South America Luxury Cruises

With its sweltering heat and equally passionate cultures, South America is a tantalizing paradise and playground designed for cruise lines and travelers from all over the world. Crystal and Seabourn Cruises are some cruise lines which offer South America Luxury Cruises that include diverse travel packages, attractive destinations, flexible itineraries and adventure activities. American ports of departure often include cruising the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles or navigating ships in the Atlantic from Fort Lauderdale or Miami. South America Luxury Cruises more likely begin in this exotic land from ports in Lima, Peru, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Montevideo, Uruguay, Punta Arenas, Chile and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Depending on the specific cruise line, South American Luxury Cruises can last anywhere from seven days to three weeks. Besides venturing into a land of great ancient civilizations and the mysterious Amazon jungle, South America Luxury Cruises are enhanced by luxury liners providing top entertainment, exquisite dining and excellent accommodations, resulting in a family vacation or traveling experience of a lifetime.

South America Luxury Cruises Crystal Cruises

Crystal offers a variety of wonderful South America Luxury Cruises which explore different mysterious areas of this continent. Immerse yourself in Aztec and Incan treasures as you set sail from Los Angeles to Acapulco, Mexico, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala, Guayaquil, Ecuador and Lima, Peru. While in vibrant Lima, visit its Museum of the Inquisition or partake in a Barranco Art Folk Discovery. For visitors in Guayaquil, engage in a three-day overland adventure on the fabled Incan site Machu Picchu.

Crystal also offers a two week rainforest adventure that extends through Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. After stopping at various ports in Brazil, cruise the Amazon River and South Atlantic Ocean and then cross the Equator into Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo and Buenos Aires. Explore the booming beaches, hotels and resorts while in Rio or visit a tango nightclub in Buenos Aires and mambo and samba the night away.

Crystal's South America Luxury Cruises also include departures from Buenos Aires to hot spots in Chile. This expedition involves cruising Cape Horn, the South Atlantic, the Beagle Channel, various fjords and the South Pacific Ocean as passengers come to appreciate the beauties of South America's east and west coasts.

Crystal South America Luxury Cruises involve life onboard the Crystal Serenity or Symphony. Besides being the line's largest ship, the Crystal Serenity is noted for its excellent dining venues like its Sushi Bar. In addition to meeting the Crystal's policy on spaciousness, the Symphony is also home of a Caesar's Palace at Sea Casino.

South America Luxury Cruises Seabourn Cruises

From January until the beginning of March, Seabourn offers a variety of South America Luxury Cruises and vacations, which include trips to Rio, the Amazon, the Incan Coast and parts of the Caribbean. Lasting anywhere from seven days to just under three weeks, Seabourn South America Luxury Cruises visit aforementioned and new ports of call in Arica, Chile, Gamboa, Panama and Manaus, Brazil. While in Arica, hike on over to the Andes Mountains. After cruising the Panama Canal for some time, stop in Gamboa and be amazed by its lush scenery and butterfly species.

South America Luxury Cruises with Seabourn also include land extensions to Easter Island and Tango Buenos Aires. Fly from Santiago, Chile to Easter Island and explore one of the 800 gigantic stone statues called Moai. With origins truly unknown, each Moai can weigh as much as twenty tons. While in Tango Buenos Aries, visits its many mansions, churches and theaters in the early part of the day and then witness the Argentine Tango at night.

Seabourn South America Luxury Cruises incorporate these popular destinations above with a luxurious experience onboard the Seabourn Pride. With a capacity of 208 people, the Seabourn Pride affords more space to its guests. This ship includes over 100 ocean view suites while also presenting complimentary champagne to its guests upon arrival.

South America Luxury Cruises Discounts

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