Radiance of the Seas

Radiance of the Seas The Royal Caribbean cruise carries the namesake of the Royal Caribbean family of cruise ships that are filled with lots of open spaces, great views, and onboard amenities. Once you step onboard Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas cruises, you'll wonder why you didn't sail with her sooner. This 90,090-ton ship cruises with 2,501 passengers (based on double occupancy) and provides voyages to almost anywhere there's a word for paradise.

Radiance of the Seas Destinations

From the sound of calving glaciers in Alaska to that of steel drums and Latin music filling the streets of Caribbean ports, your ears won't be the only things that are happy on one of these Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas cruises. Vacations that start with "oooh" and end with "aaah" are right at your fingertips. Below, I've listed just a few of the ports of call at which you can stop along your travels aboard Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas cruises.

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To those whom have never cruised before, you might wonder what appeal Alaska has to those on a cruise ship. Admittedly it isn't your typical "warm weather" trip; still, it does have lots to warm your heart. For instance, you could find yourself in Skagway, the northernmost point of Alaska's Inside Passage. Here you can explore the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic District. There are many tours you can join—everything from hiking, to horseback riding, to boating expeditions.

Also, Ketchikan, Alaska is a popular destination along Alaska's famous Inside Passage. This Alaskan town is located in the Tongass National Forest, which totals an unbelievable 17 million acres of wilderness. Be sure to stop in at one of the local restaurants and order salmon off the menu—the best in the world.

Along the way, you might spot an iceberg toppling off the face of a glacier and crashing into the water; the fuzzy silhouette of a whale gliding under the water's surface; or a polar bear searching for prey through a hole in the ice. Alaska is considered by many the last American frontier; see it as it was before men existed.

The Caribbean

Chances are, you won't see any polar bears in any of the Caribbean destinations (if you do, contact authorities), but you will get the chance to witness a different sort of wildlife. On Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas cruises, dive beneath the waves in the hugely popular destination, Cozumel, Mexico. Named by Jacques Cousteau one of the best areas for diving in the world, you don't have to be an expert to appreciate it.

Breathe in the tropical air and the colonial heritage of the Dutch capital of Oranjestad, Aruba. It's hard not to miss the beautiful beaches, but don't forget to visit Arikok National Park. Comprising a full 20% of the entire island of Aruba, it has the remnants of Dutch plantations, settlements, and the ruins of a Gold Mining Operation.

The Panama Canal

Aboard Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas cruises, sail through the Panama Canal and you'll get more than you might imagine. This isn't just a trip through Canal itself—although the process of being raised and lowered through the locks is something that you'll never forget. It is also the great ports of call along the way that makes Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas cruises out of this world.

For instance, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, a port of call on a Panama Canal adventure, is the perfect combination of stunning beaches and mountainous jungles. It only takes a short drive to get between the two widely different landscapes. A great port of call for eco-tourism!

Royal Caribbean's private sanctuary on the coast of Hispaniola is Labadee. What can you say about this place other than, "Wow!" Go kayaking or parasailing; read a book or count the clouds. This eye-catching and adventure-provoking port of call is worth the price of the cruise in itself!

The Pacific Northwest

This cruise is the perfect blend of Mother Nature and man-made attractions. That's what's great about this area; you're so close to so many things at one time: the mountains, the beach, the forest, and the city. Two great ports of call include the city is a buffet of food from a countless number of nationalities. Gastown and Chinatown are great places to walk through. Victoria is a great city with a temperate climate that its inhabitants and visitors both appreciate. You've probably heard of Butchart Gardens, but if you haven't, they're the premier gardens in Canada, as well as proof that the nickname "City of Gardens" is totally fitting for Victoria.


Radiance of the Seas Hawaiian cruises are unparalleled. Like a string of diamonds glinting in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii offers a setting about as close to heaven on earth as it gets. Hilo, Hawaii's second-largest metropolis after Honolulu, has beautiful Victorian homes and an enchanting Japanese Yedo Garden. Its downtown offers the best in shopping and restaurants for that one-of-a-kind souvenir or bite to eat. "The Garden Island of the Pacific," Kauai, is the northernmost and most ancient of the main Hawaiian Islands, estimated to be created 10 million years ago as the result of a volcano eruption. Hiking, scuba diving, and fishing are just a few of the activities that Kauai offers.

Radiance of the Seas Dining

When the time has come when all you want to do is sit in your pajamas and watch TV, order from the 24-hour room service menu. However, for the perfect steak there's only one place to go: the specialty restaurant Chops Grill. And, when it comes to Italian food that will have you exclaiming, "Quello "grande!" with every bite, the only place to be is the highly acclaimed Portofino. The Seaview Café serves food that's so good, your taste buds won't know you're only in a casual atmosphere. Windjammer is very popular with the passengers and serves dishes like shrimp, chicken, pasta, and more. The main dining room, Cascades, will ensure that you don't leave hungry. Still, there are other smaller café and food stations that dot the ship.

Radiance of the Seas Activities

The list of activities on the Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas takes about as long to read as War and Peace, so I'll try to paraphrase for you! Be the first to spot land from the top of your rock climbing wall, a unique feature on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. The ShipShape Fitness Center has all you need to make sure your cruise frequently stops at the port of good health. There, you can make use of the modern fitness equipment and exercise classes. If you'd rather just run or swim a few laps, the sports deck is perfect. Enjoy the perfect cool-down session in the ShpShape Day Spa, where the staff provides all types of spa treatments and techniques to have you feeling and looking your best. Still not done? Shoot for threes on the full size or half-size basketball court, play billiards on the ingenious self-leveling pool tables, or try to keep it under par in the golf simulator. Of course, you can do nothing at all if you so prefer!

Radiance of the Seas Accommodations

Here's some information about the cabins from which you can select onboard. The first number behind each Royal Caribbean cabin class represents the square footage of the room; the second number represents the size of the balcony, if any. The Interior (165) cabin has two twin beds that convert into a queen, as well as a bathroom larger than you might expect. The Large Oceanview Stateroom (170) is not only slightly bigger than the interior cabin, but it has a view of that deep blue sea, as well as anything else you might happen to cruise by. Try the Family Stateroom (319); it's almost twice the size of the Large Oceanview cabin. Now, not to make light of the cabins I've already mentioned; they're very fine accommodations. However, there's something about being able to walk out onto your own deck that makes the cruise experience all the more magical, and the following rooms can provide that feeling. For instance, try the Deluxe (179, 41), a spacious interior room with two twin beds, a private bath, and a balcony that's perfect for a traveling couple. Or, for even more space inside, the Superior (204, 41) will have you living in comfort at all times. Finally, let's not forget the suites, of which there are five classes: the Junior Suite (293, 66), Grand Suite (358-384, 106), Owner's Suite (512, 57), and Royal Suite (1,001, 215). While each room will give you the perfect backdrop to your vacation adventures, you'll still be left wanting more when you're done!

Radiance of the Seas Entertainment

Grab a drink with friends or a sweetheart in the nautical themed Schooner Bar or in the classy Champagne Bar. The Viking Crown Lounge has an amazing 360° view. There are some very nice lounges onboard: The Colony Club, Jakarta Lounge, Singapore Sling's; all have a distinctive ambiance. Throw some dice, spin the wheel, or pull the lever in the Casino Royale. The theatre will have humming a Broadway-style tune for days afterwards! And, if you feel like dancing into the night, Hollywood Odyssey is the place for you!

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