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P&O New Zealand Cruises often are combined with trips to Australia, Asia and the South Pacific Islands. Frequent destinations and ports of call during P&O New Zealand Cruises include Milford Sound, Marlborough Sound, Dunedin, Auckland, Lyttelton (Christchurch), the Bay of Islands, Wellington and Picton. A P&O Cruise to New Zealand may involve travel itineraries which can last anywhere from 17 to over 50 nights. P&O New Zealand Cruises most often travel on the Artemis, Oriana and Aurora ships, which can accommodate different amounts of people.

P&O New Zealand Cruises not only mark an overwhelming travel experience marked by distant adventures, cultures and excursions but also support an incredible onboard policy featuring exquisite dining, excellent entertainment, incomparable services and top accommodations. Whether you're seeking privacy, great social interaction or a happy medium, P&O's fleet of ships will accommodate all during a New Zealand Cruise. Great for the most ultimate family vacation or personal expedition to enchanting lands, a P&O New Zealand cruise offers the general cruising public a most unforgettable time.

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P&O New Zealand Cruises – 17-Night New Zealand and Australia Cruise

The 17-night New Zealand and Australia cruise provides an excellent example and laundry list of what to expect during P&O New Zealand Cruises. Sailing via the Artemis ship from a departure port in Sydney, this P&O cruise will begin with visits to several other Australian destinations, like Eden, Phillip Island, Melbourne and Hobart. After spending nearly a week in Australia, the Artemis transits Milford Sound and begins to explore New Zealand, with a visit to Dunedin.

The second largest city on the south island of New Zealand, modern-day Dunedin is flourishing, thanks to its booming engineering, fashion and bio-technology industries. Steeped with Victorian and Edwardian architecture, Dunedin offers plenty of monuments and landmarks for the sightseeing crowd to seek and find on P&O New Zealand Cruises. Visit architectural masterpieces like the First Church, Larnarch Castle and the Dunedin Railway Station while in this wonderful city. Proceed with caution (just kidding) as you venture down the world's steepest street, Baldwin Street, and then later visit the famous Captain Cook's Tavern. Hop on over and take a tour of the Cadbury chocolate factory.

Animal lovers on P&O New Zealand Cruises also have plenty of options in Dunedin. Visit the world's only mainland albatross bird colony in the early part of the day and then head off to one of the many penguin and seal colonies on the Otago Peninsula during the afternoon.

After a busy day in Dunedin, this cruise travels to Christchurch. Did you know that the locals call Christchurch the "Garden City" because of its many parks and gardens' Christchurch's Botanical Gardens are believed to be some of the most beautiful in the world because of their endless sustainability and beauty seen throughout the year. For even more relaxation, take a canoe trip on the peaceful Avon River or visit other popular natural landmarks like the Southern Alps, Hanmer Springs and the Banks Peninsula.

After time well spent in Christchurch, P&O New Zealand Cruises spend a day transiting Marlborough Sound. Located at the top of the South Island, Marlborough Sound bustles with adventure for outdoors enthusiasts alike. Generally described as one of the best hiking destinations in the world, Marlborough Sound is also renowned for its multiple bays and inlets, where water adventures abound. A sparkling combination of blue seas and green land, Marlborough Sound is a great place to go bird watching in the forests in the early morning, hit the waters in the afternoon and then frequent the many shops and restaurants in the early evening.

Winding down, P&O New Zealand Cruises visit Wellington and Auckland for four combined days before disembarking and flying back to the United Kingdom. Located on the southern tip of the North Island, Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Wellington is renowned for its picturesque harbor and green hillsides dotted by suburban colonial villas. And before heading back home, take advantage of unique Auckland. Surrounded mostly by water, the "City of Sails" encourages guests to take a yacht ride around Waitemata Harbour. Visit Rotorua and be amazed by its boiling mud pools, geysers and hot springs. For a lasting impression of Auckland, visit the Sky Tower and be captivated by not only the beautiful view but also the revolving restaurant and its incredible cuisine.

P&O New Zealand Cruises – Onboard Experience

P&O New Zealand Cruises often involve life onboard the Artemis, Oriana and Aurora ships. While the Artemis ship can accommodate a maximum of some 1200 people, the Oriana and Aurora ships can house more guests. The Oriana has the capacity to accommodate almost 2300 guests while the Aurora is perfectly capable of meeting the needs and desires of nearly 2000 guests. However, whether it's sailing on the Aurora, Oriana or Artemis, the experience will be very comparable during P&O New Zealand Cruises.

These P&O ships contain cyber stations for guests to access the internet while also housing a variety of entertainment facilities like bars, cabarets, dance clubs, casinos and other show lounges. Children on P&O New Zealand Cruises can hang out in equipped play rooms while engaging in a variety of interactive activities. These P&O ships also offer club, select and freedom dining options for those guests with different dining tastes and needs.

And when it comes to onboard activities among bigger cruise lines, P&O stands out by offering wine tasting, dancing and many other classes. P&O guests and passengers may also hang out at the pools and spas onboard these wonderful vessels.

P&O New Zealand Cruises – Discounts

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