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When exploring the mysteries and treasures of the distant east, the intimate and convivial atmosphere of Viking River Century Sky Cruises are a wonderful option. The Viking Century Sky Cruise Ship, which carries onboard no more than 300 passengers, is the perfect setting for sharing your explorations and adventures with your newfound friends. This 415-foot ship is a unique vessel that features private balconies and public areas, which when combined, are perfect for watching the sunset over the mountains of the Chinese coastline and for mingling and planning your next day's exploits with other guests.

The brand new Viking Century Sky Cruise Ship, built in 2004, has up-to-date facilities and technological design, allowing her safe and smooth passage around the rivers of China, allowing you to see all the amazing cultural wealth, history, and natural beauty of this dynamic nation.

Viking Century Sky Cruise Ship Destinations

Viking River Century Sky Cruises offer three exceptional tours of the Chinese inland. The Imperial Jewels of China cruise is a ten-day trip that allows you to spend as much time as you wish beforehand enjoying the unique world of Hong Kong, before you fly to your departure destination of Shanghai. This seductive city has been, for so long, a center for adventurers, swindlers, tycoons, and missionaries. This city has grown through the communist years and into the days of modern skyscrapers with the old city still remaining vibrant underneath it all. A stylish international jet set thrives here, as does an underclass that reflects the particular disparities of this changing nation that will be so important in the future of the world.

After setting out on Viking River Century Sky Cruises, you will next stop to see the world's largest water conservancy project, the Three Gorges Dam. On the Yangtze River, this unfinished project will be half-a-mile long and over five hundred feet tall, with a storage capacity of nearly 40 billion cubic meters, causing a flood of over 570,000 acres of farmland. Begun in 1994, this project will be finished in 2009, and will become the world's largest national park.

The next day, Viking River Century Sky Cruises will visit the Lesser Three Gorges, where the Danning River meets the Yangtze. The Lesser Three Gorges are three valleys of the Danning River that run for 37 miles and are famous for crystal clear rapids, towering cliffs, and historic sites like the 2000 year old hanging coffins of the Ba people and the ancient plank road carved into the side of the cliff. The Shiboazhai Temple is one of the more amazing sights on the river, an extraordinary 12-story wooden pagoda built against the side of a sheer 720-ft high cliff. Over 400 years old, this Ming Dynasty marvel of architecture has been named the "Pearl of the Yangtze."

Nestled in the hills high above the confluence of the Yangtze and the Jialing Rivers, Chungking is largest city of the Szechwan province of southern China. The Old City of Chungking occupies the eastern third of the rocky promontory and is very congested with narrow winding streets. The nearby countryside offers numerous historical spots, resorts, spas, and many scenic vistas and parks for guests on the Viking Century Sky Cruise Ship to visit.

Other Viking River Century Sky Cruises also tour the Yangtze River, which throughout offers extraordinary scenic vistas, mountains, wide verdant plains, jungles, ancient villages, and modern cities.

Viking Century Sky Cruise Ship Accommodations

Enjoy the serenity of the floral Yangtze River valley as it passes by your private veranda, which all of the suites onboard come equipped with on the Viking Century Sky Cruise Ship. There are three sizes of staterooms, ranging between 332 sq. ft. and 221 sq. ft., each of which features a private bathroom with shower, air conditioning, telephone, TV, hairdryer, and safe to lock valuables during Viking River Century Sky Cruises.

Viking Century Sky Cruise Ship Activities

While you're welcome to watch the countryside pass by on your veranda, you'll also enjoy the amazing views with friends from the top of the sun deck, which is the fifth deck on the Viking Century Sky Cruise Ship. A grand, two-story spiral lobby is a great place to meet up, and there are three lounges and bars and a coffee shop perfect for conversations, reading, or just relaxing with an espresso. Check out the games room when you want to goof off, and if you're in want of a workout or some primping, there is an onboard fitness center and beauty salon. The lobby-level main restaurant puts out breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, you will have many opportunities for onland culinary explorations as well during Viking River Century Sky Cruises.

Viking Century Sky Cruise Ship Discounts

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