P&O Mexico Cruise

A P&O Mexico Cruise is you standing on a private balcony enjoying the refreshing plethora of trade-wind breezes, calming seas, clear blue skies and warm sun. A P&O Mexico Cruise is you enjoying fantastic entertainment, superb staff service, unbelievable amenities, and amazing accommodations. A P&O Cruise to Mexico is an ideal vacation for anyone seeking a feast for the senses.

P&O Mexico Cruise–The Mexican Riviera

The beautiful beaches of the Mexican Riviera are a P&O Mexico Cruise cruisegoer's haven. Your P&O Cruise to Mexico delivers you to silken-white sand that loofahs your bare feet as you pad along the beach's edge. Your P&O Mexico Cruise gives you the opportunity to lie on a plush blanket with tropical breezes wafting over your sun-warmed skin. By day, you can lounge on the deck of your P&O Mexico cruise ship or on the Mexican beach. Or you can use your daylight hours to swim in the ocean, fish, shop, or immerse yourself in rich Mexican culture.

By night, you can spend your time doing the great activities happening onboard your P&O Mexico Cruise cruse ship. Or you can saunter into a boisterous salsa club or rowdy ranchero club for dancing and music. No matter what time of day, you can always dine on savory Mexican delights like guacamole and handmade tortillas in the myriad of restaurants. You can also snorkeling in a real live blue lagoon and dive off of the famous La Quebrada cliffs in Acapulco.

Another fantastic activity to do on a P&O Cruise to Mexico is whale watching. Catching a glimpse of one of these beautifully grand animals is truly an impressive experience. It's something that you'll remember for a lifetime. Witness some of nature's most intelligent creatures: the humpback, gray and blue whales migrating off the Baja coast.

And don't forget that a P&O Cruise to Mexico brings you to the quaint town of Puerto Vallarta. You can stroll down the cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta where busy markets and shops line either side. Don't forget to bargain with local merchants—you just might be able to get great deals on authentic Mexican memorabilia!

P&O Mexico Cruise–Cruise Amenities

Your P&O Mexico Cruise features tons of dining options, a luxurious spa, an internet center, and a large assortment of entertainment options and venues, all in an environment that is tailored for camaraderie and socialization.

P&O Mexico Cruise–Booking Info

If you are primed and ready to spot Mayan ruins, drink down warm tequila and sip coladas, people-watch, and witness awesome sights then call 888.267.1232 and speak to an expert Cruise Network Cruise Specialist. You can find hot deals, discounts, itineraries, and more so call today. Your P&O Mexico Cruise is waiting!

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