SeaDream Yacht Club Activities

The main SeaDream Yacht Club Activities include spending time ashore and participating in sport activities off the marina on the rear of the ship. Most SeaDream passengers are well-traveled folks who are in great need of structured onboard entertainment and activities. Although there is a pianist and a 'disco' at night, you won't find organized SeaDream ship activities. And there are no special SeaDream ship activities for children.

Most SeaDream Yacht Club Activities feature peace and relaxation. And you'll find things like water sports, DVD movies to watch in your cabin, and going to the main lounge to for a nightly movie shown on the large movie screen.

SeaDream Yacht Club Activities - Sports

SeaDream ship activities include a variety of water sports. You can go water skiing, tubing, boarding, wave running, snorkeling, kayaking, sunfish sailing or swimming. Guests are able to play 30 championship courses on the state-of-the-art Golf Simulator.

SeaDream Yacht Club Activities - Spa and Fitness Center

Treat your mind and body to the peaceful and relaxing environment of SeaDream's Spa and Fitness Center. The Spa is listed with the Thai Spa Association as one of the world's top-quality spas. And the Fitness Center is just as top quality featuring treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent bikes, and free weights all with flat screen TVs and DVD players. Other services available include Tai Chi and yoga on deck. There is also a hair and nail salon guests can use.

SeaDream Yacht Club Activities - Balinese DreamBeds

On Deck 6 by the Top of the Yacht Bar are Balinese DreamBeds. These are sun beds where you can sunbathe, stare out at seascapes, read or just sleep. Large umbrellas are available to provide shade when desired. And the DreamBeds are raised above the sightline of the yacht's railings to provide unobstructed views. These beds are the perfect place to sunbathe or the perfect place to sleep under the stars.

SeaDream Yacht Club Activities - Boutique

SeaDream ship activities include shopping duty-free on board in the SeaDream Boutique. Whenever the ship is at sea, the Boutique is open. It features everything from designer brands items to sports and yacht-wear, to necessary personal items guests may have left behind at home.

SeaDream Yacht Club Activities - The Library

SeaDream yachts feature a quaint, well-designed library that offers guests a large selection of books ranging from the classics to bestsellers. Twenty-four hours a day guests can utilize the library's magazines, newspapers, board games and computers with internet connections.

SeaDream Yacht Club Activities - The Wine Cellar

On SeaDream, the sommeliers are experts of wine, and keep the wine cellars at sea stocked with an extensive list of wines. SeaDream wine list features many of the finest Old world and New world varieties and an assortment of obscure but alluring wines that can be bought on board. The Sommeliers also pour a complimentary selection of fine reds and whites at lunch and dinner.

SeaDream Yacht Club Activities - The Caviar and Champagne Splash

One of the most memorable SeaDream ship activities includes the Caviar and Champagne Splash. To toast and celebrate the end of a great voyage, SeaDream hosts the Champagne and Caviar Splash barbecue or picnic for the guests and crew. This happens ashore, usually on secluded beaches. In the event that the Champagne and Splash can't be held ashore, it is held on board in and around the swimming pool along with treats from the kitchen!


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