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Royal Caribbean Cruise Europe 7 nights Mediterranean cruise, 7-Night Greek Isles & Turkey Cruise in special rates can be available through Cruise Network Cruise specialist only. It is not available on line.

Besides traveling to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska and the Panama Canal, Royal Caribbean International also extensively visits Europe. Matching the grandeur and grace of this destination in mind, a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Europe offers a wonderful time in some of the most romanticized cities in the world. A Royal Caribbean Europe Cruise may travel to destinations like Corsica, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Russia, Scandinavia, Norway, Scotland, England and the Canary Islands. With diverse travel itineraries lasting anywhere from three to 14 nights, a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Europe fosters diverse shore excursions and adventure in various European and Mediterranean ports of call.

In addition to the wonder experienced in various European cities, a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Europe is further enhanced by a grand environment onboard a variety of ships. Royal Caribbean European cruises often sail on such vessels as the Voyager of the Seas, the Jewel of the Seas, the Legend of the Seas, the Splendour of the Seas and the Brilliance of the Seas. These luxury ships are renowned for their diverse dining restaurants, excellent entertainment facilities and abundant service accommodations which are among the best when compared to other cruise lines.

The perfect cruise line for an ultimate European family vacation or group outing, Royal Caribbean takes great pride in providing a most memorable experience during a Royal Caribbean Europe Cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Europe – 7-Night Mediterranean Cruise

The 7-night Royal Caribbean Europe Cruise travels to some unique and intriguing locations. Setting sail on the Voyager of the Seas vessel from a departure port in Barcelona, this Royal Caribbean Cruise to Europe visits the city of Marseilles and the region of Villefranche in France. After spending two quality days in wonderful France, this voyage saunters over to romantic Italy with specific visits to Livorno, Florence, Pisa and Rome before returning back to where the glory originally started in Barcelona.

No matter in which destination, this Royal Caribbean Europe Cruise bustles with potential and intrigue. Did you know that Marseilles is the oldest city in France and the second largest after Paris? For a look at Marseilles and all its ancient glory, visit the 500-foot Notre Dame de la Garde, a tower which has served as a lookout post and place of worship in the past. Home to Monte Carlo, Cannes and Nice, the region of Villefranche is the perfect place to fully experience the French Riviera. Visit the famous Rock of Monaco in the morning and then enjoy some local fish stew called bouillabaisse at an elegant restaurant in the afternoon while in Villefranche.

The sightseeing really intensifies in Italy during this Royal Caribbean Cruise to Europe. Located in the Tuscan region, Livorno is a perfect spot to venture to nearby Florence and Pisa. Often described as the "birthplace of the Renaissance," Florence continues to exude an ancient feel via its magnificent 15th century skyline. After being mesmerized in Florence, the beauty train steamrolls into Rome. Many Royal Caribbean passengers visit the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel in this popular city.

This Royal Caribbean Europe Cruise will set sail during the months of May, June, July and September of 2006.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Europe – 7-Night Greek Isles & Turkey Cruise

Departing from Venice on the Splendour of the Seas ship, this 7-night Royal Caribbean Europe Cruise takes you to the stopping grounds of Greek gods and goddesses. After first visiting Athens in Greece, this Royal Caribbean Cruise to Europe travels to Ephesus in Turkey. After some time well spent in Iraklion in Crete, this voyage returns to Greece with a visit to Corfu before heading on back to Venice.

Host of the 2004 Summer Olympics, Athens has been a cultural gathering spot since ancient times. Royal Caribbean guests chomp at the bit to visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Built as a temple to Athena, the Parthenon is the largest building in the Acropolis. Athens' National Archeological Museum is another common attraction during this Royal Caribbean Europe Cruise. Travelers are amazed by the ancient antiques in this renowned museum. After plenty of sightseeing, take to Athens' old neighborhood of Plaka, which is lined with many neoclassical villas and tourist shops in its narrow streets and alleys.

Did you know that Corfu is known as the "Emerald Island" due to its natural beauty? You would if you embarked on this Royal Caribbean Cruise to Europe. Corfu?s natural beauty is especially evident at the Achilleion Palace. Built by the Empress Elizabeth of Austria in 1891, the Achilleion Palace is characterized by lush gardens and a panoramic view of the Ionian Sea. Hike to Mount Pantokrator for another great view of Corfu?s natural wonders during a Royal Caribbean Europe Cruise.

This Royal Caribbean Cruise to Europe will set sail at various times and dates from May to early October in 2006.

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