Viking Burgundy

The glories, charms, and wonders of France are on bold display when you cruise onboard the Viking Burgundy Cruise Ship. Built for the special conditions found on the River Rhone, this ship, which was built in Holland and launched in 2000, accommodates 160 passengers on her Viking Burgundy Cruises and tours through the wine country and old cities of the French heartland. This 365-foot long vessel has very comfortable cabins and luxurious public rooms, and all of the cabins offer private facilities and outside views of passing riverfronts. Relatively spacious and well designed, comfortably furnished, the cabins, like the Viking Burgundy Cruise Ship, are the perfect retreats after a day of enjoying the many offerings of inland France, a cruise larger ships could never endeavor.

Viking is one of the largest river cruise lines in Europe, and the Swiss crew knows how to take care of her passengers in style while they enjoy their days in the city and the countryside, as well their romantic nights onboard Viking Burgundy Cruises. The smaller number of passengers allows for people to get to know one another, and to have time to sit, chat, and compare their adventures over tea, coffee, or a cocktail. The guests are largely over 45 and a mix of Americans and Europeans, and the on and off board currency on her cruises is the Euro.

Viking Burgundy Cruise Ship Destinations

Flowing through Switzerland and France to the Mediterranean, the Rhone is one of the primary waterways of Europe. Passing through the vineyards of Burgundy and the hills of Provence, it boasts many ancient cities, which is clearly evident when traveling on Viking Burgundy Cruises.

Running throughout the year, Viking's "The Vineyards and Vistas" cruise is one of the most popular cruises going today. This eight-night cruise sets sail in Avignon, in the shimmering and diverse Provence-Alpes-Cote d'zure region in Southeastern France. The Rhone valley broadens into a wide delta plain nearby, and the city of Avignon is both charming and drenched in history. Enclosed by walls held over from the medieval era, this city has museums, palaces, and churches. Showing the history of warfare in the region, the walls of the Palais des Paipes are topped with battlements and sluices where hot oil was poured on attacking armies. The city grew around what was originally a fortress, although two elegant tower areas were added later to the gate, and many 17th and 18th century houses remain nearby.

The next day, the Viking Burgundy Cruise Ship takes you to Arles, on the Camargue plain, where the Rhone River divides to form its delta northwest of Marseille, which once was an integral part of the Roman Empire. The Roman history here from two millennia ago is still evident, as portions of the wall around the old town still remain from that era. Even more fantastic, a Roman amphitheatre dating from the 1st century BC is still used, often for bullfights and plays. This venue once seated more than 20,000 spectators. Many artifacts have been uncovered at a nearby theatre, including the "V'nus d'Arles," now in the Louvre. An extraordinary church, the Church of St. Trophime, was founded in the 7th century and was destroyed and rebuilt several times. This city also was home to Vincent van Gogh, during one of his more prolific periods.

The wonders of the countryside and France's history are evident at the next shore excursion in the region around Tournon, an area sprinkled with 16th century castles and ruins from the Roman era. It is covered with some of the world's great vineyards, which many guests on Viking Burgundy Cruises come to know.

You'll never forget your overnight stay in Vienne, where the old town lies in a tiny valley surrounded by steep hills. Many Roman and Medieval buildings remain, and the temple here dates from the early 1st century AD. It became a Christian church in the 5th century. The ruined Roman theatre on the slopes of nearby Mount Pipet could seat more than 13,000 spectators, and is still used for theatrical performances. There are three amazing churches here, including one of the oldest churches in France, the Abbey Church of Saint-Pierre, which now has a museum of Roman sculptures and other antiquities. Lyon is the second biggest city in France and is located in east-central France, set on a hilly site where the Rhone and Saone rivers meet.

If you're ready for a taste of the city, you'll savor your days in Lyon, the second largest city in France. Known for its extraordinary culinary traditions, you'll find all manner of French cuisine, from fine-dining haute bistros to ma and pa places delivering the best of classical peasant cooking. The Fouviere Hill has views all over the city. Lyon is a city of old and new. In the old quarter can be found the 12-15th century Cathedral St. Jean and several museums and theatres situated in elegant 15th century mansions. The new town has a huge modern business commercial centre and the Gerland Quarter with a marina and park.

Viking Burgundy Cruise Ship Accommodations

All of the cabins have a view, and they are well appointed, comfortable, with bathrooms with a shower, air conditioning, a telephone, TV, hairdryer, and safe. Deluxe cabins are 151 sq. ft.; standard are 120 sq. ft. Regardless of the type of cabin you stay in, Viking Burgundy Cruises guarantee comfort, privacy and intimacy for all of its passengers.

Viking Burgundy Cruise Ship Dining

Because this is a river cruise, there are many opportunities to pull into port for excellent dining. Whether it's croissants for breakfast, baguette and brie for a snack, or an amazing dining experience in the heart of the finest gastronomical region in the world, dining well will not be a problem during Viking Burgundy Cruises. During the nights on the water, there is a single-sitting dining room which serves international cuisine with a number of distinctly French dishes.

Viking Burgundy Cruise Ship Entertainment

Other facilities include a reception area, large lounge with panoramic windows, bar, and shop. There also is a daily entertainment program the features lectures and folklore about the regions of France; there is always music and dancing during Viking Burgundy Cruises.

Viking Burgundy Cruise Ship Discounts

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