Spirit of Endeavour

The Spirit of Endeavour invites you to take a well-deserved cruise vacation to the Baja region of Mexico and the Sea of Cortez. At 217 feet long and able to carry 102 guests at full occupancy, the truth is, Spirit of Endeavour is an atypical cruise ship. But that's a good thing! In fact, the entire Cruise West fleet makes it a point to offer something different whether it is to Alaska or the tropics they sail. When it comes to this ship, though, the personal attention of an American crew will make your stay onboard as fulfilling as possible, this ship caters to the people who seek cruises that will satisfy the adventurer in them. Spirit of Endeavour doesn't feature the opulent theaters and noisy casinos of the larger ships, but her small size allows guests to experience destinations and visit ports that those on larger ships could only wish for.

Spirit of Endeavour - Baja Destinations

Your trip through the magic of Baja begins in Cabo San Lucas, a perfect place to begin and end your "Whales and Wildlife" cruise. If you choose to spend some time in Cabo San Lucas before you embark, check out the many bars, restaurants, and shops there. A great natural wonder is "El Arco," a rock formation located where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Don't worry if you miss it, though; you'll cruise right by it on your return trip back to Cabo San Lucas.

On your trip, you'll see Isla Espirit'Santo, a small place with an abundantly large and diverse ecosystem; in fact, there are species of plants and animals that are found nowhere else on earth. Other islands in the Sea of Cortez will be explored, as well, such as Isla Partida and the seamount, Los Islotes, where you can spend time in nature kayaking, hiking, or snorkeling. A great thing about cruising in the casual atmosphere of the ship is that it extends to the shore excursions as well; the rigid schedules of other ships are not found with Cruise West.

Spirit of Endeavour - Highlights

When it comes to the natural environment, the Sea of Cortez is a body of water home to sea life such as humpback, fin, and blue whales, sea lions, as well as dolphins and a world of fish. You'll get so close that you can literally pet some of these timid and friendly creatures. But wildlife isn't the only attraction; walking through the 17th century mission town of Loreto - the first mission town in California is like stepping back into colonial times. And visiting Laz Pas in Mexico, established in 1530, is yet another chance to trace the path of Mexico's history.

The standard Spirit of Endeavour 'Whales & Wildlife Cruise' is 8 days and 7 nights, but you can make your trip longer with a land package that takes you to Copper Canyon, as well. That trip is 12 days and 11 nights.

Spirit of Endeavour - Accommodations and Onboard Atmosphere

There are four categories of oceanview cabins from which you can choose. You'll receive twin beds, a picture window or porthole, a private bathroom, a TV and VCR, internet access (you know, so you can let your friends know just how good a time you're having), internet, email, and phone service. Inside the public spaces, the decor is refined, stylish and subtly elegant. The Explorer Lounge features huge picture windows, a library, and conversation circles for sharing stories with your fellow travelers. And the three decks will ensure that everyone has a place to watch the Baja sun sink lanquidly into the ocean.

Spirt of Endeavour - Dining

The Spirit of Endeavour has a Resolution Dining Room with expertly trained chefs creating culinary artwork behind the scene. With the laid-back attitude of Cruise West, there is no such thing as formal night onboard; come in khaki shorts and a t-shirt if you'd like. Still, we don't have to tell your taste buds that you're not dining in an elegant 4-star restaurant, do we ?

Spirit of Endeavour - More Information

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