Radisson Bermuda Cruise

A wide array of adventures, natural wonders, and historic sites await you on a Radisson Bermuda cruise. Aboard Radisson cruise lines expect the best in cruise industry luxury travel. A cruise down the turquoise waterways of Bermuda aboard a Radisson Bermuda cruise ship like the Radisson Seven Seas Navigator is sure to please passengers of all ages. On Radisson cruises explore the stunning natural environs of fascinating Bermuda destinations like St. George and Hamilton.

Radisson Bermuda Cruise – Destinations

A Radisson Bermuda cruise enchants visitors year after year with its romantic ambiance, colonial history, clear turquoise waters, and wealth of activities.

Plunge into the turquoise waters of the beautiful Bermuda coast, or relax on the pink sand beaches. With its numerous shipwrecks, Bermuda is ideal for scuba diving excursions. Kayak the tranquil waters of Paradise Lakes in near King's Wharf, or shop in the famous bazaars of the Royal Naval Dockyard (1815). Calypso and starlight cruises complete an elegant Bermuda evening. Tour the historic sites of St. George, the oldest inhabited town of English origin in the New World. Landmarks like the Old State House (1620) and the famous Gates Ford (1609) are must-sees on your Bermuda adventure. Bike the tropical Bermuda Railway Trail in Hamilton or shop along the European boutiques of Hamilton's historic district.

Athletic passengers may opt for a kayaking safari. Paddling along the pink sanded Bermuda coast and gliding over the gorgeous Paradise Lakes are just the beginning of your adventures when you reserve one of many travel packages for Bermuda.

One of the most popular excursions on a Radisson Bermuda cruise is snorkeling. Get a close up view of Bermuda's sea life. Swim alongside dolphins on a dolphin interaction swim. Explore the underwater beauty of the ocean floor and coral reefs that surround Bermuda on many of these travel packages for Bermuda.

Mention of Bermuda brings to mind the legendary Bermuda triangle – an intriguing Bermuda destination. Divers can examine the shipwreck sites of the Bermuda triangle. The surrounding reefs make sea travel treacherous and Bermuda's 200 shipwrecks are a good testament to this.

A Radisson Bermuda cruise is a heady choice for golfers with world class championship golf courses set against a backdrop of immaculate green fairways and tranquil lagoons. The courses feature state-of-the-art greens and amazing golfing amenities.

Radisson Bermuda Cruise – Accommodations

Ultra-deluxe cruising and impeccable service go hand in hand on Radisson Bermuda Cruises. Most luxury vessels offer all-suite staterooms with private balconies. Though Radisson Seven Seas cruise lines ships are smaller, don't be fooled by the size. The smaller size allows them to venture into territory unavailable to larger cruise ships. These smaller luxurious vessels feature spacious travel accommodations, opulent amenities, and service that exceed expectations.

Radisson Bermuda Cruise – Dining

Savor dishes of epicurean artistry in the elegant setting of the grand dining room and Signatures Le Cordon Bleu restaurants. Whatever your culinary preference, there are choices to please the most discerning of palates. Enjoy an extravagant 5-course meal reminiscent of the glamorous European ocean liners of long ago, or enjoy the casual dining alternatives onboard.

Radisson Bermuda Cruise – Entertainment

A wide selection of entertainment options is available to passengers on a Radisson Bermuda Cruise. Radisson Seven Seas cruise line provides guests with a wealth of activities that include: top caliber cabaret and reviews, headliner entertainment, movies, well-stocked libraries, young travelers Club Mariner program, Vegas style casinos, and many other activities to suit every taste and activity level.

Active passengers will enjoy the state-of-the-art exercise equipment in the health club and the one-on-one attention of personal trainers who are on hand to provide passengers with a fitness regimen especially tailored to suit their needs. Treat yourself to muscle-soothing massages and rejuvenating beauty treatments at the onboard Spa.

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