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There is no better way to experience the vast continent of South America than by taking one of the South America cruises. When you cruise South America, not only do you get to visit some of the continent's most cherished inland sites, but you also can spend your days relaxing and having fun onboard your ship when you cruise South America. When you cruise South America, you can visit Machu Picchu, the stunning and ancient Lost City of the Incas. Reflect on the breathtaking Chilean fjords - snowcapped volcanoes and glaciers. When you cruise South America, you feel the heat from the fiery Latin rhythms of Buenos Aires; the beat of the Tango. Take one of the cruises to South America down the legendary depths of the Amazon. From time-forgotten civilizations to natural phenomena, experiencing South America Cruise travel will be a journey of discovery. Cruise South America and you'll witness the abundant array of wildlife and spectacular natural scenery of this unusual eco-environment.

Explore cascading waterfalls and snowcapped Andean peaks, hundreds of species of birds and lush tropical environments. No matter if you sail on a Holland American South America cruise, one of the Celebrity cruises to South America, one of the South America cruises that Princess offers, or those of any cruise line, Cruise Network is the only name you need to remember.

South America Cruises - Highlights

There are dozens upon dozens of ports of call that you could visit when you cruise South America. Cruises to South America can take you to sultry cities that hug the equator; cruises to South America can take you through icy waterways and windswept mountain ranges. South America cruises are great because you could be enjoying 85 degree weather on a golden beach one day and pulling your parka a little tighter as you walk through a centuries-old mountain town the next. Cruises to South America are lots of things to lots of people.

South America Cruise Travel - Africa, Chile

On Chile's Pacific coast, the port of Africa is a gateway to reach the heights of the Andes in a single day. One of the Shore excursions you can experience in your South America cruise travels will take you to what's referred to as the "roof of the world" at Lake Chungara in Lauca National Park.

South America Cruise Travel - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sail on one of the South America cruises and dance in the birthplace of Tango! This cosmopolitan city is alive with charm and culture. Take a stroll through the colorful Boca district or take in a tango show at night. Cruise South America and visit opera houses, museums and cathedrals-all said to rival any in Europe.

South America Cruise Travel - Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is a port of call available on many South America cruises, and it's no wonder why. Open-air caf'es and European-inspired squares are only part of what makes visits to this old world city a delight. Take a Holland American South America cruise to Montevideo, and you'll visit the Museo de Gaucho for an inside look into the cowboy life, South American style. Though surrounded by a stretches of white-sand beach, Montevideo has a good selection of museums, art galleries and theaters, and will be a welcome destination in your South America cruise travels.

South America Cruise Travel - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There's just something special about South America cruises that go to Rio. Lying wedged between the sea and contrasting peaks, Sugar Loaf and Corcovado, Rio's setting couldn't be more beautiful. Cruise South America and see magnificent beaches such as Ipanema and Copacabana, both ideal for sunbathing and people-watching. Although set in tranquil surroundings, Rio is the lively home of Carnival celebrations said to rival even Mardi Gras festivities! Maybe you can coordinate it so that your Holland American South America cruise or other cruise line's cruises to South America head there during the celebrations!

South America Cruise Travel - Quito, Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands

Visit the mountain-top capital of Quito, set right on the Equator (Whew! Is it hot out here or just me?). Take in the views from the famed Pinnacle Rock or trek the lava flows of Isla Fernandina. Cruise from South America out to the Galapagos, a cluster of islands known as the inspiration for Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. On one of these cruises to South America, you can view creatures that can't be found anywhere else on earth—from the giant tortoises, to the marine iguanas and "Darwin" finches. (As of now, only some of the Celebrity South America cruises go to the Galapagos Islands; no other cruise line that cruises to South America is permitted to go there. For instance, you cannot take a Holland American South America cruise to the Galapagos; however, experiencing what Holland American South America cruise travel offers will nevertheless prove to be wonderful.)

Speaking of a Holland American South America cruise, this is one experience that you will not forget. For example, with a Holland American South America cruise, you'll be treated to their signature luxuries and amenities, such as mints on the pillow and waiters who remember your name. Their ships have a relaxed atmosphere; you won't hear constant loud speaker announcements to startle you out of your book. A Holland American South America cruise also gives people plenty of opportunity to learn about the world around them, with onboard lectures and enlightening classes. Of course, a Holland American South America cruise also lets you travel to some of the most amazing ports of call the continent can whip up.

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