Princess Cruise Ships

If you want your next vacation to be full of class and elegance, make sure it's aboard one of the many fine Princess Cruise Ships. Princess Cruise Ships are some of the most classy and graceful ocean liners in the world today. Sailing to every corner of the globe, these magnificent vessels can offer you to see some beautiful, serene sights such as the mesmerizing Elephanta Caves of Mumbai, India; the astounding remains of the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru; the romping celebration of the Carnival in Panama City; or, the genuine charm of France's legendary vineyards; all while enjoying this in the comfort and privacy of your own luxury suite. That's what Princess Cruise Ships can offer you - the world in style.

Princess Cruise Ships - Fleet

The fleet of Princess Cruises ships is perhaps one of the finest on the seas. These vessels offer the best quality in amenities and top-notch accommodation. All while providing guests with exciting and stimulating day-time activities and great nighttime entertainment. There are three classes of Princess Cruise Line ships that offer wide range of features to meet the diverse needs of travelers. Each of these classes has its own special atmosphere, so travelers can find an ambience that suites them. Take a peek at the variety of exciting things you can do on each of these ships.

The Explorer Class of vessels offers a distinctly unique "small-ship" environment and warmth. Each ship holds an average of 670 passengers, so this is ideal for those travelers who prefer more privacy and fewer crowds during their vacation trip. The ships feature amenities, accommodations, and world-class entertainment that are on par with that of larger-vessels, so you can rest assured that you stay aboard the ships will never get dull.

These vessels sail to a wide range of varied world locations also. The Pacific Princess sails to a wide variety of ports in locations throughout Asia and the Pacific, including to Australia, Japan, China, India, and Southeast Asia. The Tahitian Princess Cruise Line the entire South Pacific, anywhere from Honolulu to Bora Bora to New Zealand to New Guiana. The Regal Princess travels on a variety of tours, ranging from the rugged frontier of Alaska to the rich rain forests of South America.

The mid-ranged Sun Class of the Princess Cruises ships offers the best of best worlds - lavish large-ship class and facilities and a unique, intimate "small ship" atmosphere. For nearly a decade, this class of vessels bears the standard for modern cruise ship innovation and design. Each vessel holds about 1,950 passengers, which allows for many passengers to enjoy an exciting Princess cruise experience. The size of these vessels makes them perfect for idyllic tours throughout North America.

The Coral Princess makes several storied journeys into the heart of the Alaskan Inside Passage and then all the way down to the lush, tropical climate of the Panama Canal. The Dawn Princess, Island Princess, Sea Princess, and Sun Princess all also make several magnificent tours to both Alaska and the Panama Canal. In addition to that, the Sea Princess conducts several whirlwind tours of the warm blue Caribbean throughout the year.

The magnificent and awe-inspiring Grand Class of Princess Cruises ships certainly defines the cruise line's commitment to providing luxury service for its guests. These ships can hold up to 2,600 passengers and provide several innovative amenities, the finest entertainment, and an endless amount of activities. A journey on one of these vessels can be certainly awe-inspiring. Let the Caribbean Princess take you on a journey through the blue lagoons and white sands of the Bahamas, Aruba, and Antigua. Hop onboard the Crown Princess for inspiring journey to Costa Rica, Panama, or the beautiful Belize.

Take an exciting journey to the lush Pacific waters of the Mexican Riviera. Enjoy the history and culture of the Mediterranean about the Golden Princess. Hit the rugged Outback or the hills of New Zealand aboard the Sapphire Princess. See the majesty of the Alaskan glaciers with the Star Princess. Finally, enjoy all of the majesty of Europe aboard the Grand Princess. There's no end to the places you can go and the fun you can have aboard one of this larger-than-life Princess Cruises ships.

Princess Cruise Ships - Onboard Accommodation

Princess Cruise line ships offer some of the most reasonably priced, yet luxuriously commodious accommodation in the business. All passengers can expect spacious staterooms with twin-sized beds warm showers, televisions, telephones, and a private safe to store your valuables. Even spacious suites are available with queen-size beds and balconies with terrific balconies with views of the sea. Finally, the super-luxurious staterooms and suites offer a wonderful living arrangement with a separate sitting area, refrigerators, a multi-system TV, and much more.

Princess Cruise Ships - Onboard Activities

Princess Cruise Line ships strive to ensure you, the customer, have the most enjoyable experience onboard their vessels. That is why they offer the some of the most exciting and stimulating programs on cruise ships today. You can start a day by checking the Princess Patter to see all the listing for all the daily events and programs. Each cruise has enough stimulating activities to that you can choose to your liking.

Spend the morning working on your swing at one of the innovative gold simulators located on most ships; submerge yourself underwater during on your full P. A. D. I. scuba diving certification; or bid on authentic painting at Princess's fine art auction; and finally, dance the night away at one of the several onboard venues.


A new addition to the onboard activities program is the Princess Cruises ships' Scholarship@Sea. This enriching provides the opportunity to learn while you're on vacations. The program includes a variety of professionally and personally enriching courses on subjects such as wine tasting, digital photography, personal financial management. The staff aboard the Princess Cruises ships will ensure that not only stay on-board the ship will be entertaining, but it will be educational as well.

Princess Cruise Line ships also have several facilities to refresh and stimulate your mind and body. The innovative fitness center features state-of-that art weight training and aerobic conditioning equipment, a sauna, solarium, steam rooms, classes ranging from yoga to muscle conditioning to kickboxing, and a highly trained professional staff to ensure your fitness experience aboard a Princess vessel is a safe and enjoyable one. Each of the Princess Cruises ships comes fully furnished with a jogging track, volleyball, and basketball courts to meet your Outdoor sports needs. If all else, you can swim or sunbath in multiple ways in and around the several swimming pools located on ship.

Each of the Princess Cruise Line ships' Lotus Spas also offers the premium in all your beauty and health treatment needs. One can revel and waste the day away with a relaxing traditional Eastern massage, or take one of the purifying beauty treatments at the salon. Be sure to take advantage of one of these services, and revivify your spirit!

Princess Cruise Ships - Entertainment

Your days and nights are filled with collection of entertainment options that rival some of the land-based resorts on Princess Cruises ships. Entertain yourself to a Las Vegas-style stage production; spend the evening out at one of the dance venues; catch a refreshing beverage on cocktail hour at the bar; laugh or sing along with a guest comedian or singer on board; or, become the star yourself on Karaoke night. And don't forget to dress your best for the casino, which offer the most popular games, including poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. Princess Cruises ships' staff even offers complimentary lessons on the finer nuances of gambling.

Princess Cruise Ships - Dining

Your dining experience aboard a Princess Cruise ship is provided by some of the best trained chefs in the cruise industry. These culinary masters follow the "C. H. E. F." principle, which calls for the highest quality standard in food preparation. "C. H. E. F." stands for "Culinary Heritage of the Excellence of Food", which follows the tradition for our world-class chefs using the freshest ingredients. So feel satisfied knowing that you're consuming only the finest quality of goods.

Travelers can choose from a variety of dining options to meet their tastes and dietary needs. Princess Cruise Line' Personal Choice Dining offers four options to add to the flexibility of your dining experience, including Anytime Dining, where travelers can show up whenever they like to enjoy their meal. This allows passengers to eat at any of the diverse restaurants onboard, including the pizza cafes, steakhouses, wine bars, and Italian bistro at their own convenience and time. With this much flexibility and quality, you are certain to enjoy your dining experience.

Princess Cruise Ships - Teen & Children's Programs

Princess Cruise Line certainly hasn't forgotten the youth either. Each ship is equipped with a Youth & Teen Center, abundant with ping-pong tables, billiards, and video games to keep your child entertained. The teen portion of the center also includes an internet café so they can keep up to date with news, or just chat with their friends.

The Youth Center also supports entertaining and educational program for children and teens. The fame California Science Center provides onboard children's activities, such as microbiology studies, coral reef studies, and even squid dissection. Kids can also participate in the "Save our Sea" program, where they can learn about ways to save endangered marine wildlife. Princess also offers entertaining age-oriented dinners, while children can mingle and socialize with each other. The Princess experience is granted to be an enthralling, learning experience for you child.

Princess Cruise Ships - How to Book

The moment you set foot aboard one of the Princess Cruise Line ships, your entire perception of cruise will change. You will never experience the this much combination of style, service, and class unless you decide to hop on board another Princess Cruise ship again - we're pretty confident you will. To learn more information about Princess Cruises ships, call one of's friendly and experienced cruise specialists. They will guide you through the reservations process, and will do everything in their power to ensure all your questions are answered. Join the fun and adventure of a Princess Cruise today with!

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