Theme Cruises

Theme cruises are just one more example of how cruising is moving forward into increasingly exciting and adventurous places. Along with a growing list of incredible onboard activities, innovative restaurants, and larger and more luxurious accommodations, theme cruises are part of what has been making cruising the ideal vacation option for families, friends, lovers, and all types of cruise passengers.

Theme Cruises - Sports

There are all sorts of theme cruises that revolve around sports. For example, some theme cruises travel to ports of call that all feature amazing golf getaways. Passengers can find themselves playing the links on some of the best courses in the world, such as those found in Hawaii, Ireland, and Mexico. And, while sailing on the ship, a golfer will often be able to participate in instructional classes, seminars, and workshops-sometimes with the guidance of golf pros. But golf cruises are simply some of the theme cruises that focus on sports. You could find yourself chatting with baseball legends; exercising with world-class yoga instructors; even driving race cars at a port of call's speedway! For example, Crystal theme cruises include luxury vacations that focus on golf, health and fitness, or specific enrichment programs like photography, history or painting. Carnival theme cruises have included various fitness programs.

Theme cruises - Entertainment

Some theme cruises are based around being entertained. For instance, Celebrity Cruises features several cruises in which the famed Cirque du Soleil performs in a lounge that's been magically converted into The Bar at the Edge of the Earth. Passengers will be able to see spectacular performances specifically designed for Celebrity, as well as interact with colorful Cirque du Soleil characters as they perform at parties and shows. Other theme cruises are based around a musical act that has come onboard the ship including oldies theme cruises, doo wopp theme cruises or any other kind of adult theme cruises or singles cruise. Sometimes, entire ships are leased by a single organization for the sole purpose of showing live music; other times, guests are able to catch multiple shows by a certain performer or band. Christian theme cruises are very popular in this realm.

Theme cruises - Cruise Ships

When it comes to theme cruises, sometimes a person doesn't have to look any further than the ships themselves. Holland America's ms Zaandam has music for a theme; a large pipe organ sits in one of the public rooms, musical artwork and ornamentation lines the walls, and guitars signed by the likes of Clapton, Santana, and Bowie can be viewed. Or, the Norwegian Pride of America's cruises theme is - you guessed - America, right down to the stars and stripes on the side of the ship. Carnival Glory features heroes and heroics as one of its themes, with public rooms named after famous fictional and real heroes, heroines, and events. Find a new ship these days, and chances are its design is based upon a specific theme.

Theme cruises - Cruise Network

No matter if you're looking for a specific themed cruise or just a great cruise vacation, you don't need to look further than Cruise Network. Cruise Network offers the lowest prices on all types of cruises, theme cruises or otherwise. And of course, there are many other types of theme cruises than the few that were mentioned in this webpage; that focus on exotic wildlife, ancient history, jazz, matchmaking, and more. Chances are. if you can think of it, there's a themed cruise out there that can fulfill your wish.

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