Princess Tahiti Cruise

It's no secret why Hawaiian Princess Cruises are so popular, given the area's majestic volcanoes, beautiful waters and numerous activity options. But you can also enjoy the sights and sounds of a Princess Tahiti cruise during Hawaii Princess Cruises! Princess cruises to Tahiti on a luxurious Princess ship lets you explore some of the stunning tropical islands of French Polynesia, as well as spend time at their Hawaiian neighbors a few hundred miles to the north. Princess cruises to Hawaii and Tahiti allow you to experience the jewel islands sparkling in the North and South Pacific. Princess cruises offer great specials on cruise vacations to other fascinating destinations around the world including Canada, Alaska, Mexico and South America.

Ports of Call

First off, many people think that "Tahiti" refers to all the islands of French Polynesia. This is incorrect. Tahiti is simply the largest of the 118 Polynesian islands. Now, armed with that little bit of information, you'll be able to make a more informed decision when you choose from two types Princess cruises to Hawaii and Tahiti: the 12-day Honolulu to Papeete Hawaii Princess Cruises or the 12-day Papeete to Honolulu Hawaiian Princess cruises. Guess it only depends upon whether you want to see the sunrise or sunset from your balcony when you select any of the Princess cruises to Hawaii.

Lahaina, Hawaii

Visit Lahaina, Maui during Hawaii Princess cruises. Travel to this island, which has pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and colossal mountains and craters. It is a favorite port of call for Princess cruises to Tahiti. Lahaina, Maui has something to offer for every type of nature-lover during Princess Cruises to Hawaii. For those golf aficionados, Lahaina's Kapalua Golf Courses featured during Hawaii Princess Cruises set against the Hawaiian backdrop are on a par with no other.

Kona, Hawaii

Visit a place of refuge with Princess cruises to Tahiti. History buffs will enjoy visiting Pu'uhonua O Honaunau, a national historic park in Kona, Hawaii. Active cruisers can add adventure to their Princess cruises to Tahiti with an exciting horseback ride on Kohala Mountain.

Kauai, Hawaii

Called the "Garden Island of the Pacific," Kauai, is also a port of call on Hawaiian Princess Cruises. Of all the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is the most ancient and most northern of the main Hawaiian Islands. Hiking, scuba diving, windsurfing, and fishing are just a few of the activities that Kauai has to offer during Princess Cruises to Hawaii.

Honolulu, Hawaii

And of course one cannot forget Honolulu during Hawaiian Princess Cruises. Hawaii's most modern metropolis, this Princess cruises to Hawaii stop has the best combination of natural wonders and urban excitement. Enjoy Hawaii Princess Cruises with this island's first-class dining and unique shops, which line the streets of downtown. Hawaii Princess Cruises wouldn't be complete without a troll down Waikiki beach.

Hilo, Hawaii

Hilo, Hawaii offers diverse climate and terrain for nature lovers and active cruisers traveling during Princess Cruises to Tahiti. This port for Princess Cruises to Tahiti features everything from peaceful bays to volcanic craters.


Papeete is the capital of Tahiti, the largest of the 118 French Polynesia islands. Inside the city limits, there is anything you could imagine-great dining, shopping, and nightlife to enjoy during Hawaiian Princess cruises. Outside the city, volcanic peaks loom in the sky and are encircled by gorgeous black and white sand beaches for you to enjoy during great Princess cruises to Hawaii.


Moorea has been described as the most beautiful place on earth, and once cruisers get here during Hawaiian Princess Cruises, they very well agree. With a population of only 9,000 (compared to Tahiti's 125,000), you'll feel like you're on your own private paradise with Princess Cruises to Hawaii. Moorea's blue lagoons, palm trees bowing towards the tide, and volcanoes and mountains spiraling into the sky make Hawaii Princess Cruises dream vacations.


The largest of the "Leeward" islands, Raiatea lies directly between Bora Bora and Tahiti. It is the cultural heart of Polynesia, and although there are no real beaches here (it is too rugged), the island offers guests a great chance to experience nature and ancient history side-by-side during Hawaiian Princess cruises.

Bora Bora

The name evokes an image of an exotic paradise-perhaps even a magical place of legend that only exists in dreams. During Hawaii Princess Cruises, you'll see that Bora Bora is completely real, yet not any less magical than you might have envisioned. From lying back on a sand bar in the middle of a lagoon to jetskiing over clear, blue water, this place is a treasure during Hawaiian Princess Cruises.

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