Silversea Mexico Cruise

Discover Mexico on a Silversea Mexico Cruise known for refined elegance and luxurious cruise accommodations. A Silversea cruise to Mexico melds time-honored hospitality with contemporary ambiance. If you'd like to view clear blue skies from the teak deck of a yacht-like cruise ship, book a Silversea Mexico Cruise vacation. Consider a Silversea cruise to Mexico your chauffeur to the seas.

Silversea Mexico Cruise - The Destinations

Since 1994, Silversea Cruise ships have been transporting travelers across glorious sapphire seas for breathtaking destinations. Imagine a Silversea Mexico Cruise that brings you to the sun-baked islands of the Caribbean to view the marvelous beauty of St. Barts. Why the Caribbean, you ask, Because a Silversea Cruise to Mexico incorporates the exotic locales of the Caribbean too.

Yes, the amazing Silversea Mexico cruise takes you Aruba's flawless beaches and Martinique's enchanting colonial charm. A Silversea Cruise to Mexico explores the 17th century plantations of St. Kitts, St. George's the longstanding churches, and the clay tile courtyards of San Juan.

Cozumel is a popular Silversea Mexico Cruise destination. Cozumel is the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean, and it serves as one of the world's top diving destinations. Cozumel offers turquoise waters for diving and deep-blue colored lagoons for snorkeling. It also offers wonderful festivals, ancient Mayan ruins, remarkable restaurants, duty-free markets and golfing. A Silversea cruise to Mexico truly knows how to deliver a fantastic Caribbean adventure.

A typical Silversea cruise to Mexico takes you to the grand cities of the Mexican Riviera. Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas are principal stops. And frequently visited are Acapulco and Manzanillo. Silversea Mexico cruises sail you along the awe-inspiring Rivera seaboard and up to the incredible sights of the Mexican Riviera. Just picture yourself exploring the La Quebrada diving cliff of Acapulco or hoisting up cups of your favorite cocktail while partying in the famous Mexican party town of Cabo San Lucas.

Puerta Vallarta's cobblestone streets are this old city's major attraction. In addition to their beauty, the streets are full of busy markets selling wonderful goods. Take time to bargain with local merchants, you might just get a great deal on some authentic Mexican souvenirs. A Silversea Mexico cruise to Puerta Vallarta is also great for the adventurous types because Puerta Vallarta offers wonder Jet Ski adventures off the shores of its fantastic beaches.

Silversea Mexico Cruise - Activities

On your Silversea Cruise to Mexico expect a cruise experience to be designed by you. That means whenever you're ready, you have tons of onboard activities to choose from. There are large, sparkling pools you can go for a swim in and to relax by. Or take an active approach to relaxation by starting up a game of water volleyball! Or stay dry by getting your exercise in an aerobics class that's offered onboard.

In addition to relaxation and exercise, you can keep active onboard by learning some new things. For example, on a Silversea Mexico cruise you take foreign language classes or culinary classes that are both taught by highly trained professionals.

The evening entertainment on a Silversea Cruise to Mexico promises to be just as exciting. You can watch stunning Broadway-style productions in the Show Lounge. Or visit The Bar and have a drink while listening to live music. And the ship's casino is there for playing slots and blackjack, among other games. And there's so much more!

Silversea Mexico Cruise - Booking Information

Every cruise experience on a Silversea cruise to Mexico is just as exciting as you could imagine. There is no reason why you shouldn't book your Silversea Mexico cruise with Cruise Network today. For more information on a Silversea Mexico Cruise, call to speak with a Cruise Network Cruise Specialist.

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