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Best described as magical, Silversea Cruise Ships are unbelievable guides as they cruise you on grand sea voyages to marvelous destinations. Enjoy breathtaking vistas while inundated by the ships, vast amounts of comforts. Each of the Cruise Ships of Silversea Cruises is a combination of fine materials, which include the crystal found in the light fixtures, the sleek teak decks, and the soft cotton linens that blanket each bed in the staterooms. Cruise Ships with Silversea Cruises equals luxury and grand discoveries on the ocean seas!

Silversea Cruise Ships - Silver Cloud & Silver Wind

The Accommodations

Every suite on the Silver Cloud and Silver Wind features a marbled bath with a full-sized tub. These cruise ships with Silversea cruise lines offer six different types of beautifully decorated suites: Vista, Veranda, Silver, Owner's, Royal, and Grand. And they range in size too. The smallest is almost 250 square feet with the largest stateroom coming in at over 1,300 feet.

The Dining

Formal dining on Silversea Cruise Ships happens in The Restaurant. The Restaurant's d'or is absolutely amazing, and the d'or matches the service and the food. The food prepared by world-renown chefs and served by European-trained waiters. The finest wines are served here in fine crystal glasses. It's sure to be a superb dining experience.

Another dining choice on these cruise ships with Silversea cruise lines is the more causal The Terrace Caf' It serves the same type of expert culinary delights that you'd find in the other restaurants but offers a causal atmosphere to do it in. Have Roman truffles or Italian pastas. Or take what you want from the large caf' large buffet. You can dine there for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you'd like. No problem.

If neither choice is for you then stay in bed and let 24-hour room service bring the food to you. Silversea Cruise Ships, room service will serve you right on your own veranda as you lounge in a bathrobe gazing out into the open seas. Eat an early breakfast or lunch. Or stay in for dinner. The choice is up to you.

The Activities

The activities on Silversea Cruise Ships aren't structured to tell you how to have fun. Or when. They'll just offer you with tons of fun things to choose from that you can do whenever you're ready. For example, when it's time for you to cool off, go for a swim in the pool. And when its time for you to relax, take your cocktail to the deck and stare out to sea. That simple.

There are also sports activities to do onboard cruise ships with Silversea such as golf, water volleyball, and aerobics classes. Speaking of classes, cooking classes are offered onboard cruise ships with Silversea. Visiting chefs will give you wonderful lessons on how to prepare culinary masterpieces. If you'd always wanted to learn a foreign language, language classes are also offered onboard Silversea Cruise Ships.

For evening entertainment, cruise ships with Silversea feature The Casino. Spend your time in the Casino playing slots or trying your hand at blackjack. You could even take in a spectacular musical production in the Show Lounge. Productions range from magic shows to classical recitals.

Silver Cloud and Silver Wind Ship Facts

Built: 1994/1995

Crew: 210

Tonnage: 16,800

Guests: 296

Length: 514 Feet

Width: 70 Feet

Passenger Decks: 6

Silversea Cruise Ships - Silver Shadow & Silver Whisper


All suites on Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper feature a marbled bathroom with double vanity, a full-sized tub and separate shower. These ships offer seven different types of suites: Vista, Veranda, Medallion, Silver, Owner's, Royal, and Grand. All exquisitely decorated, these staterooms range in size. The smallest stateroom is 287 square feet and the largest is more than 1,400 square feet.


Silversea Cruise Ships - formal dining room is also called The Restaurant on both the Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper ships. As on Silver Cloud and Silver Wind, the waiters onboard are friendly and European-trained. The d'or is absolutely amazing! Polished silverware rests atop fresh, crisp linens. Dazzling crystal pieces flood the room by way of the wine glasses and lighting fixtures. Equally rivaled is The Restaurant's sublime cuisine. World-renown chefs prepare these dishes. And anyone who orders the wine should expect to be served some of the finest that exist.

For causal fare, walk right into The Terrace Caf' The food served in the caf'is just as terrific as the dishes served in The Restaurant, but without all that formal frills. You'll enjoy you're favorite Italian dishes, the sweetest fruits from St. Petersburg and Bangkok and, of course, the extravagant buffet that's sure to complete your dining pleasure.

There's always 24-hour room service if neither of the previous choices suit you. Silversea Cruise Ships understand that sometimes that best place to dine is right in your own room with the imperial ocean as your view. Stay in or dine out. The choice is completely yours.


Silversea Cruise Ships wants your cruise experience to be of your own design. That's why there are many activities offered onboard. From frolicking in the crisp pool or simply lying around in the warm sun, this cruise will be whatever you declare it to be. If drinking a cocktail as you sit and listen to a band is what you want, that's what you'll do. Wait, do you like golf? Use the SilverLinks 365 golf program to practice your swing. You can also learn a new language or get a refresher course in a language you already know. All you have to do is choose.

For evening entertainment, get to The Bar for a drink and some live music. Or spin the fruit on a slot machine at The Casino. Don't forget to catch an impressive Broadway-style production in the Show Lounge. Productions range from magic shows to cirque-type shows.

Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper Ship Facts

Built: 2000/2001

Crew: 295

Tonnage: 25,000

Guests: 388

Length: 610 Feet

Width: 81.8 Feet

Passenger Decks: 6

Silversea Cruise Ships - How to Book

For more information about booking a room on cruise ships with Silversea Cruise Lines, contact a Cruise Network Cruise Specialist. Cruise agencies usually know the best deals and discounts that major cruise lines are offering so call and get your deal today.

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