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Close your eyes and imagine the soft caress of the ocean breeze, the gentle warmth of the sun on your shoulders, and the freedom in the realization that the most significant decision that you are charged with making today is deciding between an afternoon swim and a scuba excursion. The driving theme of today is freedom: freedom to nap in the afternoon by the pool, freedom to order your favorite icy cocktail from the comfort of your lounge chair, freedom to determine your own course. Today is your day to escape completely aboard the ships of the Princess Cruise Line.

Daytime Activities

Princess Line Cruises offer a broad array of daytime activities for you to choose from. Through the new life enhancement program, you can participate in a variety of onboard activities including dance classes, maritime history lessons, cooking demonstrations, and financial workshops. Celebrities and experts are often onboard to share their particular expertise; imagine learning about the different constellations from a professional astronomer or studying the complexities of black and white photography with a modern day Ansel Adams.

Each of the ships of the Princess Cruise Line fleet is equipped with a comprehensive library with an impressive selection of titles, multimedia computers, and music.  find your next poolside read among the shelves of the libraries, with some collections numbering up to 2,000 volumes. Learn to dance like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers with the instruction of onboard ballroom dance classes or sing your heart out as you star in the next karaoke extravaganza.In 2008, you have the freedom to determine the course of your day.


The evenings are sizzling aboard the ships  and the party can dwindle on until the wee hours of the morning. Live bands strike up a beat in any one of the multiple dance venues while the wide assortment of onboard bars and lounges offer a fresh selection of cool cocktails. Parties are frequently hosted  on Princess and theme nights are popular, including the Island Night Deck Party and the Country & Western Party.

For a more subdued evening on Princess Cruises in 2008, find your seat at the cinema and sit back and relax while a selected feature film begins. A live satellite feed provides you with the opportunity to catch your favorite team on ESPN or stay abreast of the news and the markets with CNN and CNBC. Head downstairs to the casino and try your hand at any number of popular table games from Blackjack to Three Card Poker or delight in the "cha-ching" sound of the slot machines as you pull the handle and hope for the best. Join your shipmates in a game of Bingo or lose yourself in video poker. Tonight is your night to throw caution to the wind aboard Princess Line Cruises.

Health & Wellness

There is an emphasis on health and well-being onboard the ships of the Princess Cruise Line and to this end, the Lotus Spa and Fitness facilities are comprehensive and state-of-the-art. Enjoy a vigorous workout in the extravagant ocean-view gym and investigate the multiple options for group exercise classes. Head to the Lotus Spa for a wild strawberry back cleanse, a La Therapie facial, or simply a basic manicure. The choice is entirely up to you with cruises on Princess and the options are seemingly endless.


Cruises on Princess provide you with the chance to peruse the eclectic boutiques of Princess Line Cruises and to stock up on some of your favorite items in a duty-free zone. Fine jewelry, fashions for the whole family, liquor, designer fragrances, collectibles, and more are available in the onboard boutiques that specialize in brands including Calvin Klein, Swarovski, Lladro, Lancome, Clinique, Fossil, Tommy Bahama, and Estee Lauder. Alternatively, attend an onboard art auction and bid on exquisite artwork produced in the last century. Offered at a substantial discount, this artwork can be won in the auction and subsequently shipped to your home for your convenience.

How to Book

Set sail on a cruising adventure! To learn more about Princess Cruise deals in 2008 and to book your vacation today, contact a certified cruise specialist at Cruise Network.

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