Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise

There are few places on earth that hold such beauty and exotic grandeur as Tahiti/South Pacific. And a Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise sails you right into the center of this grandeur giving you the chance to explore it all. Cruise the mighty blue seas on a luxuriant Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise and enjoy fine cuisine, spacious accommodations and great personal service. Adventures await you on a Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise. Call Cruise Network or book online and begin your booking your cruise adventures today.

Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise–the Beauty of Tahiti

The heavenly islands of Tahiti rest in the middle of bright azure seas. Imagine all the grand vistas a Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise will offer you such as tangerine sunsets, golden beaches, and lush green landscapes. Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise includes destinations like Aitutaki, Bora Bora, Brisbane, Hawaii, Papeete, among others.

Bora Bora Island possesses some of the most beautiful turquoise-colored seas and warmest white-sand beaches that exist in the world. This island is home to some breathtakingly stunning vistas such as the sight of schools of multicolored fish swimming in the streams. You can enjoy water sports such as kayaking or wind-surfing in a coral lagoon. This island is so intoxicating that you'll never want to leave.

Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise–the Atmosphere

You'll find that a Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise is committed to making you feel special. The personal service on a Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise is the highest you'll find on the seas. The amenities are superb. And there is no lack of onboard activities with this luxury vessel.

On a Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise you can bring both informal and formal outfits if you desire. The causal outfits are quite suitable for your days on board the ship, and can include neck shirts, slacks and sport outfits. Evening apparel is your choice—causal, formal, or informal. The appropriate attire for informal dressing could include dresses or pantsuits; coats and ties are recommended for men. Formal evening-apparel includes cocktail dresses, gowns, tuxedos, and dinner jackets or dark suits.

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or other special occasion during your Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise you can have your Cruise Network Cruise Specialist inform the Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise staff. This is done by filling out a special form; this can be done easily as long as it is between four and six weeks prior to your departure.

The issue of tipping on a Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise is quite simple.

Gratuities are not expected on board. Tipping is built-in to the price of your cruise ticket.

Radisson Cruises–Booking Information

To book a Radisson Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise or learn more information, contact a Cruise Network Cruise Specialist today.

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