Viking Century Star

The Viking Century Star Cruise Ship is yet another Viking offering that creates an intimate ambience. She carries no more than 186 passengers, which is essentially a good-sized party during Viking River Century Star Cruises. This aspect allows you to mingle and congregate with whom you wish, while taking excursions on land at your leisure. The Viking Century Star Cruise Ship docks in the center of towns, allowing you more time to see the cities you're visiting, and you get the benefits of a luxurious hotel while you're out on the water.

Viking Century Star Cruise Ship River Cruising

River cruising may be the best way to see the many wonders and delights of China, ancient and new. Why spend all day on a cramped bus or taking expensive flights between major metropolitan areas when a river cruise gives you loads of space, private cabins with verandas, and allows you to see many tucked away places other tours simply can not get you to without taking you far out of your way. With this in mind, Viking River Century Star Cruises represent the very best of what river cruising has to offer, from destinations to the onboard experience.

Viking Century Star Cruise Ship Destinations

Viking River Century Star Cruises offer similar tours as her larger sibling ship, Century Sky, with even greater intimacy. Before you embark on your tour, you'll want to stop and enjoy the wonders of Hong Kong. From the amazing heights of nearby Victoria Peak, which overlooks the world's largest and busiest deepwater port, the view of Hong Kong has been compared to looking down into a volcano. This city is all about commerce, and of course with that comes the cramp, bustle, and even the sometimes uninviting scents of industry. But this city also has an inviting side, and it is an extraordinary blend of east and west, the perfect entry port into China for Viking Century Star Cruise Ship.

Your port of departure on your river cruise of the Yangtze is Shanghai, a majestic and stately city that is both the most cosmopolitan and the largest city in this massive nation. Shanghai's history is evident in many ancient palaces and buildings, but it has been a troubled history. She has been conquered over and over by the west and reconquered by the east, but the city's core businesses have always survived, as she is the primary site of trade for silk, tea, and opium.

Because of its commercial interests abroad, Shanghai is now a city with a decidedly Western slant, although the astonishing cultural inheritance is on display at the Shanghai Art and History Museum, China's premier museum. The priceless collection here is fantastically displayed and includes rare bronzes, precious porcelain and paintings, 7,000-year-old pottery, and life-sized terra-cotta figures from the third century B.C. There also is a Natural Sciences museum and the Jade Buddha Temple, which houses a host of white-jade Buddha statues that were given as gifts from Burma. The Yu Yuan gardens are an amazing collection of ponds, pavilions, artificial mountains, and ancient trees. In other words, the Yu Yuan gardens are not to be missed during Viking River Century Star Cruises.

Nearby Nanking is the next destination on Viking River Century Star Cruises. Nanking is a major city and port just upriver from Shanghai. It features ancient city gates, wide boulevards, parks, tea pavilions, and lakes and temples on the outskirts of the city. There are many monuments to be found nearby, including traditional Chinese buildings like the Nanking Museum, Museum of the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace, and the Kiangsu Provincial Museum. The old city is encircled by a gigantic wall, two thirds surviving, constructed during the Ming dynasty. It is 21 miles long and is around 14-feet tall. You'll also want to check out the nearby palaces and the blue-tile roofed mausoleum of Sun Yat-sen, the Temple of the Valley of Spirits, and the 200-foot high pagoda.

The next stop via the Viking Century Star Cruise Ship is Mt Jiu hua, one of the famed four sacred Buddhist Mountains of China, which in its heyday had nearly 300 monasteries nearby. The following points of interest are the astonishing man-made project, the Three Gorges Dam, which when completed will be the largest water conservation project in the world, and the Lesser Three Gorges, a natural beauty that will stay in your memory forever. Another amazing site is the Shibaozhai Temple, a 12-story wooden pagoda that rests dramatically against the facade of a 720-ft high cliff. Dating from the Ming Dynasty, this 400-year-old temple is an architectural marvel that speaks to the heart of the Chinese spirit.

Surrounded by resorts, spas, green forests and hills, Chungking is the largest city in Szechwan and the leading river port of the region. For a time during the Second World War, this city was the capital of Nationalist China, and it also has history of war and a unique cultural inheritance that is still celebrated today.

Viking Century Star Cruise Ship Accommodations

There are only 93 cabins onboard, and each offers a splendid view from a private veranda and is equipped with a phone and color television. Two-room suites are available with an amazingly spacious 573 sq. ft., and the other rooms range from between 176 and 212 sq. ft.

Viking Century Star Cruise Ship Dining

You'll find an astonishing array of culinary delights in the towns and cities along the Yangstze River, with fresh fish available everywhere and he wonders of authentic Szechwan dishes to be plucked any time. Onboard, there is a lobby level restaurant that offers three meals a day during Viking River Century Star Cruises.

Viking Century Star Cruise Ship Entertainment

The sun-deck bar also is a great place to grab drinks in the evening, and there is a lobby lounge for cocktails and swapping stories about your day adventures. For those of you who need your daily workout, there is an onboard gym, and there are regular lectures and talks about the Chinese history and culture. Music and dancing are the norm at night on the water during Viking River Century Star Cruises.

Viking Century Star Cruise Ship Discounts

For the latest information and news on updated discounts, deals and specials on Viking River Century Star Cruises, make sure to visit Book online or call to speak with an experienced Cruise Specialist, who is willing and more than able to answer any of your cruising needs.

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