Seabourn Cruise Ships

The fresh warm summer breeze caressing against the cheeks of your face as you stand on deck, awaiting your arrival to the next enchanting location; the feel of utter luxury as you rejuvenate yourself in a whirlpool watching the setting sun over the sea; the regality of having your own personal steward treat you to caviar and champagne by the surf; this definitely must be a Seabourn experience. Seabourn cruise ships have long been regarded as some of the most elite, sophisticated vessels in the world. Let these magnificent yachts, and their equally magnificent staff, take you on the most luxurious journey of your life.

Seabourn Cruise Ships - Fleet

The three identical Seabourn cruise liners bear a standard of excellence in luxury and style. Winning numerous awards and finishing in the top of the industry throughout the years, these vessels are hands-down the finest cruising yachts in the waters. Each offers the best in amenities, activities, entertainment, and cuisine for passengers onboard. On top of that, they sail to practically every corner of the Earth, anywhere from modern, fast-paced Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to the lively and engaging Cork, Ireland to rich, colorfully tropic Virgin Islands to rugged yet friendly Brisbane, Australia.

Each ship weighs 10,000 and holds 208 guests. What this is means is incredible spacing, exceptional personalized service, and of course, a light sleek weight that enables the vessel to travel at an amazing 16 knots. The ships offer the best of intimate "small-ship settings" and luxury offerings only thought to be on larger cruise liners. Let's introduce each of these wonderful Seabourn cruise liners.

The Seabourn Pride embarked on her maiden voyage in 1988, making her the oldest vessel in the fleet of Seabourn cruise liners, but certainly not lacking in modern amenities and décor. This Seabourn cruise ship offers the finest in luxury service and accommodations to her passengers, all while setting course to amazing destinations such as the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, South America, the Mediterranean, North Europe & the Artic Circle, and Canada & New England. Now, imagine the thought of being served luscious fruits on the sandy beaches of the Bahamas; traveling through the wild and plentiful lands surrounding the Panama Canal; or watching the sunset over the Mediterranean from the privacy of your own spacious veranda; all this and more is possible on the Seabourn Pride.

The Seabourn Spirit, first commissioned in 1989, is one of the Seabourn cruise liners that have provided guests with 16 years of quality comfort, notably precise and attentive service, and a lavish top-tier atmosphere. The vessel conducts several winter journeys to the lush exotic regions around the Indian Ocean, including several wonderful ports in Africa, India, and Asia. Some destinations include Mombassa, Kenya; Mumbai, India; Goa, India; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and, Muscat, Oman. The Spirit also touches uncharted destinations virtually untouched by other cruise lines, such the Maldives and the Seychelles, two of the jewels of the Indian Ocean. Now, you can experience the hustle and bustle of the fish markets of the Maldivian capital of Male, or snorkel through one of the world's largest atolls, the Aldabra atoll in the Seychelles through a Seabourn cruise ship. All this plus the opportunity to see the popular sights of Asia and Africa, including the majestic Taj Mahal in Agra, India; the lofty Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the tranquil Southeast Asian beaches of Phuket, Thailand or Mui Ne Beach, Vietnam; or the technological marvels of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If something more conventional suites you, pack your bags for a Seabourn Spirit Mediterranean journey. This vessel cruises for a good part of the year to all the top Mediterranean locations, including Cairo, Egypt; Athens, Greece; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Rome, Italy; and, Barcelona, Spain. Now you can also get your taste of Classical antiquity along with your tasty Asian and African dish.

The Seabourn Legend is the youngest of the Seabourn cruise liners, being commissioned in 1996. But, don't let her age fool you into thinking that she's not staffed with experienced staff ready to serve your every need. Prepared to have all your desired met and catered for as you sail to a range of various exotic locales in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Hike through the rich green rain forests of Virga Gorda, the Virgin Islands; try you luck at a plush Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco; wade through the rich blue hues of St. Lucien; or, taste the finest cuisine in Corsica. The opportunities are boundless aboard the Seabourn Legend.

Seabourn Cruise Ships - Onboard Accommodation

The all-suite accommodations onboard a Seabourn cruise ship offers all of the best amenities available. All the suites measure over 277 ft., twice as much as the industry average cabin size. All this space means room for more of the luxury necessities: large picture windows or balconies, color TV with a VCR or DVD player, a fully-stocked mini-bar, a Bose? Wave? radio, a luxurious bathroom with shower, tub, and vanity facilities, and a personal safe. All of the suites in a Seabourn cruise ship come with first-class amenities also, such as 24-hour room service, an iced bottle of champagne upon arrival, complimentary toiletries, and complimentary bathrobes. And that's just with the classic suites! An upgrade to an Owner's suite or a Seabourn suite, offers even more spacing and even finer amenities. You couldn't ask for a more lavish experience than what you get onboard one of the Seabourn cruise ships.

Seabourn Cruise Ships - Onboard Activities

All your diverse preferences and needs are valued aboard a Seabourn cruise ship. That's why they've developed an extensive array of program to entertain and enthrall everyone on board. Passengers can take part in Chef's Circle or Dress Circle, where they can attend culinary arts courses or hear lectures about the latest world topics. They can also stimulate their body and soul through the state-of-the-art gym the cleansing touches of the famed Seabourn cruise ship spa, where they can receive the most different, alluring styles of health and beauty treatments from all around the world. They could also increase their brain power at the library, with a tremendously diverse array of literature and writing. Finally, they can head out to the Marina and take part some rigorous water-sports, such as snorkeling, diving, and sea kayaking. Opportunities abound aboard a Seabourn cruise ship.

Seabourn Cruise Ships - Entertainment

There are a wide variety of evening opportunities aboard a Seabourn cruise ship. Set the mood off to the styling of some light jazz at The Club; next, make your way to the Sky Bar, where a gentle sea breeze can accompany your iced martini; and, finally, cap the night off by trying you luck at the spectacular Casino, hosting all the favorites, including blackjack, roulette, craps, and poker. From the elegant to the flamboyant, nothing that nightlife onboard Seabourn cruise ships don't cover.

Seabourn Cruise Ships - Dining

When you're onboard one of the fine Seabourn cruise liners, you'll be dining with class. Take advantage of the several restaurants and café that have own atmosphere and style, so you can take your pick depending on what your mood is. If you feel like a stately "black tie" affair, dine over a filet mignon and a glassy of the bubbly at The Restaurant; for a less formal affair, try a delicious lunchtime meal at The Sky Bar; or, have a casual brunch at the Veranda Café where you can treat yourself is relaxed attire. Rest assured that where ever you dine, you can expect the best because Seabourn cruise liners employ the finest chefs and culinary masters to ensure that you are supplied with tasty and delicious food.

Seabourn Cruise Ships - How to Book

A journey aboard any one of the Seabourn cruise liners is bound to be one full of excitement and wonder. Experience the thrills of seeing far distant lands through the luxury comfort of a marvelous cruising yacht. To book a reservation on a Seabourn cruise ship, please call one of our friendly and experienced cruise specialists. They will be glad to answer any of your questions, provide you with information, or guide you through the cruise reservation process. Experience true splendor aboard one of these royal ships today!

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