SeaDream Yacht Club Packages

SeaDream Yacht Club Packages are as innovative as the yachts themselves. Your SeaDream Yacht Club Packages include two, ultra-luxury mega yachts: The SEADREAM I and SEADREAM II. These ships sail passengers for exciting destinations in an atmosphere that fosters causal and intimate cruising experiences. Discerning cruise-goers everywhere champion these two sleek and stylish SEADREAM yachts for their distinctive maritime atmosphere which is unrivaled by any other cruise line.

SeaDream Yacht Club Packages - The Onboard Experience

SeaDream Yacht Club Packages actually provide you with yachting experiences. Just as if you were on board your own family yacht, the SeaDream experience does haven't rigid schedules, crowds, lines and worries. The onboard experience is geared to those who enjoy an open and unstructured ambience where guests can enjoy their cruising experiences in their own styles.

SeaDream Yacht Club Packages - The Itinerary

SeaDream Yacht Club Packages include a spectacular feature: Overnight ports. This means that unlike cruise ships that arrive at ports of call in the early morning and depart in the evening of the same day, you can stay overnight at many ports of call with SeaDream Yacht Club Packages. There are many SeaDream itineraries, a few include an overnight stay in the French island Gustavia, St. Barts, and an overnight stay in St. Tropez in the French Riviera.

SeaDream I and II sail on planned, seven-day itineraries. SeaDream yachts depart and arrive at their first port of call and last as scheduled, but the ports in between are not on a fixed schedule. Thus, the yachts frequently make unscheduled calls at small ports to visit a local fish market, or remain longer than scheduled to enjoy more hours in certain ports. In some ports of call, the action doesn't even start up until late into the evening. For this reason, SeaDream Yacht Club Packages itineraries allow guests to stay longer so that they, too, may join in on the fun.

SeaDream Yacht Club Packages - The Accommodations

The SeaDream yachts have three categories within their 54 cabins and suites. The standard 195 sq. ft. cabins feature a queen bed (or 2 twin beds), a large picture window, sofa, chair, dressing table with vanity mirror and hair dryer, safe, refrigerator stocked with beer and soft drinks, flat-screen TV, DVD and CD player. The room also has a multi-jet shower and a small, marble bathtub. Designer amenities are provided in the bath. And guests can use the bathrobes and slippers while on board.

The cabins also feature a phone and an Internet hook up, but the Internet cost in the library is much lower than the $35 per day charge that exists to use the Internet in your room. The 16 Commodore Suites are 380 sq. ft. and have two baths. The Owner's Suite is 490 sq. ft. and is the only cabin with a full-size tub and a larger bath. None of the cabins have a balcony.

SeaDream Yacht Club Packages - The Activities and Entertainment

The main activities found in SeaDream Yacht Club Packages include spending time ashore and participating in water sports off the marina on the rear of the ship. There a variety of water sports activities including water skiing, tubing, boarding, wave running, snorkeling, kayaking, sunfish sailing or swimming. Guests are able to play 30 championship courses on the state-of-the-art Golf Simulator.

There is a quaint, well-designed library providing a large selection of books ranging from the classics to bestsellers. Twenty-four hours a day guests can utilize magazines, newspapers, board games and computers with internet connections. There is a pianist and a "disco" at night, but you won't find organized on board activity. The yacht provides DVD movies to watch in your cabin, and sets up a large screen in the main lounge for a nightly movie.

SeaDream Yacht Club Packages - The Dining

Dining on SeaDream yachts happens in two dining venues. One is the Main Dining Salon, which is an elegant indoor restaurant offering international cuisine and European style service. You'll feast on delicious meals served on beautiful table settings. The other dining venue is the Topside Restaurant, open to the sea breezes and beautiful ocean views.

During the day, you find fresh sandwiches at the Top of the Yacht Bar and by the swimming pool. Also available is a 24-hour room service menu featuring light, healthful meals. Whatever place you choose to dine, you are able to dine both indoors and outdoors in grand style with a laid-back ambience.

SeaDream Yacht Club Packages - The Amenities

The amenities featured in SeaDream Yacht Club Packages include the use of the Spa and Fitness Center. You can get a deep massage and facials at the spa, and use state-of-the-art fitness equipment in the Fitness center. Services available in the Fitness center include Tai Chi and yoga classes performed on deck.

SeaDream Yacht Club Packages include the use of Balinese DreamBeds. Dreambeds are beds on deck where you can sunbathe, stare out at seascapes, read or sleep under the stars. There is a hair and nail salon. Guests can shop duty-free on board in the Boutique and purchase designer items, sports and yacht-wear, necessary personal items guests may have left behind at home, and much more.

There is a wine cellar on board stocked with an extensive list of wines. A complimentary selection of excellent reds and whites is served at lunch and dinner. And a wonderful amenity of SeaDream Yacht Club Packages is the Caviar and Champagne Splash party that happens ashore to celebrate the end of a great yachting experience. Passengers and crew participate in this grand event.

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