Spirit of Columbia

Travelers, history buffs and nature enthusiasts alike will love exploring on board with Cruise West Spirit of Columbia as it follows in the footsteps of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Oregon Trail and the early pioneers. Offering a meandering tour inside a scenic passage through eight major sets of locks and dams, Spirit of Columbia covers 800 miles of scenic river ways decorated with orchards, evergreens and elegant waterfalls. With her ability to get up close to sites and maneuver bow landings, Cruise West Spirit of Columbia may pull right up to isolated beaches that are entirely out of reach of other ships. Travel through bays and back channels such as Prince William Sound while onboard Spirit of Columbia.

From May to September, Cruise West Spirit of Columbia offers 3- to 10-night Alaska cruise itineraries where guests often find that the only other visitors in a picturesque port are their shipmates! During the other months of the year, Cruise West Spirit of Columbia travels along the U. S. Pacific Coast. The 7-night cruise departs from Seattle, Washington and travels to the following locations: La Conner, Washington; Vancouver, British Columbia; Cruise Indian Arm; Princess Louisa Inlet; Nanaimo, Canada; Butchart Gardens; Victoria, British Columbia; and San Juan Islands, Washington.

Spirit of Columbia - Accommodations

Several cabin categories are available on Spirit of Columbia; the range is one of the widest in the Cruise West fleet. All offer that special Cruise West experience, ranging from lower-deck inside cabins to Deluxe and AAA categories. Carrying only 78 guests, Spirit of Columbia offers an intimate, casual cruising adventure. Guests enjoy the comfort, privacy and simplicity of their accommodations. After all, most of the cruise they find themselves on deck enjoying the view or actually onshore, experiencing the destination.

Spirit of Columbia - Dining, Activities & Entertainment

Part of the joy of traveling on a small ship like Cruise West Spirit of Columbia is the ability to explore your location without overrunning the community with your fellow ship mates. Traveling by small cruise ship, with fewer than 100 fellow passengers, opens up more than your average ports of call and more at your average ports of call.

The focus onboard Spirit of Columbia is, as with all Cruise West ships, on the destination, nature itself and exploration. You won't find this ship loaded down with onboard distractions. Guests prefer whale watching to an evening in an onboard casino, so the ship mainly consists of open deck, cabins and dining rooms.

Breakfasts and lunches are open seating during set hours. Dinner is served with open seating and at one designated time. Guests enjoy this because it allows for a friendly, casual dining atmosphere.

Onboard lectures and slide shows are offered en route to port which passengers enjoy because it expands their understanding and appreciation of the culture and natural history of their destination. The Cruise West Spirit of Columbia crew and Exploration Leaders have gathered lore of the land and insider knowledge that they are more than eager to share, weaving a rich historical tapestry of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, right up to current marks in history like the new profile of Mt. St. Helens and the modern environmental issues of salmon survival and irrigation rights.

Spirit of Columbia - Destinations

Experience Alaska where the mountains are taller, the rivers mightier and the wildlife more plentiful than any other place on earth. The forests go on forever in this rugged, untamed wilderness and the summer days never end. Alaska, a pristine wilderness with ice-blue glaciers, snow-capped mountain peaks and huge whales breaking the surface of crystalline waters, is an ideal place to explore. Various port cities or places that you may visit or sail near while on a Cruise West Spirit of Columbia cruise include: Seattle, Washington, the San Juan Islands, Straight of Georgia, Northern British Columbia, Ketchikan, Alaska, Petersburg, Frederick Sound and Tracy Arm, Sitka, Glacier Bay National Park, Skagway and Haines, and Juneau, Alaska.

Spirit of Columbia - More Information

For more information or to begin the booking process, call one of our friendly Cruise Specialists for an easy, hassle-free experience. At only 10 knots per hour, Cruise West Spirit of Columbia can take you on a leisurely cruise to Alaska or along the Pacific Coast.

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