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South Pacific Island Cruises explore the many treasures of the South Pacific and just enjoy life - that's what the cruise Pacific south vacation is all about. Cruise the South Pacific on cruise line of the Pacific south allows you to frolic in the blue-green lagoons that circle rings around these mystical lands. Lush tropical mountainsides slope into peaceful valleys. Brooding volcanic pinnacles pierce the landscape and seemingly-the sky, while sweet-smelling plumeria, orchids and spider lilies grow rampant on the ground beneath. Experience the best of this tropical paradise on a South Pacific cruise vacation. Cruise the South Pacific in comfort and style on the many popular, premium, and luxury cruise lines available to you through Cruise Network, Inc.

South Pacific Island Cruises Highlights

The islands of the cruise South Pacific are shrouded in mystery and the thrill of the exotic. A cruise to South Pacific destinations surpass expectations of even the most adventurous traveler. Explore prehistoric monuments on one of the most thought-provoking journeys you can take by cruise ship - Easter Island, Chile.

On a popular cruise line to the Pacific South, visit the enchanting Fiji Islands, once notoriously known as the cannibal islands of the Pacific. Experience the cultural and architectural diversity in Nadi at the Hindu Temple or check out Fiji artifacts and actual relics from H.M.S. Bounty at the Fiji Museum at Thurston Gardens in Suva. Or for the more adventure-seeking cruisers, explore the sacred caves deep in Sigatoka Valley.

Take in the indigenous culture of Tonga, the oldest and last remaining Polynesian monarchy-never before brought under by foreign rule. Aboard a family cruise line to the Pacific South, visit in June or July and witness the migration of over one hundred humpback whales that come to bare their young in Tonga's warm waters.

Inspiration and allure are timeless-these islands have exuded it since first discovery. The largest of the 118 islands and atolls that make up French Polynesia, Tahiti was once home to the great French Impressionist, Paul Gauguin. Vibrant colors in his paintings are evidence of his time on the islands and featured Polynesian subjects in his works seem to give off an air of the island with their serene expressions. The Polynesian people are known to be very hospitable to their guests and a very important part of a cruise to the South Pacific.

South Pacific Island Cruises Activities

The South Pacific cruise vacation activities offered include jet skiing or canoeing for your own private tour around the islands, windsurfing and waterskiing, or parasailing for an excellent panoramic view. Dive among the giant manta rays, feed sharks, snorkel, or take a glass-bottom boat trip for underwater exploration. On a cruise to the South Pacific, you can even charter your own catamaran or powerboat for the day-go deep sea fishing. Each South Pacific island cruises welcomes exploration by 4x4 safari on which you will find some amazing overlooks. Safari trips are known to stop at fruit-tasting shops and historic sites while circling the island. Cruise Pacific south vacation guests also enjoy independent exploration-meandering though villages or just enjoying some time alone on the exquisite white sand beaches.

South Pacific Island Cruises Itineraries

With South Pacific cruises leaving out of Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia; Honolulu, Hawaii; Sydney, Australia; and Auckland, New Zealand, travel to the cruise South Pacific is more easily accessible from all different parts of the world. Offering a variety of itineraries, South Pacific cruises are available 7 days to 30 days in length and visiting areas all over the South Pacific island cruises.

The islands of the South Pacific cruise vacation are grouped into chains based on their location. Groups frequented by cruise South Pacific ships include The Marquesas, Polynesia (a.k.a. the Society Islands), the Cooke Islands, Somoa, Fiji and more. The Hawaiian Islands are also included in some cruise South Pacific itineraries as well as Christmas Island. Some marathon South Pacific cruises even take you up the west coast of South America and through the Panama Canal.

Cruise Lines to South Pacific Island Cruises

Radisson Seven Seas South Pacific Cruises sails the luxurious m/s Paul Gauguin on South Pacific cruises. With voyages out of Papeete, Tahiti, this remarkable South Pacific cruise vacation vessel is an extension of the informal, relaxing environment of a cruise to the South Pacific islands. An onboard cruise South Pacific gallery features Polynesian art and artifacts and gives guests an introduction to the culture of the islands. Special onboard South Pacific cruise vacation lectures further enhance your cruise Pacific south vacation experience.

Also offering big ship choice and small ship intimacy, Princess South Pacific Cruises boasts the sleek, modern Tahitian Princess for their Polynesian sailings and the Pacific Princess for the longer South Pacific cruises sailings. In addition to your choice in South Pacific cruise vacation entertainment, South Pacific Island cruises dining and cruise South Pacific activities, Princess offers an outstanding kids program featuring activities from the National Wildlife Federation and the California Science Center.

A Discovery World South Pacific cruise vacation offers three long itineraries aboard the classic and elegant MV Discovery. Each South Pacific cruise vacation voyage offers the opportunity to view the eclipse from the South Pacific island cruises-what better place, right? Cruise West South Pacific cruise vacation is also sailing the South Pacific cruises with their casual, spacious and luxurious ship, Spirit of Oceanus, leaving out of Honolulu, Hawaii.

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