Silver Wind Cruise Ship

Sister ship to Silver Cloud, the Silver Wind cruise ship is designed to create an entirely personal and intimate sailing experience. With Silver Wind cruise itineraries whisking you from one exotic and enlightening destination to the next, all over the world, this ship allows you to enjoy all the comforts of a fine hotel while at sea. Watch the dramatic coastlines and romantic seas drift past while you relax on your own private veranda, retire to a splendidly appointed stateroom sized just right for your needs, and enjoy one of the many activities on board your Silversea Silver Wind cruises before and after a great meal from one of its first class restaurants.

Silver Wind Cruise Ship - Silver Wind Cruise Itineraries

Few places are as intimately beautiful or as historically important as the ancient ports of the Mediterranean. Few are as entertaining as those of South America, or as adventurous as the coasts of Southern Africa. From Rome to Rio, the blue waters of the Greek Islands to the oriental wonders of Istanbul, the Silver Wind cruise ship whisks her passengers off on enchanting tours of lands far and wide, sailing to ports such as Cape town, Cape Horn, Athens, Lisbon, and Casablanca. Breathtaking natural beauties, architectural marvels, and fascinating cultures are the essence of Silver Wind Cruise Itineraries. Silversea Silver Wind cruises not only take you to these extraordinary places, the Silver Wind cruise ship itself falls into the same category as the destinations on its itinerary.

Silver Wind Cruise Ship - Silversea Silver Wind Cruises
The Mediterranean

In the spring months, the Silver Wind cruise itineraries take to the warming waters of the Mediterranean, with one 6 and one 7-night cruise. The shorter departs from the ruggedly beautiful island of Mallorca and, after a day at seas stops in St. Tropez, Monte Carlo, Portofino and ends her journey in Rome, where you can marvel at the architecture of ancient Rome and the Renaissance alike.

There are several 8-night Silver Wind cruise itineraries include a Mediterranean cruise from the ancient capital of the world, Athens, to Kusadasi, Turkey, Rhodes, Crete, Siracusa, Sorrento, and Rome. The marvels of the ancient world and the modern cities of Greece, Italy and Turkey all are yours on this unforgettable journey.

Two 10-day Aegean cruises are available; one between Venice and Monte Carlo, and the other between Venice and Athens.

Silversea Silver Wind cruises offer 8-night journeys of the Black Sea, departing from Istanbul and sailing on to Sevastopol, Yalta and Nessebur. The lovely forests and old cities of this area will forever be etched in your mind.

Silver Wind Cruise Ship - Silversea Silver Wind Cruises

A truly unique cruise of the lands off of Southeastern Africa departs from Mahe, Kerala on the Malabar coast of the Arabian Sea, then sails to Nosy Be, Madagascar, where the astonishing fauna such as the lemurs (the only place in the natural world where you can find them) will amaze you with their peculiar adaptations. Next stop, Destroche, a group of atolls and coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, and then you sail on to Praslin, a pristine island with perfect beaches that once was a hideaway for pirates and Arab merchants, and offers as many as 800 species of fish in its coral reefs.

A 7-night cruise sails out of Ushuaia, on the southern tip of South America, and departs for Laguna san Rafael, Puerto Chacabuco, and Puerto Montt before heading on to Valparaiso. Enjoy the wonders of this vast and unique region, and the Incan cities of Chile on this extraordinary tour.

The 7-day Silversea Silver Wind cruises sail out from Agadir, Spain, to Casablanca, Gibraltar, Cadiz and Lisbon. The mysteries of North Africa meet the splendor of Portugal.

An 11-night sail from Capetown, South Africa heads on to Pt Louis, with stops in Durban, Richards Bay and Pointe des Galets, on the southeastern edges of Africa.

There also are 12, 14, and 16 night cruises available between the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean, and the Southern coasts of Africa and South America, with stops in the ports listed above.

Silver Wind Cruise Itineraries - Silversea Silver Wind Cruises
South America

Another 8-night cruise leaves the hip city of Buenos Aires and heads on to Montevideo, Uruguay, Punta del Este, Porto Belo Santos, Parati, and Rio de Janeiro. Hot beaches and memorable inland tours, shopping and nightlife, a little bit of everything.

Among the 9-night tours is one from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, with stops in Puerto Madryn, Strait of Magellan, Punta Arenas, and around the Cape Horn.

A Rome to Venice cruise gives you the best of Italy and the Adriatic, with ports of call including Sorrento, Taormina, Valletta, Dubrovnik, Corfu, Split, and Venice.

Ten-night Silver Wind Cruise Itineraries include trips between Athens and Istanbul, with stops in Mykonos, Kusadasi, Rhodes, Lindos, and Molvos, and one cruise from the Mediterranean to the Middle East that begins in Monte Carlo and ends in Port Said, with stops in Rome, Naples, Palermo, Valletta, Tripoli, Benghazi and Alexandria.

Silver Wind Cruise Ship Accommodations

At the end of the day, pamper yourself with a bath in a marbled tub in your stateroom and recall the many sights you've seen. Stretch out on a spacious bed, or kick back on your private, teak balcony and watch the night sky drift by. All the staterooms onboard have private baths and showers, and more then 75% of them have private verandas. With elegant appointments, stocked bars, refrigerators, cloth robes, and comfortable furniture, Silver Wind cruise ship staterooms range between 250 and 1,300 square feet.

Silver Wind Cruise Ship Dining - Silversea Silver Wind Cruises

Whenever you feel like staying in for an intimate evening in your stateroom, 24-hour a day, course by course room service is available, but you're certainly going to want to spend some time in The Restaurant. This main dining room allows seating anytime, anywhere, and offers a menu that changes to suit the regions you're traveling through, including Mediterranean, South American, and more. The Terrace cafe offers indoor/outdoor dining with a broad menu including grilled fare, fresh fruits and vegetables and a diverse buffet.

Silver Wind Cruise Ship Activities - Silver Wind Cruise Itineraries

For those who need their daily sports, there is a pool, gym, and aerobics courses available, and you are welcome to work on your putting on a golfing green or splash around through a set of water volleyball. Several courses and lectures are available including ballroom dance, culinary classes, wine tasting, and lectures about the upcoming destinations. For nightlife there are musical shows, an onboard casino, and lounges and a bar perfect for mingling with newfound companions.

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