Seabourn Pride

Exotic ports and excursions off the ship?luxury and intimacy onboard. These are the standards you can expect from a cruise on the Seabourn Pride cruise ship. At 440 feet in length, this ship is designed to travel into bays inaccessible to larger cruising vessels, and yet, because it has a passenger capacity of just 208 people, she also is designed to provide more space in public areas and in staterooms alike.

The increased intimacy and chance for camaraderie aboard the Seaboard Pride cruise ship gives many what they seek to find in a vacation getaway. Enhanced services include movies under the stars, an open seating restaurant that allows anytime dining, walk-in closets in the suites, complimentary bars, massages on the decks, course by course dining in your suite, and caviar delivered to you while you frolic in the surf. Your Seabourn Pride yacht cruise vacation will be like no other vacation you have ever experienced before!

Seabourn Pride Cruise Ship Destinations

Seabourn Pride cruises are designed unlike any others. They offer long cruises, some as many as 72 days, that traverse many waters and pull into ports all over, but that also allow passengers to jump onboard at different destinations along the way. The South America Circumnavigation trip is a 72-day trip beginning and ending in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, that cruises around the South American Cape. The journey begins by cruising the strait of Florida and heading to Mahahual, Mexico. The Seabourn Pride yacht cruise of the Incan Coast also starts in Florida and will continue along this route to Chile. After the stop in Mexico, you cruise the Caribbean, stop off in Gamboa, Panama, then cruise through the Panama Canal. Into the open waters of the Pacific and down to Guyaquil, Ecuador, then on you go to Callao and Paracas Bay, Peru, before striking out for the long strip of a country that is Chile.

Several stops in Chile while aboard the Seaboard Pride cruise ship allow you to see the ancient mountain ruins are followed by scenic tours of the southern glaciers and the Chilean Fjords. Next you cruise around the Cape and head up the Atlantic coast with stops in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Punta del Este, Uruguay, and then you head on to Brazil. Enjoy the hot sands and even hotter nights in Rio for two days before you stop in on the Amazon River, for a look at the greatest jungles in the world. After extensive cruising of the coast and rivers of Brazil you sail to French Guiana, and then on to Bridgetown, Barbados, St. Barts, and St. Thomas before returning to Fort Lauderdale.

The Transatlantic and Europe Cruises aboard the Seabourn Pride cruise ship begin in Fort Lauderdale, stop off for some fun and sun in Bermuda, then spend twelve adventurous days at sea, traversing the Atlantic in the old style before arriving in Lisbon, Portugal. Passengers may jump off at Lisbon or continue their longer journey, before heading to Madeira, three stops in the Canary Islands, a port in mysterious Casablanca, traversing the Strait of Gibraltar, and stopping in Cadiz, Spain. Another day in Portugal and you're off to Seville, Spain. From there you stop in Alicante, Malaga, Spanish North Africa, Valencia and the ultra-contemporary city of Barcelona. See the mountains of Menorca and Corsica before heading to Sicily, Malta, Syracuse and then on to Greece, with a stop in Pylos, Monemvasia, and a cruise of the mythic Sea of Crete. Skim across the blue Mediterranean before sailing up the striking coast of Turkey, with stops in Kusadasi, Bodrum, Antalya and the Greek island of Patmos, before you make it to your final destination of one of the oldest cities in the world, Istanbul.

From Istanbul, another long tour aboard the Seabourn Pride yacht strikes out for London, with several shorter tours available along the way. Cruise the Dardanelles, hit the Greek ports of Volos, Athens, Navplion, sail the Strait of Corinth, then head to Sorrento, Florence, Rome, Mallorca, Lisbon, Santander, Spain, Bayonne, Bordeaux, La Pallice, St. Malo and Rouen, France, Belgium, and London.

The Seaboard Pride cruise ship next embarks on a 14-day cruise of the British Isles, with stops in Dartmouth, Guernsey, Isles of Scilly, Dublin, Cork, Liverpool, Ayr, Isle of Sky, Invergordon, Dundee, and the Orkney Islands, Scotland, before returning to London.

After the British Isles, she sets sail for the North Sea with a trip through the Kiel Canal and a stop in Berlin, then cruises the Baltic Sea with stops in Estonia and a long excursion in St. Petersburg. Stockholm is next on the agenda, then she's back in London and up North across the Norwegian Sea for a week in the amazing ports of Norway. After a cruise of the Skagerrak Strait, you sail for two days in Copenhagen and then on to Amsterdam before returning to London.

The Seabourn Pride cruise ship continues her cruises of the Baltic and Norwegian Seas before striking back out on a transatlantic cruise from London and Dublin to St. John's, Newfoundland, Halifax, Nova Scotia, through the Cape Cod Canal, and on to Newport, Rhode Island and down to New York harbor. From there she heads back up for the blazing fall colors in New England and Canada, with stops in Bar Harbor, Maine, Nova Scotia, Quebec City and up the St. Lawrence River and back down through the Gulf of Maine and on to Boston before returning to New York.

These cruises featuring the brilliant fall foliage continue through late October before Pride heads back down south on the Colonial cruise with stops in Philadelphia, Newport, Rhode Island, Baltimore, Alexandria, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, Amalie Island and Port Canaveral, Florida, before heading out for the paradise of Nassau, Bahamas.

Seabourn Pride Cruise Ship Accommodations

Elegance and spaciousness are the essence of the Seabourn Pride cruise ship staterooms and suites. With only 204 passengers onboard, you are guaranteed a sense of intimacy and roominess. Many suites feature new balconies and all come equipped with closed circuit TV, queen sized beds, mini-bars, pull-down dining tables and walk-in closets. For longer journeys, the Classic, Double or Owner's suites are recommended.

Seabourn Pride Cruise Ship Dining

Eat better than you've ever eaten before on board the Seaboard Pride cruise ship! The Restaurant offers any-time dining and open seating, and is serves its delicious cuisine on glistening china and crystal. The Veranda Caf?serves lunch and breakfast buffets, and at night it is a casual restaurant with a view. The Sky grill is for laid back dining, with entrees such as barbecue chicken. In-suite dining is available course-by-course, and room service is available 24 hours a day.

Seabourn Pride Cruise Ship Activities

From the stern of the Seaboard Pride cruise ship, a water-level deck descends to allow you easy access to rafts, kayaks, windsurfing, and snorkeling excursions. Scuba equipment is available at a fee, and for those feeling less adventurous there is an onboard swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna. For a pampering experience try one of the therapeutic treatments at the Spa, including massage, aromatherapy, skin treatments, and more. In the evenings, relax and swap tales of your travels with newfound friends in one of the lounges or bars, or lie back on a deckchair under the stars and enjoy a feature film at the outdoor theater.

Seabourn Pride Cruise Ship Reservations

For more information on the Seaboard Pride cruise ship, current Seabourn Pride cruise itineraries, or to make your Seabourn Cruise reservation, give us a call today to speak with a knowledgeable Cruise Network cruise specialist.

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