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A Silversea Asia Cruise will take you to some of the most intriguing and romanticized destinations in the South Pacific. A Silversea Cruise to Asia often visits Chinese ports of call in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. A Silversea Asia Cruise will further include trips to such Japanese cities as Kobe, Hiroshima and Tokyo while also visiting destinations in South Korea and Vietnam. Typically, a Silversea Cruise to Asia includes travel itineraries lasting anywhere between eight and 16 days. Sailing on the Silver Shadow, Silver Whisper and Silver Cloud ships, a Silversea Cruise to Asia aims to bring its valued guests up-close-and-personal to some of the most fascinating sights and vibrant landmarks in China and Japan.

Fashioned in an Italian tradition of luxury, elegance and style, a Silversea Asia Cruise puts the traveling onus in the hands of the traveler. In other words, guests on a Silversea Cruise to Asia can personalize these voyages to their own specifications, from length of stay and embarkation ports to shore excursions. Furthermore, a Silversea Cruise to Asia combines top world destinations with incredible Italian dining cuisine and gracious service accommodations for a vacation experience unlike the rest.

Silversea Asia Cruise - 14-Day Silversea Cruise to Asia

The 14-day Silversea Asia Cruise from Hong Kong to Tokyo visits desired locations in China, South Korea and Japan and thus remains one of the most popular cruises with this cruise line. Departing from Hong Kong on the Silver Shadow ship, this Silversea Cruise to Asia visits Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin before traveling to Pusan in South Korea. From here, this Silversea Asia Cruise travels to Hiroshima and Kobe, Japan before enjoying a final day at sea and wrapping up in Tokyo.

A thriving example of a metropolis which maintains is natural roots, Hong Kong serves as the financial capital of Asia while also providing a gateway into the heart of China and the South Pacific. While in Hong Kong, visit the Stanley and Jade Markets, which not only provide Silversea guests with incredible deals on luxury items but also reveal a lot about Chinese culture.

This Silversea Cruise to Asia spends two days in Shanghai, which is strategically located where the Yangtze River, Grand Canal and Pacific Ocean meet. Noted for the skyscrapers that line its downtown, Shanghai is even more famous for its food. Visit the Yu Yuan area of Shanghai and indulge your taste buds in everything from large pork and cabbage meatballs, smoked fish and "drunken chicken".

The capital of China for the last 800 years, Beijing has seen the likes of historical figures like Kublai Khan and Marco Polo. While in Beijing, visit many of the magnificent buildings that were built during the Ming dynasty, such as the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven.

Most often remembered for the Atomic Bomb in World War II, Hiroshima remains an intriguing destination during a Silversea Cruise to Asia. Visit the Memorial Cemetery and Hiroshima Peace Memorial while in Hiroshima. Located on the waters of the Inland Sea, Kobe is not only an integral port in the South Pacific but also a renowned hot spot for its nightlife. Let it all hang loose at the various nightclubs and bars while in Kobe during your Silversea Cruise to Asia. The capital of Japan, Tokyo bustles with temples, shrines and business districts.

Silversea Asia Cruise - 8-Day Silversea Cruise to Asia

The eight-day Silversea Cruise to Asia from Hong Kong to Bangkok in Thailand visits many cities in Vietnam. After departing from a port in Hong Kong on the Silver Shadow ship, this Silversea Asia Cruise spends a day at sea before visiting Da Nang. While being Vietnam's third largest victory, Da Nang is a popular destination for guests to go swimming at the famous China Beach or visit the Ho Chi Minh Museum, which includes exhibits on the Vietnam War.

From Da Nang, this Silversea Asia Cruise spends another day at sea before visiting Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City. Besides having the best coastal climate in Vietnam, Nha Trang is noted for its white sandy beaches and the monumental Cham Towers. Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is famous for its 130-year old Botanical Gardens that contain lovely orchids and a zoo with endangered species.

After visiting Ho Chi Minh City, this Silversea Cruise to Asia spends another day at sea before ending in Bangkok, Thailand. This Silversea Asia Cruise is scheduled to set sail in April 2006.

Silversea Asia Cruise - Silver Shadow Ship

Inaugurated in 2000, the Silver Shadow can accommodate just under 400 guests during a Silversea Cruise to Asia. This vessel defines Italian cuisine with its variety of restaurants. Whether it's dining at The Restaurant or Le Champagne or grabbing something from the Terrace Caf'or Pool Grille, Silver Shadow guests will feel as if they are eating at some intimate Italian location when actually on a Silversea Asia Cruise.

Exclusively featuring suites, the Silver Shadow ship transports the elegance from its dining rooms to its living accommodations. Guests may also relax aboard this royal ship's spa or let loose at a variety of entertainment venues. Listen to jazz and cabaret music in The Bar, enjoy a classical music concert in The Show Lounge or just fire up a fine cigar at The Humidor. Basically, whatever guests desire to do, the Silver Shadow will make it happen!

Silversea Asia Cruise - Discounts

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