SeaDream Caribbean cruises

Travel aboard Sea Dream cruises in the Caribbean. Booking Caribbean yacht cruises allow guests to experience this great tropical playground! Sail to amazing ports during Sea Dream cruises in the Caribbean, including Gustavia and St. Thomas. Whether you want to travel in April or December, any time is a good time of the year for you and your family to enjoy SeaDream Caribbean cruises. Guests can also choose a SeaDream cruise to visit other great destinations around the world. Such as the Mediterranean, in addition to Caribbean yacht cruises.

SeaDream Caribbean Cruises - Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Your vacation will go to 'The Dogs' in Virgin Gorda during SeaDream Caribbean cruises. "The Dogs" are considered by many to be the premiere area for diving. Experienced divers are invited to enjoy crystal clear waters teeming with marine life and coral formations during Caribbean yacht cruises.

Nature lovers can explore "The Baths", a fascinating group of sea caves and unique rock formations, during Sea Dream cruises in the Caribbean. Follow the winding path down to the beach and experience this great geological wonder during Sea Dream cruises in the Caribbean. Wade knee deep through the sea caves formed by huge boulders and bask in the shafts of sunlight pouring through the natural ceiling into the pools below. Discover these rocks origins. Then swim, relax and enjoy the ambiance of this unusual piece of paradise during Caribbean yacht cruises.

SeaDream Caribbean Cruises - Castries, St. Lucia

More fun and adventure awaits SeaDream Caribbean cruises guests who travel to Castries, St. Lucia. Go off the beaten path during Sea Dream cruises in the Caribbean with an exciting 4-wheel All Terrain Vehicle ride through the lush and unspoiled area of St. Lucia nestled in the shadows of a majestic, extinct volcano. At this point, it will be your turn to take the wheel. Cruisers can put on helmets and goggles, learn how to operate an ATV and then ride through the rainforest over the hills and fields during Caribbean yacht cruises.

For a more relaxing time in St. Lucia during Sea Dream cruises in the Caribbean, cruise guests can enjoy a pleasant drive through the region on another tour. This drive includes St. Lucia's history and picturesque views during Caribbean yacht cruises. After the drive, you'll be ready for some rest and relaxation on one of St. Lucia's beautiful beaches and at the Rex St. Lucian Hotel during Caribbean yacht cruises.

SeaDream Caribbean Cruises - The Fleet

SeaDream Caribbean cruises feature ultra-luxury vessels that make you feel as though you are sailing on your own private yacht at sea. With flexible schedules and itineraries, the ships, SeaDream 1 and 2, provide a very unique "casual, yet elegant" seagoing experience. The SeaDream Yacht Club ships are sleek and stylish, with wonderful onboard features and amenities. An entire water sports marina, for instance, is stored in the stern of the ship for use in quiet bays and coves.

Award-winning, fine dining makes for something to look forward to day and night on Sea Dream cruises in the Caribbean. The unstructured, small ship ambience of SeaDream Yacht Club makes Caribbean yacht cruises all about personal choice. A SeaDream Cruise is a great alternative to the mega-cruise ship vacation.

SeaDream Caribbean Cruises - Ship Facts

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