively visits royal Italian cities like Florence and Rome while also touring other European destinations. Once a site where gladiators reigned supreme, the Roman Coliseum is now the stopping ground for tourists with a unique appreciation for history. P&O Mediterranean Cruise passengers also revel in the opportunity to visit the Vatican, one of the holiest places in the entire world.

Besides traveling through Renaissance Florence and Rome, this very popular P&O Mediterranean Cruise includes visits to Cartagena, Barcelona, Corsica, Monte Carlo and Gibraltar. Popular excursions in these cities include visiting the Gaudi-inspired La Sagrada Familia chapel in Barcelona and then testing lady luck at Monte Carlo's famous Grand Casino. History buffs retrace the origins of Napoleon Bonaparte in the city of his birth, Corsica, while also visiting the new National Museum of Underwater Archaeology in the Spanish port of Cartagena.

The 14-Night "Best of the Mediterranean" cruise is reserved to sail in April of 2006 via the Oceana vessel. With a maximum capacity for some 2200 guests, the 856-foot Oceana vessel exudes a big ship setting while offering small ship charm, privacy and services. The Oceana offers a variety of accommodations, from inside and outside twins and family cabins to balcony suites. Take advantage of the Ocean's stunning Atrium and spacious cabins during an ultimate P&O Mediterranean Cruise. And with a family-based support policy, the Oceana is the right ship for those travelers hoping to bring their children along on a P&O Mediterranean Cruise.

P&O Cruises offers a variety of other Mediterranean Cruises which travel to the similar laundry list of destinations described above. As an example, the 16-night Venetian Romance cruise sails to various sites in Gibraltar on the Mediterranean Sea while also traveling to the medieval city of Dubrovnik on the Adriatic. This cruise also extensively visits St. Mark's Square in Venice while also traveling to the holiday islands of Corfu, Majorca, Sicily and Cephalonia. P&O Cruise Lines further offers a 17-day voyage to Venice while also offering specific trips to the Rivieras.

P&O Mediterranean Cruise – Onboard Experience

Whether you're sailing on the Aurora, Oceana, Artemis or Arcadia ships during a P&O Mediterranean Cruise, the onboard experience and services will be very comparable. P&O ships contain cyber stations for guests to access the internet while also housing a variety of entertainment facilities like bars, cabarets, dance clubs, casinos and other show lounges. Children on a P&O Mediterranean Cruise can hang out in equipped play rooms while engaging in a variety of interactive activities. P&O ships also offer club, select and freedom dining options for those guests with different tastes and needs.

When it comes to onboard activities among bigger cruise lines, P&O stands out by offering wine tasting, dancing and many other interesting classes. P&O guests and passengers may also hang out at the pools and spas onboard this line's wonderful vessels while cruising to Mediterranean dream destinations.

P&O Mediterranean Cruise – Discounts

For the latest information and news on updated discounts, deals and specials for a P&O Mediterranean Cruise, be sure to frequently visit www.CruiseNetwork.com. Book online or call 888-267-1232 to speak with an experienced Cruise Specialist.

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