Seabourn South Pacific Cruise

When you experience the warm sea-breeze from the bow of your luxury cruise vessel is when you'll realize the true majesty of a Seabourn South Pacific cruise. A Seabourn cruise to the South Pacific is enchanting and breathtaking journey to the warmest bluest waters in the world. This amazing region will certainly capture your imagination with its rich and abundant environment, exotic wildlife, unique indigenous traditions, and laid-back, friendly atmosphere. South Pacific cruises offer you the opportunity to the see the highlights of the South Pacific through luxurious and comfortable cruise liners. Now, you can explore the coral reefs of Tahiti, travel through the wild Australian outback, see the natural wonders of New Zealand, get some sun on the Samoan beaches, or just get into the relaxed spirit of this region and laze away. A relaxing trip in this tropical retreat is something you will remember for lifetimes.

Seabourn South Pacific Cruise - About Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn Cruise Line is one of the most prestigious cruise lines in the world. Winning numerous awards and finishing in the top of the industry throughout the years, the vessels of Seabourn are hands-down the finest cruising yachts in the waters. Each offers the best in amenities, activities, entertainment, and cuisine for passengers onboard. On top of that, they sail to practically every corner of the Earth, anywhere from modern, fast-paced Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to the lively and engaging Cork, Ireland to rich, colorfully tropic Virgin Islands to rugged, yet friendly Brisbane, Australia. Seabourn's itineraries include destinations in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Africa & India, Asia, South America, the Panama Canal, and the Caribbean.

Seabourn South Pacific Cruise - Destinations and Itineraries

The Seabourn Spirit conducts a wide range of South Pacific cruises during the January to April cruising season. These cruise hit a variety of the most popular destinations in the South Pacific and Asia, including Hong Kong, China; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore, Singapore; Sydney, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Wellington, New Zealand; and, Suva, Fiji. These cruises offer a diverse range of sights and activities that allow guests onboard offer a glimpse of this beautiful region of the world. Let's look at the 2006 Seabourn cruise to the South Pacific itineraries:

The vessel begins the year with a Seabourn cruise to the South Pacific from Hong Kong on January 5th. This 17-day Seabourn South Pacific cruise calls at the ports of Borneo, Malaysia; Darwin, Australia; Thursday Island, Australia; and finally, Cairns, Australia.

On January 22nd, it conducts a 14-day Seabourn Australia cruise from Cairns. On this Seabourn Australia cruise, activities and sights include the Great Barrier Reef, Australia; Hayman Island, Australia; Brisbane Island, Australia; Sydney, Australia; Nelson, New Zealand; Ship's Cove, New Zealand; Kaikoura, New Zealand; and finally, Christchurch, New Zealand.

From Christchurch, it embarks on a 14-day Seabourn South Pacific cruise on February 5th. On this Seabourn cruise to the South Pacific, the vessel stops at Dunedin, New Zealand; Milford Fjords, New Zealand; South Island Coast, New Zealand; Picton, New Zealand; Ship's Cove, New Zealand; Wellington, New Zealand; Gisbourne, New Zealand; Tauranga, New Zealand; Waiheke Island, New Zealand; Auckland, New Zealand; Suva, Fiji; and finally, Lautoka, Fiji.

On February 19th, the vessel departs from Lautoka on a Seabourn South Pacific cruise. On this Seabourn cruise to the South Pacific, the vessel hits such ports as Suva, Fiji; Russel, Bay of Islands, New Zealand; Waiheke; Wellington; Picton; Ship's Cove; Kaikoura; Christchurch; Gisborne; Tauranga; and, Auckland.

The Spirit conducts a Seabourn Australia cruise from Auckland on March 5th. On this 14-day Seabourn Australia cruise, the vessels stop at such ports as Gisborne, Nelson, Sydney, Brisbane, Hayman Island, and Cairns.

The vessel departs Cairns on a Seabourn South Pacific cruise entitled "Great Barrier Reef & Spice Islands" on March 19th. This 15-day Seabourn cruise to the South Pacific calls at Cooktown, Australia; Thursday Island; Darwin Island; Kuching, Malaysia; and, Kuala Lumpur.

Seabourn South Pacific Cruise - Points of Interest

One of the major highlights to any Seabourn Australia cruise is Sydney. The city of Sydney is the oldest and largest city in Australia. It also the financial center, and perhaps the most culturally diverse city (although many Melbournians would dispute that), being home to many Australian and international financial institutions, as well numerous ethnic groups of people. It is also graced with several beautiful attractions that will leave any traveler thoroughly satisfied. You can soak at out in the sun at Bondi Beach, check out the fine Asian, European, and Australian art at the Gallery of NSW, or catch a view of the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge. Of course, what trip to Sydney could be complete without checking out the Sydney Opera House? This iconic landmark is synonymous the Sydney Harbor and there are plenty of opportunities to catch a performance and appreciate the architecture. There are also plenty of things to do after the sun goes down too, as Sydney is home to many excellent bars and nightclubs, including outlandish ARQ, the progressive Chinese Laundry, and ambient Cricketers Arms.

A popular attraction on a Seabourn cruise to the South Pacific is Auckland. This city is the largest in New Zealand, and the South Pacific for that matter. The "City of Sails" is a well-known for its yachting opportunities and many yachting tours of the South Pacific begin here. The city is home to large Polynesian and Micronesian communities, with the largest being the Maori communities (who are actually indigenous to New Zealand); all of these communities become an integral part of New Zealand's culture. One of the greatest passions of any Aucklander, be it Pakeha (European) or Maori, is the national pastime of rugby. New Zealanders are fervent over their national team, the famous All Blacks. The team has won several World Cups and the success of the team is closely associated with national pride. One must-see is the national team's pre-game Haka dance, which is influenced by ancient Maori rituals and meant to instill fear in the heart of opponents. The sight is unbelievable: team members conduct a synchronized war dance, using an incredible amount of foot stomping and yelling to display their strength and prowess over their opponent. Experiencing the fervor of a rugby match in the local Auckland stadium is a true "Kiwi" experience for sure.

The Fijian islands are another highlight on a Seabourn cruise to the South Pacific. Fiji is an archipelago that consists of 300 assorted islands located in the South Pacific, east of New Zealand, and south of Micronesia. Several cultural influences have permeated through the years to make Fiji what it is today, including European, Polynesian, Micronesian, Melanesian, Indian, and Chinese. This colorful hodgepodge of heritage and ethnicity are another reason to visit these amazing islands. There are several attractions that must be on your "to-do" list if and when you travel to Fiji. First, visit the capital of Suva, the largest city in the South Pacific. This bustling city is a mixture of different traditions: Polynesian markets, Chinese restaurants, Hindu and Sikh temples, and ancient cathedrals. Because of its location and size, it veritably serves as a hub to the region, making it an ideal launching pad for any South Pacific and Fiji cruise.

Seabourn South Pacific Cruise - How to Book

A South Pacific cruise aboard Seabourn can be quite a mesmerizing and exhilarating experience. Travel to these the bright blue waters and lush green hills of these islands can definitely be excellent vacation package. To Book a Seabourn South Pacific cruise, please call one of our friendly and experienced cruise specialists. They can answer any of your travel questions, provide you with information, and guide you through the cruise reservations process. Join today, and experience the wonders of a South Pacific cruise with Seabourn Cruise Line.

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