Spirit of Oceanus

Spirit of Oceanus is Cruise West's most spacious and luxurious ship. It was the first oceangoing vessel to join the cruise line and, having opened these new horizons for the line's up-close style of cruising, Spirit of Oceanus now takes guests to amazing destinations like the Gulf of Alaska, the ever so remote Aleutian Islands and the Bering Sea--voyages never before possible by a small passenger cruise ship. As Spirit of Oceanus anchors off these remote islands and tiny villages, guests travel by Zodiac ashore to locations no large cruise ship could dream of visiting. Spirit of Oceanus cruises Alaska, meandering down narrow waterways; it sails the mighty South Pacific and into the Far East, weaving in and out of the smallest, most remote atolls. Cruise West provides a more intimate, off-the beaten path adventure and Spirit of Oceanus has made discovery possibilities endless.

Spirit of Oceanus - Accommodations

Hosting a mere 114 guests, Spirit of Oceanus is Cruise West's largest ship and first to feature private teak balconies with their cabins. Other unique amenities found on the Spirit of Oceanus include a walk-in closet or large wardrobe, sizable marble vanity and sink and even a lounge area. In addition, each suite offers an in-room safe, satellite telephone and Internet access. There are several different categories of luxurious accommodations. The Grand Titan suites are located on the very top of the ship on the Sun Deck and feature a sliding glass door leading to a private balcony and a breathtaking view. Explorer Suites are located on the Bridge Deck and feature the same sliding glass door to private balcony but are a bit smaller.

Classic Suites are found on the Oceanus Deck and feature a picture window right in the hull. Premium Suites are located on the Club Deck and offer a large picture window opening onto an outside walkway. Majestic Suites are located on the Main Deck and Oceanus Deck. They feature a minimum of 2 portholes. Superior Suites are located on the Oceanus and Main decks and have three portholes (Main Deck) or picture windows (Oceanus Deck). All offer that Cruise West experience: casual, up-close, unique.

Spirit of Oceanus - Dining, Activities & Entertainment

The focus onboard Spirit of Oceanus, as is on all of Cruise West ships, is on the destination, not the ship. You won't find Spirit of Oceanus loaded down with rock climbing walls and casinos. What you find is a focus on nature itself, an hour of observing sea lions playing around in the sun or feeling the gentle spray of water on your face as the captain noses his ship right up to a waterfall.

Breakfasts and lunches are open seating during set hours. Dinner is served with open seating and at one designated time. Guest enjoy this because it allows for a friendly, casual dining atmosphere. You may wish to attend onboard lectures and slide shows while en route to port. You'll find it expands your understanding and appreciation of the cultures and natural history of the places you visit. Guided explorations by people who live and work in the community also offer a hands-on perspective.

Discover the stunning beauty of the tropical natural wonders found in the South Pacific and the Far East. Experience rare calls to uninhabited islands for an afternoon of snorkeling in waters with visibility of up to 200 feet! Part of the joy of traveling on a small ship is the ability to explore your location without overrunning the community with your fellow ship mates. Traveling with about 100 is a lot more manageable than some of the larger ships. You'll find you see much more this way at these fascinating ports of call.

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