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P&O Cruises move about the oceans, seas and continents of the world and truly blanket the entire globe. Typically offered around the holidays, P&O World Cruises are grand affairs, with travel itineraries lasting anywhere from 80 to over 100 nights. In just one holiday season, guests on P&O World Cruises can travel to more destinations, cities and ports of call than most people will ever see in their entire lifetime. As an example, P&O's "The Artemis Grand Odyssey" will spend 110 nights visiting the Caribbean, South America, the South Pacific, Australia, Asia and New Zealand. The 2006 "Aurora World Cruise" will follow the direction of a popular book by sailing around the world in 80 days! Typically, P&O World Cruises sail with the Artemis, Aurora and Oriana ships.

P&O World Cruises not only mark an overwhelming travel experience marked by distant adventures, cultures and excursions but also support an incredible onboard policy featuring exquisite dining, excellent entertainment, incomparable services and top accommodations. From privacy and social interaction to a happy medium, you'll find it all on P&O's fleet of ships during a World Cruise. Great for the most ultimate family vacation or personal expedition to enchanting lands, a P&O World Cruise offers the general cruising public a most unforgettable time.

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P&O World Cruises - "The Artemis Grand Odyssey"

"The Artemis Grand Journey" is a 110-night affair which will begin in Southampton. In the process, this amazing cruise will visit South American destinations in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. This world cruise will also visit the South Pacific, with visits to Australia, New Zealand and the Hawaiian Islands. And don't forget those other islands, from the Canary and Falkland to the Society and Fiji Islands. Continuing the laundry list of destinations, this cruise also visits Mexico, the Panama Canal, Venezuela, Barbados and the Azores Islands before ultimately finishing back where it all started in Southampton. Scheduled to depart on Christmas day of 2005, this 3-month cruise lives up to its boisterous name.

P&O World Cruises - "The 2006 Aurora World Cruise"

Following in the footsteps of the legendary character Phileas Fogg from Jules Verne's 1872 novel, Around the World in Eighty Days, this P&O world cruise will retrace an amazing path. "The 2006 Aurora World Cruise" will begin by spending some time in San Francisco and the Caribbean before traveling across the Pacific to New Zealand and the Far East. Setting sail a couple days after the New Year, this cruise will leave P&O guests feeling as if they simply are characters in Verne's book while journeying from the United States of America to Mexico, Venezuela, the Panama Canal, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Okay, take a breath because this cruise will also visit Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, the Suez Canal, Greece and Italy. What a way to kick off the New Year!

P&O World Cruises - "The 2006 Oriana Grand Voyage"

The "2006 Oriana Grand Voyage" is a 100-night expedition to some of the world's most wonderful sights. Departing from Southampton a week after New Year's Day, this cruise will visit some of the most famous landmarks in Palma Majorca, Greece, Egypt, Oman, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Philippines. But wait, this world cruise is not even close to finishing. Other popular destinations include Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Seychelles, South Africa, Namibia, Cape Verde, the Canary Islands and Portugal before wrapping up where it all began, in Southampton.

P&O World Cruises - Onboard Experience

P&O World Cruises often involve life onboard the Artemis, Oriana and Aurora ships. While the Artemis ship can accommodate a reserved maximum of some 1200 people, the Oriana and Aurora ships can house more guests. The Oriana has the capacity to accommodate almost 2300 guests while the Aurora is perfectly capable of meeting the needs and desires of nearly 2000 guests. However, whether it's sailing on the Aurora, Oriana or Artemis ships, the experience will be very comparable during P&O World Cruises.

These P&O ships contain cyber stations for guests to access the internet while also housing a variety of entertainment facilities like bars, cabarets, dance clubs, casinos and other show lounges. Children on P&O World Cruises can hang out in equipped play rooms while engaging in a variety of interactive activities. These P&O ships also offer club, select and freedom dining options for those guests with different dining tastes and needs.

And when it comes to onboard activities among bigger cruise lines, P&O stands out by offering wine tasting, dancing and many other classes. P&O guests and passengers may also hang out at the pools and spas onboard these wonderful vessels.

P&O World Cruises - Discounts

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