Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship

The Regent Paul Gauguin cruise ship was named in memory of the famed post-impressionist painter, whose bright and colorful portraits of the flora and native peoples of French Polynesia are world-renowned. The Regent Paul Gauguin cruise ship is the luxury ship dedicated to sailing these brilliant waters and stopping in ports that offer a getaway unlike any other.

A Paul Gauguin cruise of the Tahitian islands takes you to the far side of the world on a ship that exudes the warmth, openness, and hospitality of the islands that captivated the imagination of this impressionist genius. In line with the laid-back attitude of the islands, the air onboard is informal, and there is no dress code.
Despite its laissez-faire sensibility, this ship has won the award for Best Cruise Ship by Conde Nast Traveler, as well as awards for Best Food, Best Spa and Most Romantic Ship at Sea. Take advantage of Paul Gauguin cruise specials on a tour of Polynesia, and see why for yourself.

Regent Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship - Paul Gauguin Cruise Tahitian Islands

Dedicated all the year-round to cruising between the exotic ports of the French Polynesia, a Paul Gauguin cruise of the Tahitian Islands makes you feel at home in the pristine bays of these extraordinary islands. Unlike any other islands in the world, this volcano-borne strand of 100 plus islands and atolls stretch out over thousands of square miles. They are full of glorious beaches and stunning mountain peaks, some shooting above the blue waters as high as 7,000 feet in elevation. And if you're wondering how beautiful the Tahitian Islands really are, well, Hawaiians go to Tahiti for vacation.

Regent Paul Gauguin Cruise Tahitian Islands - Itineraries

The 7-night Paul Gauguin cruise of the Tahitian Islands begins and ends in Papeete, Tahiti, stops in Raiatea, Taha'a Motu Mahawna, spends two days in Bora Bora, two days in Moorea, and then stays for two nights in Moorea. The 11-night Paul Gauguin cruise of the Tahitian Islands also departs from Papeete and stops in Taha'a Motu Mahana, and then sails to Bora Bora, Hiva Oa, Nuku Hiva, Rangiroa, Moorea, and ends in Papeete.

Know that itineraries may change depending upon many factors. To be sure that an itinerary fits your needs, contact a Cruise Network Cruise Specialist at 1-888-267-1232 or check out the Cruise Search section of

Regent Paul Gauguin Cruise Tahitian Islands - Destinations - Papeete

Papeete, Tahiti, is the capital of this unique nation, with extraordinary beaches and a bustling capital. Paul Gauguin cruise specials to this destination offer exciting excursions including an off-the-beaten path 4x4 tour that cruises the island road, which includes discussions of the lush local vegetation and offers breathtaking views from the mountains down onto the bays and seas below. Take a boating and snorkeling tour of the Tahiti Lagoon, which includes a tour of the fisherman's wharf, and diving in refreshing waters that allow you to discover some of the beautiful and exciting undersea plant and animal life.

On the Natural Treasures tour you'll discover many of the grand delights of this island, including the Vaipahi Garden, and the natural caves, the Maraa Grottos, in which the locals believe lurk evil spirits. Cultural and historical tours also are available that give you a deeper understanding of the islanders' fascinating way of life, how they got here, and how colonization changed their old ways.

Regent Paul Gauguin Cruise Tahitian Islands - Motu Mahana

Accessible only by boat, Motu Mahana is an enclosed lagoon in a region that produces 80% of all the vanilla in Polynesia. Search for some of the area's amazing orchid varieties, stop in on the plantations and plantation houses, enjoy the brilliant reef that surrounds the island, and hunt around for the extraordinary black pearls. Or, if you've interest in angling, drop a line in the lagoon and hunt for some of the wide array of local fish.

Regent Paul Gauguin Cruise Tahitian Islands - Bora Bora

150 miles away from Tahiti, Bora Bora's main island is in the center of an extraordinary lagoon, with old army bunkers from WWII, interesting archeological sites and colorful villages. Near the lagoon the long-extinct volcano juts up tall as a mountain. Many consider this island the most beautiful in the entire Pacific.

Regent Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship - Accommodations

Paul Gauguin cruise specials include the spacious and amenity filled accommodations. The smallest of the staterooms on the Paul Gauguin cruise ship is over two hundred square feet, while the largest is over 450. 50% of the Paul Gauguin cruise ship rooms are complete with private balconies, and all are warmed by stylish interiors with classic crown moldings, cherry-colored wood, and fine, comfortably furnishings including desk, loveseat and wide closets. Fresh fruit and flowers welcome you back to your room, and amenities include cotton robes, TV/VCR, full-sized tubs and showers, sitting areas, storage space, mini-frig with soft drinks and a complimentary bar stocked before you embark.

Owners Suite

534 sq. ft.
Stateroom: 457 sq. ft.
Veranda: 77 sq. ft.
Bathroom includes a separate shower and dressing area

Grand Suite

Category GS
529 sq. ft.
Stateroom: 332 sq. ft.
Veranda: 197 sq. ft.

Category A
358 sq. ft.
Stateroom: 300 sq. ft.
Veranda: 58 sq. ft.

Category B
305 sq. ft.
Stateroom: 249 sq. ft.
Veranda: 56 sq. ft.

Category C
239 sq. ft.
Stateroom: 202 sq. ft.
Balcony: 37 sq. ft.

Category D - F
200 sq. ft.
Stateroom: 200 sq. ft. with picture window

Regent Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship - Dining

The essential ingredient in all the dining onboard is relaxation. Paul Gauguin cruise specials include some of the most enjoyable meals you will ever experience. At L'etoile you'll find French cuisine with a Polynesian slant and extraordinary decorations a la the Paris of old.

While an even more relaxed venue, La Veranda's Michelin two-star chef makes sure the food is prepared to perfection, with unique dishes including, Leek Terrines and Fresh Mahi Mahi on a Mouseline of Bacalao. When you're absolutely ravenous from a day in the sun, stop in at Paul Gauguin cruise specials Le Grill, where you can watch the seas pass by with a buffet breakfast or enjoy any number of grilled entrees by the pool.

Regent Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship - Activities & Entertainment

When you want to stay fit onboard Paul Gauguin cruise specials, there is a weight room, swimming pool, aerobics classes, treadmills, life-cycles and all you'd expect from your gym back home. A Parisian-style spa offers many comforts and treatments, including massages, skin care and a salon. From a watersports platform you can swim, snorkel, get out and waterski and even scuba dive.

At Paul Gauguin cruise specials Le Grand Salon, you can check out a live show that features a taste of Island culture and in the Casino and Connoisseur Club you can play roulette or blackjack while sipping a fine cognac. Or you can enjoy the company of newfound friends at La Palette Lounge, an intimate piano bar.

Regent Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship - Reservations

For more information on Paul Gauguin cruise specials, give one of our certified Cruise Specialists a call. They can offer friendly information and advice, and help you find the cruise that's right for you.

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