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Princess Cruise Lines European Cruises are a mesmerizing journey of intriguing lands. Experience the changing cultures and landscapes as you traverse the Mediterranean or explore Russia, Western Europe and the British Isles. And after each long, fulfilling day of touring some of the most extraordinary museums in the world, you are afforded the luxury of returning to a modern, amenity-filled Princess cruise ship. Princess Cruises to Europe are a leader in European travel and provide some of the most luxurious accommodations in the industry as well as remarkable service. Princess Cruises to the Mediterranean combine the elegance of Europe with incredible luxury ships for an experience of a lifetime.


Princess Cruises to Europe offer an extensive variety. Behold various architectures from far flung eras including Gothic churches, royal baroque palaces and Renaissance monuments, all in the same trip. Princess Cruises to the Mediterranean reveal the treasures that fill these lands, from priceless works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Van Gough, to the palatial museums that house them, from the legendary Louvre in Paris to the Vatican museums. You'll be dumbfounded by the mighty columns of the Acropolis or amazed at the sight of ancient Pompeii as it stands frozen in time by the ruckus of Mt. Vesuvius, all made possible by Princess Cruises to the Mediterranean.

Experience Princess cruises to Europe and its northern region where sheer cliffs rise 1,000 feet above the Arctic Ocean. Enjoy the sight of reindeer grazing at the edges of glacial lakes. Discover the phenomenon known as "white nights" where the sun shines from mid-May through the end of July.


Princess is ever-aware of the sights and sounds that make your adventure a dream vacation. That's why itineraries for Princess Cruises to the Mediterranean are some of the most unique and exciting in the industry. Tour the Greek Isles or other itineraries during Princess Cruises to the Mediterranean. Visit Scandinavia, Russia or Western Europe and the British Isles. Also available are itineraries that explore the Arctic Circle as well as some unique Transatlantic voyages.

A variety of shore excursions await you at each new port of call during Princess Cruises to Europe. Choose to immerse yourself in the excitement of a bustling outdoor marketplace or the reflective serenity of an art museum. Step back in time on a historic walking tour or discover the many new and exciting boutiques via Princess Cruises to Europe.


Princess Cruise Lines has three Grand Class ships sailing throughout Europe. These ships are the newest in the fleet and are the only big ships in Europe to boast a small ship intimacy. Seating over 2,600 each, the Grand Princess, Star Princess, and Golden Princess feature a sleek, elegant design with some of the most innovative amenities ever found on a cruise ship. Traveling Europe via Princess Cruises to the Mediterranean is like cruising in a first class hotel, features like 24-hour room service and chocolates on your pillow are a welcomed delight after a long day on your feet. Also great to come "home" to is a private balcony or full-service spa, features which can only enhance Princess Cruises to the Mediterranean.

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The time to visit Europe is here and the way to see it is by cruise ship. For more information or to make reservations for Princess Cruises to the Mediterranean or European trips with another cruise line, call to speak to one of our certified Cruise Specialists.

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