Seadream Yacht Club Tickets

Why cruise when you can yacht ? The intimate atmosphere, near perfect service and great food is what you can expect when you purchase SeaDream Yacht Club Tickets. Prepare yourself for a friendly steward to escort you and your luggage up the gangway to the pool deck where you will be welcomed by the SeaDream officers and crew. In addition, your SeaDream Yacht Club Tickets encompass an array of choices for four to 12 night itineraries heading to amazing destinations in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

SeaDream Yacht Club Tickets - Cruise Rates

Your SeaDream Yacht Club Tickets offer some incredible vacation rates. Unbelievable to think you can sail to parts regions in the Caribbean for just under $300 per day/per person. Likewise, for just under $500 per day/per person you and yours could be on a magical vacation to the Mediterranean. That is about half the cost that a number of other comparable luxury cruise lines charge for similar itineraries.

SeaDream Yacht Club Tickets - The Food

Your SeaDream Yacht Club Tickets covers all gratuities, soft drinks, bottled water, wine with lunch and dinner, and unlike other similar cruise line, all your bar drinks are included too. This means you can drink as many tasty cocktails as you please while enjoying a gorgeous sunset. The only things SeaDream Yacht Club Tickets do not include are onboard purchases at the gift shop, spa, the casino, shore tours and premium wines and liquors.

SeaDream Yacht Club Tickets - The Segway

A fun activity not included in your SeaDream Yacht Club Tickets price is the Segway Human Transporter (HT). The HT is a self-balancing, personal transportation device that is designed to function in any pedestrian environment. For a nominal fee of $49, passengers can learn how to transport themselves with ease using these machines. You'll get about an hour worth of riding time. And each SeaDream yacht has about five HT machines onboard.

SeaDream Yacht Club Tickets - Caviar and Champagne Splash

One of the most memorable events included in the SeaDream Yacht Club Tickets price is the Caviar and Champagne Splash. This is a barbecue or picnic party spent with passengers and crew to celebrate the end of a great voyage. This happens ashore, usually on secluded beaches. In the event that the Champagne and Splash can't be held ashore, it is held on board in and around the swimming pool. You'll dine on great caviar and champagne, and more wonderful Chef-prepared treats from the kitchen!

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